Komorebi in my hand-drawn game Sketchy Fables, 8.000 drawings so far :)

1 : アノニマス2021/11/24 15:17 ID: r17i7s
Komorebi in my hand-drawn game Sketchy Fables, 8.000 drawings so far 🙂
2 : アノニマス2021/11/24 15:23 ID: hlwr37q

Change title to "Quit my job to make my own indie game" for all the upvotes.

But seriously love the art style, would definitely play a game that looked liked this. What type of game are you imagining?

ID: hlwrmjy

The game looks like this 🙂 yes I could change it to that! After two years fulltime work I wanted to show some results and hope it is enjoyed, It is difficult to communicate the hard work that went into this! Welcome to the Sketchy Fables universe!

3 : アノニマス2021/11/24 15:25 ID: hlwraf9

wow that's amazing

something good in new

ID: hlwroc4

Welcome to the world of Sketchy Fables 🙂

4 : アノニマス2021/11/24 17:22 ID: hlx8wm1

It reminds me of that old edd, Ed, n eddy video game for game cube

ID: hlxd1y9

That is an long time ago, I remember the tv series!

5 : アノニマス2021/11/24 15:26 ID: hlwrkhr

as soon as it releases i'll pick this game up! love this art style

ID: hlxcxu3

Thanks for the support 🙂

ID: hlxygww

put it on my steam wish list 🙂

6 : アノニマス2021/11/24 17:11 ID: hlx791g

Hey this looks awesome! I can tell you've got a talent.

ID: hlxcz79

Thanks! Happy You like it 🙂

7 : アノニマス2021/11/24 20:07 ID: hlxybb0

Gives me major okami vibes. I love it

8 : アノニマス2021/11/24 20:39 ID: hly35xj

How does Hand drawing a game like this work? Is it on rails? Or are you literally hand drawing every potential frame?

ID: hly61zm

You are free to wander around the world. Moving objects are animated from various frames all drawn from scratch. Old skool animation within an videogame environment. Modern games use shaders to mimic an art style like cell shading. I want my signature in every frame, so for me the only way to communicate my personal feelings or style was by drawing every line myself.

9 : アノニマス2021/11/24 18:31 ID: hlxjjf9

Is this a horror game?

10 : アノニマス2021/11/24 22:15 ID: hlyhmyl

What type of game is this?

11 : アノニマス2021/11/24 23:10 ID: hlypeah

This reminds me of parappa the rapper and Im not sure why

12 : アノニマス2021/11/24 23:44 ID: hlytvk2

Hey! Look cool!
One thing is came my mind, that instead of hard switch between light layers, can't u make them smooth transition?

Of course, its depends on what is the goal in style. But i write it with good reason, cause the this alternating motion between two layer is works very well with hard drawn edges, sketches, pencil drawings. But light ray is a different story. But of course its just me.

Overall i really like how where is it going 🙂


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