Trying to keep up with my squad as a BR newbie

1 : Anonymous2019/02/05 15:34 ID: anf7wj
Trying to keep up with my squad as a BR newbie
2 : Anonymous2019/02/05 15:43 ID: efsul69

Can relate.

3 : Anonymous2019/02/05 19:43 ID: eftf2qx

it even made a slide

ID: ehrux6m

A victory slide

4 : Anonymous2019/02/05 15:51 ID: efsvbuf

Hey at least you made it!

5 : Anonymous2019/02/11 05:50 ID: eg7h1i8

Sliding out of it to catch up was a nice touch

6 : Anonymous2019/02/08 13:24 ID: eg0lasn

Ive only played 4 matches and my teammates last night carried me to a victory. The whole time I’m like wait up guys and getting told to heal.

7 : Anonymous2019/02/05 19:25 ID: eftdldb


ID: eftotxk

Take advantage of the ping system I guess. Better to ping more than you need to then less so

ID: efymfoz

They might be in Discord, I typically like to clear that up quickly.

8 : Anonymous2019/02/11 12:24 ID: eg7wkwj

Me too. I am so bad at this game, I cannot hit anything - like my friends :D.

Still trying, because it is kind of fun.

9 : Anonymous2019/07/03 12:56 ID: eso3abk

It almost embarrassing how much I can relate, here's me a newbie with two players who have won 30+ games and the only one I've one was becuase I was carried the hell through all those 20 minutes Hahah!

10 : Anonymous2019/07/20 10:19 ID: euagxrh

Watched this while listening to believer. Very epic


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