GTAV and GTA Online coming to PS5 on March 15

1 : Anonymous2022/03/04 15:33 ID: t6lka0
GTAV and GTA Online coming to PS5 on March 15
2 : Anonymous2022/03/04 15:56 ID: hzbv9ed

So we can buy it on Tuesday, but they still have not given us the details on pricing for the PS5 version. And they have not said anything about upgrade pricing for existing PS4 owners.

Purchases start March 8th, so that's only a few days away. I guess we'll know soon.

ID: hzc18xa

Waiting as long as they can do reveal they are out of their damn mind with the price.

ID: hzc7rcn

watch it be £60

ID: hze5klv

What about the price for upgrading from PS3?

ID: hzfclkp


ID: hzfr7b3

Right? They should being paying us at this point.

ID: hzfmi5x

Its Rockstar... they wont have an upgrade path or pricing. Probably have to buy it full prime again and watch it being sold well...

3 : Anonymous2022/03/04 16:43 ID: hzc2e5f

How can this be coming in 11 days and there’s still no mention of cost

ID: hzc7xyk

because they’re too scared to reveal the actual price until the very last second

ID: hzckpfa

We all know they are going to charge the full 70 dollars and people will still buy it like dummies.

ID: hzc8l2r

Definitely this

ID: hzdojtj

The good old Nintendo Switch Expansion method I see.

ID: hzfqu6g

That’s because it’s full price.

ID: hzcib4f

This is exactly what they did with the remastered trilogy. I would not preorder this.

4 : Anonymous2022/03/04 15:53 ID: hzbuuif

Oh dope Performance RT

ID: hzbxa0r

I feel like a Performance RT mode needs to become a standard graphics option, even if it's 1440p or lower. There's still a lot of people gaming at resolutions under 4k

ID: hzchhqd

Honestly, on 4K UHDs i can often see a clear difference, specially if its filmed on film and not digital between 4K and 1080p, but on games, i really struggle, and rarely care.

ID: hzc0rv8

I hope this mode is also on Xbox. As that’s where I have the main game. I agree 100% that Performance RT should be a thing for all games that have RT as long as resolution doesn’t go under 1080p.

5 : Anonymous2022/03/04 16:57 ID: hzc4mq2

Would like to play this again but not a chance at full price.

6 : Anonymous2022/03/04 15:49 ID: hzbu80t

I've had this on my radar for a while. I've wanted a digital copy to just boot up for 20 minutes to run around and blow stuff up.

Still no word on price or an upgrade, so I'm betting this is going to be expensive.

ID: hzbv6uz

Yeah, I’m glad online is free for Plus, but I don’t want to pay full price to replay the single player.

ID: hzclgbl

I tried V on PS4 (PSIV?), yet I could never get into it. I was hoping to give the story another shot on PS5, yet I don’t know that I would be willing to spend full price for the second time on a game that I didn’t like before.

ID: hzc3pr8

Guessing it will be full price. I wonder if there will be a discount for people that get GTA Online for free or buy the stand alone version tho. Hoping there's at least a PS4 to PS5 upgrade, seems kind of ridiculous to charge full price for a years old single player game with no new added content.

ID: hzc7oux

i would be really surprised / happy if they actually added something new

ID: hzbzj8f

I’ve never agreed more with a statement. I just want an open world game that I don’t have to think too much about and also isn’t all horses, fantasy and sword based combat

7 : Anonymous2022/03/04 15:42 ID: hzbt4e9

These bastards couldn't even be bothered to incorporate add-ons and locations from Online into the main game. Zero extra content to justify buying this again. Just a fresh coat of paint. Hard pass for me.

ID: hzcdgxq

Yea really, I see the enhancements but what is expanded exactly?

ID: hzd3umf

I’ve noticed that any official communication about the PS5 version after the negative feedback from the second trailer has removed any mention of the phrase “expanded and enhanced”. Guess they decided a graphical and performance update was good enough.

ID: hzbu355

It’s free (the online anyway)

ID: hzbvoer

So are a shitload of mobile games. At this point, gtao is a f2p game locked behind a single player game's paywall.

Splitting it off as a standalone title is for the benefit of rockstar getting it into more people's hands so they buy shark cards.

8 : Anonymous2022/03/04 19:47 ID: hzcuobm

Man, two weeks ago I was very much in a gaming trough, now I have so many games to play/replay.

Horizon, Elden Ring, Cyberpunk, GTAV (haven’t played since launch)… Ghostrunner looks cool.

ID: hzd7ocq

It’s honestly ridiculous

ID: hze6uzg

I keep confusing ghostrunner with ghostwire

9 : Anonymous2022/03/04 16:32 ID: hzc0ryw

whos ready to throw another $59-$69 for a 10 yo game?

ID: hzc56hf

nah ain't spending more than $10 lol played the story like 5 times

ID: hzfo0mz

Now hold on there, it was originally released on the 17th of September 2013, so that makes it only 8 years and 6 months old.

10 : Anonymous2022/03/04 20:52 ID: hzd4vt1

Would rather have gta4 for ps5 at this point

11 : Anonymous2022/03/04 16:22 ID: hzbz7n6

If it’s going to cost money, they need to say it. Does it cost $70 new? But if you have a last gen copy it’s a free or $10 upgrade?

Not being upfront about this will make the price a negative headline at launch.

This is really bad messaging. Just say the price! I’m not going to buy it if it’s full price only, so I’m not sure if I should be excited or not. I stopped playing the campaign after this was announced, so I’ve never finished it because I was waiting for this version.

12 : Anonymous2022/03/04 20:49 ID: hzd4gk7

Cool, I beat that game 9 years ago.

13 : Anonymous2022/03/04 21:00 ID: hzd680o

I will be replaying campaign once this drops for sure.

14 : Anonymous2022/03/04 18:59 ID: hzcn5lu

Calling it now $30 dollars as an upgrade fee

ID: hze4sfr

Lmao try 50$

15 : Anonymous2022/03/04 17:08 ID: hzc6az6

Does this have a physical release? Never played gta 5

ID: hzcgwa2

Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online will be available digitally on March 15 through the PlayStation 5 console store and the Microsoft Store — with pre-purchase and pre-load beginning on March 8 — and physical releases coming in April. Stay tuned for more details.

16 : Anonymous2022/03/04 20:12 ID: hzcyo79


17 : Anonymous2022/03/04 22:34 ID: hzdkpsx

Wow, all we need now is GTA 1 definitive edition with RT and 4K resolution.

18 : Anonymous2022/03/05 11:35 ID: hzfwtpa

Performance RT mode is the most beautiful thing.

19 : Anonymous2022/03/05 13:11 ID: hzg50ki

What is the price for the update when I already have the PS4 version? I never played the story so IAM pretty hyped.

20 : Anonymous2022/03/04 16:33 ID: hzc0yql

**Players will only be able to transfer their purchased GTA$ when migrating from PS4 to PS5.

Does this mean my in-game earned money won't transfer or does it mean that although purchased money will transfer from PS4 to PS5, purchased money will NOT transfer from XB1 to PS5?

ID: hzc1k69

Found my answer on the Rockstar Newswire

*For GTA Online platform migrations, purchased GTA$ can only be transferred
between platforms of the same family (PS4 -> PS5, Xbox One -> Xbox
Series). All earned GTA$ will transfer regardless of platform.


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