What multiplayer games are you playing?

1 : Anonymous2022/03/05 15:28 ID: t7brsz

Hey all. I’ve played myself through just about every solo game that interests me right now. And I don’t know about you, but I feel like there’s been a real drought of engaging multiplayer games lately. Any suggestions?

I’ve played the Borderlands trilogy for countless hours, D2/D2R, played Destiny 2 back in the day but can’t get myself to start that grueling grind again… the endgame is just too time consuming and dependent on other players doing things perfectly.

Not picky when it comes to type of game— FPS, 3rd person shooter, hack and slash… whatever. Just looking for some suggestions so I can play with my online buddies some more.

2 : Anonymous2022/03/05 15:48 ID: hzgnj1s

the recent PS Plus are focusing on multiplayer games. can give Deep Rock Galactic and Ghost of Tsushima Legends a try

ID: hzgo595

Legends was fun, might revisit that at some point and downloaded Deep Rock but haven’t checked out yet. Thanks!

ID: hzgoqms

Deep Rock is a 10/10 with friends. You can chill and play through normally, or up the hazard rating if you find it too cruisey. It takes a little to figure out how to do everything, but it’s worth the investment.

3 : Anonymous2022/03/05 15:40 ID: hzgmeo3

Hunt showdown, insurgency sandstorm, hell let loose are my suggestions

ID: hzgmyzz

There is no other game like hunt showdown... Just amazing

ID: hzi031r

Shame it runs like warm dogshit.

ID: hzgn594

I’ll take a look, thanks!

ID: hzgnmox

Please do, I came her to suggest hunt!

ID: hzgzhft

Hell Let Loose is super hard and has a high skill ceiling just FYI. But it can be extremely fun when getting the hang of things.

ID: hzgv58i

Only get HLL if you’re willing to use a mic

4 : Anonymous2022/03/05 16:18 ID: hzgrlbi

Grinding GT7 with my dad!

5 : Anonymous2022/03/05 16:25 ID: hzgsjf1

Divinity: original sin 2
Stardew valley (if you’re into that kind of thing)
Lovers in a dangerous space time

ID: hzgzmkn

GREAT suggestions.

6 : Anonymous2022/03/05 15:51 ID: hzgnuut

I play Overwatch, fortnite and Apex with my girlfriend. Not very revolutionary games but I enjoy fucking around in those games with her especially overwatch. We also enjoy a bit of Red Dead now and then.

ID: hzgo8cr

I played Overwatch a good bit too. Haven’t checked out Apex but will take a look thanks!

ID: hziglg4

Apex has a great ping system which allows you to communicate quite smartly with your teammates without chatting verbally. It also allows you to tag along with friends or randomly helpful random teammates who can help you learn the ropes. You might die a lot, but you can the stay on the can of your killer and learn what they do until they get killed and you can keep watching what their killer do to learn the map and tactics and shortcuts! It also accommodates a relatively wide variety of play through each characters’s individual abilities, which get periodically adjusted to try to balance them all out. It is my on and off go to favorite multiplayer experience.

7 : Anonymous2022/03/05 18:25 ID: hzh9mpf

My buddies and I get on the go a few nights a week.

Current staples are Deep Rock Galactic and Chivalry 2.

We will do multi player Gran Turismo now that it’s out. Tiny Tina when it releases. Probably this years COD cause it is IW made. When d2r ladder releases we will do hardcore characters there.

8 : Anonymous2022/03/05 16:25 ID: hzgsjem

FFXIV is my go to multiplayer game these days, I used to play destiny 2 but even if I was having fun most of the time I felt like a hamster on a wheel.

9 : Anonymous2022/03/05 17:25 ID: hzh13ns

Deep Rock Galactic

10 : Anonymous2022/03/05 15:54 ID: hzgocih

Fifa 22 and Riders Republic. Also started playing Ghost of Tsushima Legends which is quite fun. I used to play Overwatch a lot but eventually grew tired of it. Incredible game though.

11 : Anonymous2022/03/05 16:32 ID: hzgtidn

Rocket League, 2K, Riders Republic

12 : Anonymous2022/03/05 15:31 ID: hzgl6qh

No shame....I play Fortnite for my multiplayer fun. Other than that it's single-player games for me.

ID: hzgls5n

I don’t hate on anybody that plays Fortnite ha. I tried to get into it without success, but more power to ya!

13 : Anonymous2022/03/05 16:23 ID: hzgs9cl

I'm playing Elden Ring, but sometimes i take a break with FIFA 22 and Rocket League

14 : Anonymous2022/03/05 17:21 ID: hzh0n2g

Rocket League. Hands down most difficult/skill-based game I’ve ever played. 100s of hours in and I still suck haha.

15 : Anonymous2022/03/05 16:48 ID: hzgvxgo

2042, hell let loose, 2k22, deep rock galactic, dying light 2,and splitgate are all pretty fun to me

ID: hzhike9

How are you able to connect with serve

with players in HLL?

ID: hzho0xt

I’m not sure I understand your question

16 : Anonymous2022/03/05 16:32 ID: hzgtmgz

just Fortnite, and genshin impact... the rest is some games from ps+ & discount.
just bought gravity rush 1 & 2, having fun with it...

17 : Anonymous2022/03/05 16:12 ID: hzgqu5s

Dirt5. Guilty gear strive. Streets of rage 4. Broforce. MK11.

18 : Anonymous2022/03/05 16:41 ID: hzguusn

GoT, DRG, smite. GT7

19 : Anonymous2022/03/05 16:49 ID: hzgvz6b


20 : Anonymous2022/03/05 17:08 ID: hzgyrk9

Mostly Playing Elden Ring but solo.

21 : Anonymous2022/03/05 17:48 ID: hzh4bll

Rocket League for hours, Dirt5 to mix it up.

22 : Anonymous2022/03/05 19:05 ID: hzhf9o7

Rogue Company. Highly competitive and ao much fun! I play it daily and it is my go to game

23 : Anonymous2022/03/05 19:20 ID: hzhh8rc

None with HFW and ER out. I'll go back to 2042 when they add a map.

24 : Anonymous2022/03/05 19:32 ID: hzhiyhw

Right now I'm trying to transition to Rainbow Six Siege. Before I was playing Insurgency Sandstorm, BF5 and COD Vanguard (shitty AF).

25 : Anonymous2022/03/05 20:19 ID: hzhp95y

Rocket League

Call of Duty

Dirt 5

Hell Let Loose

26 : Anonymous2022/03/05 20:27 ID: hzhqcs2

elden ring babyy

27 : Anonymous2022/03/05 20:27 ID: hzhqee2

Elden Ring. Lovely community.

28 : Anonymous2022/03/05 20:30 ID: hzhqswd

Warzone and cold war

29 : Anonymous2022/03/05 20:39 ID: hzhs0g9

Apex Legends and Yugioh Master Duel

30 : Anonymous2022/03/05 20:47 ID: hzht0u7

Dead by daylight

31 : Anonymous2022/03/05 21:12 ID: hzhwdmj

Hunt Showdown.

32 : Anonymous2022/03/05 21:26 ID: hzhy91r

I usually jump between Deep Rock and Vanguard with the homies but these last 2 weeks I’ve only played Horizon forbidden west obsessively lol

33 : Anonymous2022/03/05 22:01 ID: hzi2xip

Hunt Showdown

34 : Anonymous2022/03/05 22:04 ID: hzi3fec

Elden Ring

35 : Anonymous2022/03/05 22:48 ID: hzi95bz

We just got one of the best multiplayer games for free on ps+

Get your friends together and play ark. It's harsh but even the base game had hundreds of hours of combat even on PvE.

36 : Anonymous2022/03/05 15:52 ID: hzgo1ty

Went back to Modern Warfare on PS5 then alittle Halo on Series X. Besides those I’m between HFW and Cyberpunk.

37 : Anonymous2022/03/05 16:25 ID: hzgsl2x

I’ve been playing Elder Scrolls Online I bought from the last sale. For an MMO it’s a lot of fun alliance war is pretty cool since the main goal is to fight other people to take keeps for your alliance so you can have a chance at taking the scrolls. It’s also cool that the quests in it are as great as any other elder scrolls games.

39 : Anonymous2022/03/05 16:25 ID: hzgsl7d

I mostly play Apex Legends for multiplayer.

40 : Anonymous2022/03/05 16:32 ID: hzgtkjh

For a time, my friends and I played Diablo 3, The Division 2, and Outriders online. Those had fun co-op campaigns, IMHO.

I'm personally looking forward to The Ascent. Going to have to try and convince my friends to buy that too.

41 : Anonymous2022/03/05 16:53 ID: hzgwj1b

Apex is exactly what you’re looking for. And, it’s free!

42 : Anonymous2022/03/05 17:33 ID: hzh276k

UFC 4 which was a PS+ title last month, pretty good fun smacking a mate around the octagon

43 : Anonymous2022/03/05 17:54 ID: hzh599a


44 : Anonymous2022/03/05 18:05 ID: hzh6wbp

How is the performance ?

45 : Anonymous2022/03/05 19:15 ID: hzhgmgv

On ps5 it run at stable 60fps on framerate priority


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