Any fun games to play for someone new to the PS5?

1 : Anonymous2022/03/05 20:43 ID: t7iegf

I currently have COD, NBA, FIFA, but want to try some new games that I may not be aware of. I like anything that’s action packed and has a great story to it.

2 : Anonymous2022/03/05 20:49 ID: hzhtbtr

Ratchet and clank Rift apart

spiderman miles morales

Ghost of tshushima


ID: hzi0rzp

Rift Apart was super fun

3 : Anonymous2022/03/05 20:48 ID: hzht7eu

Uncharted 4 is a really great game that has an amazing story. You don’t really have to play the others to know what’s going on either.

4 : Anonymous2022/03/05 20:56 ID: hzhualy

Astro's Playroom, Immortals Fenyx Rising, Horizon Forbidden West just to name a few.

5 : Anonymous2022/03/05 21:15 ID: hzhwtvk

All the ps5 exclusives horizon, God of War, spider man, death stranding. Final fantasy 7 remake, ghost of tsushima, last of us, persona 5 I could go on and on

6 : Anonymous2022/03/05 20:51 ID: hzhtnqx

Astro’s Playroom. This should be the very first game you play!

ID: hzi2084


ID: hzi8elx

This needs to be at the top.

7 : Anonymous2022/03/05 21:43 ID: hzi0kbh

get ps plus and play almost all games in the PS collection.

8 : Anonymous2022/03/05 21:27 ID: hzhyg3s

Horizon forbidden west, cyberpunk

9 : Anonymous2022/03/05 21:02 ID: hzhv2oj

Elden ring.

ID: hzi7huk

Elden ring.

ID: hzi9ytv

Elden Ring, O, Elden Ring

10 : Anonymous2022/03/05 21:22 ID: hzhxsd1

The Last Guardian

Persona 5 Royal

The Last of Us

Elden Ring

11 : Anonymous2022/03/05 21:27 ID: hzhyfw7

Cyberpunk 2077, Horizon, GT7, Returnal, Elden Ring, Demon Souls, Far cry 6, Valhalla....etc

12 : Anonymous2022/03/05 21:28 ID: hzhym02

God of war, ghost of tsushima, ratchet and clank..

13 : Anonymous2022/03/05 21:34 ID: hzhzep8

Uncharted legacy of thieves collection

14 : Anonymous2022/03/05 20:44 ID: hzhsp8z

Persona 5 royal

15 : Anonymous2022/03/05 21:18 ID: hzhx9fa

Well you sure scraped the bottom of the barrel for your ps5 choices.

Spiderman and Spiderman moles morales Horizon Zero Dawn and Forbidden West

16 : Anonymous2022/03/05 20:51 ID: hzhtmkq

Astros playroom. You can thank me later 😉

17 : Anonymous2022/03/05 20:59 ID: hzhuofd

Try Final Fantasy XIV online, the trial version (free) is the base game and the 1st expansion, really great story. Thousand of hours of action packed greatness.

ID: hzhwjat

Not sure if ive tried this, don't you have to pay a monthly fee after so long of playing the trial?

ID: hzhxkl5

The trial doesn't end if you don't want it to be, the trial caps your level at the 2nd expansion but you can experience hundreds of hours of action packed content/story.

18 : Anonymous2022/03/05 21:10 ID: hzhw7tk

Honestly Spider-Man I would recommend. Easy to get into, decent story, good combat and it’s very chill to just swing around the city if you don’t want to do the missions.

19 : Anonymous2022/03/05 21:26 ID: hzhyadb

I mean, it looks like pretty much the whole PS5 catalog is open to you.

Horizon: FW, Elden Ring, and Sifu came out in just the past few weeks.

20 : Anonymous2022/03/05 21:42 ID: hzi0gnk

Resi 8, Bugsnax, Horizon, Ghost of Tsushima, ratchet and clank…

Honestly you have the world as your oyster, only picking up cod and fifa means you can’t be anything impressed with all the other games out there 🙂

21 : Anonymous2022/03/05 21:43 ID: hzi0jsd

Gran Turismo 7

22 : Anonymous2022/03/05 21:47 ID: hzi161y

Destiny 2

23 : Anonymous2022/03/05 22:21 ID: hzi5m19

Uncharted series and Ghost of Tsushima are terrific.

24 : Anonymous2022/03/05 22:26 ID: hzi6cdh

Guardians of the Galaxy has a good story and fun if somewhat simple combat. Kicking soundtrack too.

25 : Anonymous2022/03/05 22:30 ID: hzi6uz5

Ratchet and Clank is a total must for fun factor.

Also definitely try Kena: Bridge of Spirits, Immortals: Fenyx Rising, Horizon: Forbidden West, and Deathloop.

26 : Anonymous2022/03/05 22:31 ID: hzi6vtu

Horizon, both Zero Dawn and Forbidden West should scratch that itch.

But since you have a PS5, it comes with Astro's Playroom installed and honestly, it's a pretty fun little game. Not super long or story-based or anything, but it's a fun little game you can drop a couple of hours into with no cost.

27 : Anonymous2022/03/05 22:35 ID: hzi7fyg

Resident evil the village is sick

28 : Anonymous2022/03/05 22:52 ID: hzi9njr

If you want something different with a good story and really takes advantage of the PS5 it’s Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart. A game that will blow you away and you’ll enjoy Miles Morales and it’s a great price! Sometimes you can find it with Spiderman included I believe.

29 : Anonymous2022/03/05 22:58 ID: hziacj7

Last of us pt. 2

30 : Anonymous2022/03/05 23:05 ID: hzibe0u

Demons souls

31 : Anonymous2022/03/05 23:07 ID: hzibkbz

Not sure what kind of person you are because it can be a really hard game. But I am totally obsessed with elden rings right now.

32 : Anonymous2022/03/05 23:21 ID: hzidfyr

Pa collection is your friend

33 : Anonymous2022/03/05 23:37 ID: hzifjuw

Horizon games Ac Valhalla. God of war. The last of us series

34 : Anonymous2022/03/05 20:54 ID: hzhtyue

Forza horizon

ID: hzhwrpy

Even if the PS5 could play it, he wants a game with action and a good story. Unless you consider driving "action" then Forza Horizon has both no action nor a good story.

ID: hzhvd61


35 : Anonymous2022/03/05 21:25 ID: hzhy887

Gave you an upvote

36 : Anonymous2022/03/05 21:10 ID: hzhw6qp

Mad Max, currently on sale, well over here the UK anyhow, great game, action, fighting, driving, story, all great!

37 : Anonymous2022/03/05 21:44 ID: hzi0pul

if you like those games you might like GT7


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