Free Talk Weekend | September 03 2021

1 : Anonymous2021/09/03 11:59 ID: ph3qtu

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2 : Anonymous2021/09/03 12:11 ID: hbfr21z

Don’t understand why people refuse to use such a great ping system. Especially if you don’t use a mic

ID: hbfrhkl

Even mic users should still use it, actively. The facts is, that a lot of players mute their teams after getting few toxic mic users. They usually leave pings unmuted and with the ping system being so good, it would still help a shit ton. But... for some reason way too many people can't even use such a simple system.

ID: hbgpzen

Most people that use mics (or just duos I get paired with) are either deficient in their pings or don’t ping.

Which just makes everything worse because I have voice turned to 1% volume so I can only see it converted to text on the 10% chance they say something useful with the rest something like 60% inane chatter and 30% vulgarity/toxicity.

ID: hbg6bvg

The most satisfying part of solo que is when everyone uses pings and you're all on the same page for a dub

ID: hbgithi

That's when you know the players on your team have game sense. Incredibly rare occurence.

ID: hbgothx

Lots of thank yous and you're welcomes is good sign

ID: hbg4bqy

Many people refuse common game sense in AL. I played an arenas match yesterday where I pinged a location at Overflow and every single person on my team went in a different direction despite me being the only one to ping and use the voice chat. You literally have to watch for a singular enemy team and you still see people fucking off around a tiny ass map and refusing to stick together. What else can it be but a lack of sense? The worst part? My teamates were a Bangalore who refused to use smoke in each round and a Lifeline who never used her res ability.

ID: hbgbj8w

It is worse when you get teammates duos who probably talk in Discord. They never ping and do whatever the fuck they want.

3 : Anonymous2021/09/03 12:29 ID: hbft07d

Is it harder to see where people ping this season? Especially the “enemy” ping, I can hear it but I basically have to look all around to find it and it’s not always on my minimap

ID: hbh010o

there should be a way for pings to show on the hud as arrows if you are not looking at them?

ID: hbgbep9


4 : Anonymous2021/09/03 18:47 ID: hbh9d6x

The SBMM is disgusting.

5 : Anonymous2021/09/03 15:40 ID: hbginjn

Friendly reminder that the servers are shit since february 2019.

6 : Anonymous2021/09/03 12:41 ID: hbfue8e

I was affected by Hurricane Ida. Still no power and water. I'm safe and I have a place to stay but all internet is down around our area so I've been missing playing. Plus, I'm a Fiber Repair Technician and we will be working the next few months straight with no days off so I'm sure when I do get Powe back, I'll be too tired to play anyway. Oh well, first world problems I guess. I hope everyone is safe though.

ID: hbfw772

Glad to hear you're safe!

7 : Anonymous2021/09/03 20:50 ID: hbhq42c

It boggles my mind how often people drop fragment in ranked, and then manage to do less than 100 damage. 8/10 matches today jumpmaster drops hot and is dead in 30 seconds.

8 : Anonymous2021/09/03 22:25 ID: hbi2czy

I uninstalled a week ago and honestly, I have never been happier.

9 : Anonymous2021/09/03 18:53 ID: hbha65a

I haven’t played once all week and mentally I am in a great place

ID: hbhdubm

I’ve completely reduced the time I invest in this game and it really does help. As soon as that frustration starts kicking in (approx 4-5 games), Apex gets closed. The matchmaking genuinely ruins this game for me.

10 : Anonymous2021/09/03 14:55 ID: hbgc4vx

You can always tell when a weapon isn't being picked hardly at all. Respawn will put 5x more of them in the loot RNG. That's why there are so many 30-30's. They are trying to force people to use them.

ID: hbggmy4

It pisses me off how many 30-30s there are. It’s actually insane, lol.

ID: hbh7tlz

The only thing worse than finding a 30-30 in a bin is finding two 30-30s in a bin.

ID: hbh2q4i

Yeah I honestly hate it because I like auto weapons. If I am feeling a single shot then I will use it but I feel like there is a repeater, mozam, p2020 in every building. There are also a lot of prowlers I have noticed.

ID: hbge16l

I like it for fun sometimes but it's so shit lol.

When it's hitting it feels like you're an old west sharpshooter but jfc why use it when a scout/wingman/sentinel/longbow/bocek is right there

11 : Anonymous2021/09/03 21:39 ID: hbhwgky

Man it be really nice if I could hear a full team padding on to me.

12 : Anonymous2021/09/03 15:55 ID: hbgku31

Sbmm really be sucking the fun out of this game. Im trying to play the game semicasually maybe 1-2 hours a day and no matter what time of the day I play I cant escape the sweat in these pub lobbies. I think its pretty telling also that from every season onwards starting from season 7 I've been winning less and less games per season and my kd is slowly dropping even tho I feel I'm steadily improving as a player. Its just that my motivation to play keeps dwindling down aswell. You improve but the game does not allow you to feel that at all except maybe that one game every once in a while which is just manipulation from the algorithm to keep you hooked

ID: hbgr03l

That’s the idea

13 : Anonymous2021/09/03 13:42 ID: hbg1w4x

I took a break because Seer was annoying and I came back after the nerf and I find Seer surprisingly tolerable now. I don’t know if it’s the nerf itself or that his pick rate seems to have gone way down but it seems to have had a positive effect on the game regardless.

ID: hbg28ty

Yeah they all went back to playing octane.

ID: hbgdt0m

the removal of the flash, 0.2 extra seconds to dodge and damage helped so much
it was infuriating getting plinked for 10 damage and flashed trough 5 walls.

the worst experience i had in season 10 was dropping fragments and ending up stuck in a building with 4 seer teams around me.
he's still strong and his passive needs a counter, but at least his tactical isn't an offensive ability that requires almost no brain anymore

14 : Anonymous2021/09/03 15:15 ID: hbgf2hv

I don't see the point of flashbanging your teammates with that ridiculous OCD legend pick.. you really like Wraith..I get it

15 : Anonymous2021/09/03 12:14 ID: hbfrexd

no sound

horrible servers

bad hitreg

imbalanced character releases

crappy sbmm

.. oh lets spend time nerfing niche movement

ID: hbg2o0a

Yeah their priorities are in the wrong places

ID: hbfw9o1

just uninstall, devs ruin the game patch after patch. just look at seers design / the shit servers and you'll see the game has no future

ID: hbfyru1

seems like no regs are getting more frequent again, but hey what's new

16 : Anonymous2021/09/03 19:14 ID: hbhd1z6

Dear god how i love playing Caustic lately. Everyone rushes in like mindless drones. Its like tunnel vision for kills. It feels super sweet when you set your traps, then an Octane rushes stimed in and thinks he can rush thru it, but you put like 3 canisters in a small space while shooting at him. Pure pleasure, seeing that little "twerp" going down.

I don't care if i get downvoted, we need more defensive, trap legends. These zerg rushers make my blood boil, its just rush, rush, more rush, and die, disconnect. Game is wallhacks & Call of Duty for the past couple of seasons.

17 : Anonymous2021/09/03 19:38 ID: hbhgckd

Any other console players getting crazy bad frame drops at certain places on Olympus? The area in between the Phase Runner portals and Grow Towers and the area outside of Estates towards Hammond drop frames so bad that it becomes nearly impossible to fight there. Its gotta have something to do with the grass/terrain putting crazy amounts of strain on the game because I remember Worlds Edge having the same issue for a while in the area with the sniper tower in between Train Yard and the Skyhook tunnel.

18 : Anonymous2021/09/03 20:14 ID: hbhl6y4

Anyone actually play better alone than they do with friends? These are IRL friends too.

My friends are better than me but I just find I’m way more relaxed and in control of situations when I solo queue. Idk how else to explain it but I’m definitely much better when I play this game by myself.

19 : Anonymous2021/09/03 22:14 ID: hbi0ysk

I hate Fragment, man. Almost every match feels the same.

20 : Anonymous2021/09/03 15:21 ID: hbgfv8e

This sub is a cesspool that breeds stupidity like mosquitos in a pool of stagnant water.

ID: hbgh3p3

This sub? You mean reddit.

ID: hbgo2k4

reddit? you mean everyone social media in existence?

ID: hbguiv7

I think you mean "social media" as a whole.

21 : Anonymous2021/09/03 13:54 ID: hbg3lyn

With the debate of MnK vs Aim Assist, input based matchmaking needs to happen. Console players should be able to play with MnK too, nothing wrong with that. Also why can't PC players disable crossplay anymore? Sick tired of fighting dogshit premades of andys holding dicks in pubs, most of them are conformed by dogshit jimmy on PC smurfing with his level 40 account and 400 kills and 2 other console dudes with 4k&20B badges, cringe ass mofos. Also console players tend to play on toaster's wifi making the experience more miserable. Respawn definitely hates PC players

ID: hbgd01e

This x1000. PC Mnk players get the short end of the stick as we can't "opt" out of crossplay nor mixed input. The nerf to tap strafing is another buff for Controller players the next will be deathbox looting. It's a joke. Keep the .4 for PC Controller and .6 for Console but allow Mnk players to play in our own lobbies (unless we are playing as a mixed input team). There's no way to balance Aim Assist vs Mnk. Also allowing Mnk players to "swap" to Controller mid match is very exploitable.

ID: hbgeuql

In Warzone, you have to choose your input before the match starts. Then you’re stuck with it until the end of the match. It should be the same here. Then separate by input. There’s two arguments for not separating by input:

1.) Splitting the playerbase. Not an issue because there are a FUCK TON of controller players, so they won’t even feel the effects. And most MnK players are absolutely willing to wait if it means playing against only other MnK players.

2.) Console players can’t play with their PC friends. I don’t really have a good solution for this one, but the PC friend can always pick up a controller and then join their console friends.

I feel like this community would be so much better if they just separated it. The amount of toxicity would plummet. This sub is literally just a hatefest against “sweaty” MnK players (which is hilarious) and most MnK players have absolutely zero respect for the controller players that kill them. I would come back to this game in a heartbeat if they announced this.

22 : Anonymous2021/09/03 14:19 ID: hbg6y60

Solo queue is so frustrating. Your teammates want to hot drop after everyone else has already left the dropship. They land at the same pillbox as you and follow you around competing for stuff. Half the time I get put in a squad with only one other person during trios so you’re guaranteed to lose. But fortunately, everyone’s mic echoes back the entire game.

And I always love my Rambo teammate that runs 3 miles ahead of us, tags a team of 3 and immediately engages them and gets killed. Like.. what did you expect to happen?

ID: hbg8u9e

Respawn hates solo queuers. They always have. Little Timmy no-thumbs can't win on his own so he needs to be carried. Otherwise, Mommy will not buy him some really neato recolored skins.

23 : Anonymous2021/09/03 18:31 ID: hbh74yt

come on down to apex legends solo ranked queue, we got

gold IV teammate with his level 11, bronze IV console friend
players who run away from fights even though you've downed one piece of shit wallhack characters
weapon charms
24 : Anonymous2021/09/03 15:20 ID: hbgfshd

Arenas weekly battle pass challenges need to go


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