This is for the people upset about aim assist

1 : Anonymous2021/09/03 14:55 ID: ph6rry
This is for the people upset about aim assist
2 : Anonymous2021/09/03 18:38 ID: hbh86he

Carpal tunnel any% speedrun

ID: hbhkhod

Let's goooo.

3 : Anonymous2021/09/03 17:23 ID: hbgxlfc

I like my wrists to be unfucked, thank you.

ID: hbh6spe

You dont want your wrists fucked?

sad zipping noises

ID: hbhk9ba

They act as if most players use this. No thanks, my wrists have already taken enough of a beating in my life I'd rather not perma destroy them.

ID: hbhb4xi

Gotta learn to be a switch hitter

ID: hbhsol0

You can accomplish the same thing by plugging in a second mouse and taping a vibrator to it.

ID: hbhv2da

Holy fuck that is genius lmao

4 : Anonymous2021/09/03 17:21 ID: hbgxa24

Original post:

/comments/ninzaa/a_universal_secret_to_controlling_recoil_the/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share" class="reddit-press-link" target="_blank" rel="noopener">

ID: hbh4xk7

Knew I'd seen it somewhere. OP should've credited the YT channel at least

5 : Anonymous2021/09/03 17:44 ID: hbh0jyr

As someone who used this, it is impractical af. You're gonna do it once and your arms starts hurting and never again.

ID: hbh42q7

And even with this tech I personaly cant hit more the 5 bullets because ppl just start moving if they get hit...

ID: hbhjmsn

Agreed. I tried it and it hurts my shoulders bad. I have a bad rotator cuff on my right shoulder so can’t do it long.

ID: hbholxf

I would think this tendency is actually more useful for Scripters or People using hack software. Because this is something a programmer could easily put into a script and the user would do it passively.

I would think a freehander would have better luck with the circle method.

But, still that leaves the non cheater at a severe disadvantage as they have to try to consciously think about drawing a circle while aiming the gun.

ID: hbhs2rj

Also it's extremely difficult to jitter aim a moving target at medium range. You're better off just doing what you do normally on mouse which is just keeping your sight on them as best as you can.

Also OP doesnt know what makes aim assist good if hes comparing long range to close range since aim assist has super good tracking on MOVING targets close range. Which is why stuff like the prowler is so good in controller hands.

ID: hbhhjd4

Yeah this really is the worst example IMO, don't think I've ever heard this being used in game (except maybe top levels).

ID: hbhu28l

Only really makes sense for people standing dead-still at ultra far ranges. The recoil in this game is easy enough to control, and moving your mouse like this against moving targets is going to make your arm much worse than actually learning recoil patterns.

6 : Anonymous2021/09/03 17:55 ID: hbh258q

So I tried this when i saw this video a while back. Fuck this stupid method. It's easier to learn recoil patterns and hella better for your wrist.. also not sure what this has to do with aim assist. They could turn recoil off and I'd still miss my shots.

7 : Anonymous2021/09/03 15:16 ID: hbgf4ai

The whole pc vs console Apex debate is so dumb. This shit is crazy though

ID: hbhk2bl

It's not so much console vs PC... mixed input has inherent unfairness and doesn't really belong in a PVP FPS. Regardless of how much aim assist is in the game, controller has stark disadvantages to MNK because of how few buttons there are (literally need to press 2 at once to activate your ultimate) and analog sticks lack precision as they're just inputting the direction for aim to move rather than specifying a specific place to move the aim to. But on the flipside, aim assist also creates several situations where controller has fight advantages over MNK - in Apex that's mainly close range tracking.

Now just becuase there are pros & cons to each input doesn't mean it's a level playing field, as there's no way to know that you might be walking into a bad fight purely because the enemy has the better input type for that situation than you. Being able to move while looting doesn't take the sting out of eating 9 Havoc headshots in a row by a level 22 while you have to try to constantly keep your mouse on target through a screen blanketed in energy ammo particle effects. And vice versa, having the advantage in close range doesn't take the sting out of people zipline dancing around you faster than you can turn your camera, or getting beamed while trying to grab something from a deathbox.

There's really no way to properly balance the inputs to remove the disparities. Someone's always gonna have an unfair advantage. There's a reason most games (until very recently) didn't have cross-input play or provide any aim assist on PC.

In a traditional console environment, any amount of aim assist is fine - it can be as strong as it needs to be to feel good and consistently usable. Everyone's on the same input, so it's perfectly fair and is a competitive environment for controller skill expression. In a traditional PC environment, everyone is on mnk and has unrestricted 1:1 input and it's also a level playing field (aside from differences in framerate) and it creates a competitive environment for the mnk skill expression.

In mixed input, it creates separate submetas where there isn't always true skill expression because people are either punching down or fighting an uphill battle depending on the situation they find themselves in with their input.

The biggest issue for me and the reason I bitch so much about aim assist and mixed input... is because PC players don't have the luxury console players have: an isolated environment. If you play on PS4 or Xbox One you never have to see a mnk player ever unless you choose to party up with them. You can stay in your fair and balanced environment. On PC, on mnk's NATIVE platform, we don't have an isolated place to play with mnk only. And now we're seeing movement tech (that creates fun skillcurves in mnk vs mnk fights) be removed largely because it's inaccessible to the "guest" (for lack of a better word) input type.

When Apex is the 3rd largest game on Steam in concurrent users (plus however many on Origin), imo there's no justification for there not being isolated input matchmaking, and it feels annoying that on the native input on PC we're having capabilities taken away from us because the input that shooters aren't designed for in the first place can't do them.

When (most) people complain about aim assist, it's frustration that we have no means to play in an isolated mnk place where every fight is a fair fight... while yes mnk and controller both have their advantages, we don't get the same option as console players to choose to stick to our own fair playing space.

All that said, jitter aiming needs to be fixed for sure (mainly because it can be exploited with a vibrator attached to the mouse)... but it's also worth pointing out that unless someone is standing perfectly still for 2 seconds, you're going to fucking burn out your wrist trying to do this and will probably never kill someone doing this on a moving target, and better off learning recoil patterns lol.

ID: hbhuaav

JayBiebs talking in the tapstrafe twitlonger how they don't want to add a separate valk jetpack keybind so you can walljump properly because of controllers made me sad.

No hate on console/controller users, but imagine the possibilities if PC could turn off crossplay and didn't have to be hindered by controller and console limitations.

ID: hbhs3dm

I just want this plastered on every console vs mnk thread to ever exist. I wish more people had this take.

ID: hbgswzx

I'm irritated that this hasn't been removed. This is way worse in my opinion. It's bug abuse to circumvent one of the major challenges of the game, recoil control. That combined with the fact that this cannot be good for you long-term.

ID: hbh7622

cubital tunnel syndrome (aka tennis elbow). My funny bone hurts just thinking of trying it.

ID: hbh5b7w

its not all that good in practice because 1 who stands still like a target when getting shot 2 when both parties are moving you cant jitter very well and 3 it will give u carpal tunnel or some syndrome ruining your arm lol. and it only works on a couple guns

ID: hbh7kl3

If you thumb, index or middle finger go numb it's Carpal Tunnel. If your ring finger or pinky go numb its cubital tunnel (aka tennis elbow),

ID: hbha6ky

You can’t do it close range and when people starts moving this is just useless af

8 : Anonymous2021/09/03 19:14 ID: hbhd2gg

Oscillation recoil control ain’t even practical either. Don’t argue about it until you try and track someone with tensed up arms while also simultaneously fucking your wrists and fingers

9 : Anonymous2021/09/03 18:47 ID: hbh9fii

"Stop complaining about a computer aiming for me, you can have good recoil control by attaching your arm to a paint shaker"

10 : Anonymous2021/09/03 15:10 ID: hbgec6f

Yh I'd rather not end up with rsi/carpal tunnel, thank you very much. I don't use it and have no plan to, I just keep practicing with different guns and learning recoil patterns like we all should be doing.

Also you can do this with controller too (edit: yes its less effective compared to mnk), it's not limited to mnk. As a pc mnk player I'd be happy with this removed instead of tap strafing.

ID: hbglx65

Yea it’s easy guys just flex your thumb muscle until it vibrates…

ID: hbgsz3x

All the braindead answers to this post and they haven't even bothered to look it up

"Its hard to do/its very incomfortable/It will mess my aim" no shit sherlock, how do you think it works on mnk?

11 : Anonymous2021/09/03 18:13 ID: hbh4mxk

Try doing this in game against someone strafing

ID: hbi4k9v


12 : Anonymous2021/09/03 18:08 ID: hbh40hu

I swear this sub is full of people who don't know how crossplay works in this game. Complain so much about PC advantages, whilst never having them in their console lobbies.

At least mnk players complain about something present in their games, which they have no way of avoiding (no input based matchmaking or ability to turn off crossplay).

I'm sorry but if you queue up with a PC player and play in PC lobbies, and then complain about mnk advantages, you're dumb af. Jitter aiming or not, mnk will always have the overwhelming advantage. All controller has is close range rotational aim assist (which is stronger on console).

13 : Anonymous2021/09/03 15:42 ID: hbgiznc

I see more posts on this sub from people complaining about people that complain about aim assist, than people who actually complain about aim assist.

14 : Anonymous2021/09/03 17:21 ID: hbgx9ur

Does the circle technique work on console or is this all based on M/K?

ID: hbh2etc

ID: hbh3zew

Thanks homie!!!

15 : Anonymous2021/09/03 18:31 ID: hbh766u

I’m hate seeing videos like this that have been done over and over

16 : Anonymous2021/09/03 18:49 ID: hbh9m3a

Works on console as well so exactly what are you trying to say here?

17 : Anonymous2021/09/03 19:19 ID: hbhdqws

Some people in comment section brainlessly bashing PC players that "they have no recoil, why even cry bout aim assist" don't realize that this thing shown only looks good in a firing range. No one in-game will ever stand still so you could shake your crosshair and hit him without recoil. Both tracking and shaking your aim like that is literally impossible to do consistently, turn your fucking brains on

18 : Anonymous2021/09/03 19:21 ID: hbhe0bw

Is this sub just full of bot console players who have never touched a pc before?

ID: hbhu7fa


19 : Anonymous2021/09/03 19:48 ID: hbhhnbn

your point is so shitty, how many times yall seen this in your matches cuz I only saw it on yt and reddit

20 : Anonymous2021/09/03 18:59 ID: hbhb1zd

The difference between this and aim assist is that nobody on PC does this, yet everyone gets aim assist in console.

21 : Anonymous2021/09/03 19:10 ID: hbhck0j

Well I’m glad pc has to literally break their wrist while console can hold down one button lmao

22 : Anonymous2021/09/03 19:52 ID: hbhi7ob

This method is complete shit. You comparing it with aim assist is just a sign that you are a crybaby. You literally do it once and your arm hurts for 10 minutes. Even if you set a macro for it, it is still bullshit. I could beam for more damage with normal recoil control than this. OP please give some arguments why you think this is like aim assist, its not similar in any way.

23 : Anonymous2021/09/03 19:57 ID: hbhiuzu

Op doesn't even know who made the vid or if its possible on console, not even using common sense. Like, I'm moving my whole hand plus 200 gram mouse, to do the exact same thing, and its hard as hell, to the point that after a few mag of doing this my muscles literally burn like ethanol. on console you just need to move your thumb and a small stick thants not even 10 grams.

24 : Anonymous2021/09/03 20:05 ID: hbhk0as

Yeah I'm on the PC players side here being a controller player. Jiggle aiming is for the 0.01% who are so dedicated to being the best they will break themselves.


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