LFG Megathread | Winter Edition | Find mates to compete with!

1 : Anonymous2021/01/11 21:54 ID: kvd5ck

Hey everybody,

hope you all had a good start into 2021!

Please follow this template for your search:

Legends: (Main/Flex)
Prior Experience: (Rank, Other Tournaments, Hours)
Can IGL: Yes/No
Available Hours/Days:
Bio / Other:
Contact: (Origin/Discord#/Twitte

. - one or multiple, whichever you prefer)


How to sign-up for the ALGS Winter Online Tournaments:

Minimum Rank Requirement: Gold IV

How to scrim:

Scrims are run regularly by GLL. You can sign up for them on

and also join their Discord for more information.


Please use this thread for LFG searches only.

With the majority of Apex competitive scene being on PC - including the ALGS - we decided to keep these threads PC only. If you're a console player you can always checkout /

and the console-related Discords in the sidebar.

2 : Anonymous2021/01/14 02:21 ID: gj6odu6

region: NA

legends: (main/flex) wraith, path, gibby, horizon anyone really

prior experience: 1500 hours of solo q pubs/ranked D3 but i get diamond and then stopped playing ranked the rest of the season

Can IGL: Yes Available Hours: free all the time

Bio/Other: im extremely competitive but im chill and dont rage im looking for people similar. Im really strategic and know this game in and out. Im looking for 2 fraggers who can shut there brain off and just pop off while i call rotations and shit like that. Although i dont have much competitive experience i watch pretty much every tourny and some scrims, so i think i know pretty well about different comps and strats that work in high tier lobbies. trying to play pretty much every day

discord: gross222toast #2680

3 : Anonymous2021/01/13 01:26 ID: gj2d9fq

Region/Country: USA
Legends: (Main/Flex) Mostly Wraith but willing to flex to horizon caustic or lifeline
Prior Experience: (Rank, Other Tournaments, Hours) Silver 3 just past 100 hours in apex on steam.
Can IGL: Yes/No Yes
Available Hours/Days: Most nights 7pm PST - 10pm PST along with various afternoons / mornings
Bio / Other: Relatively new to the game still adjusting but I have 1300 hours in CSGO. My aim is pretty good for how many hours I have in the game but my movement & rotations leave much to be desired at times. I am pretty casual for the most part focusing on just improving while having a good time.
Contact: (Origin/Discord#/Twitte

. - one or multiple, whichever you prefer)
Discord: Stifle#4374

ID: gj2loro


4 : Anonymous2021/02/01 20:26 ID: gln7vbu




I am a good IGL

Can play pretty much all weekends and in evenings through out the week

Contact me at Malakai#4096 on disc

5 : Anonymous2021/02/05 15:30 ID: gm4hu78

US (Alabama), Main Wraith Flex Bangalore/Mirage, 2 days of ranked currently plat 4, 2.3 kd, IGL Yes, bio calm fragger. Make smart pushes. Highest I’ve been is plat 1 solo queuing think a balanced team could break through that. I play on Xbox cool with cross play. Usually play 4-8 hours a day.

ID: gm5d3am

I’m down to link

ID: gmzld5o

Hey, I am down to run ranked with you. Got Diamond twice before i stopped playing. Im looking to grind and play tournaments with some people. I always have a 1.5-2 KD on ranked and average over 1000 damage per game. I usually run octane as my fun main but more likely would run Bangalore or caustic in bigger ranked series. You can add me on apex as SlapYaBoy. I am on PS4. My discord is: SlapYaBoy#0287. Let me know if you're interested in playing. Im trying to stick with the same 2 other people so we can get really good together.

ID: god32qd

I'm on xbox as well (PST), Plat iv gibby/horizon/caustic (sometimes revenant too). 2.1 kd. hmu if interested, ClayishSaucer55. usually on around 7 pst

6 : Anonymous2021/03/03 15:11 ID: gpjgypw

Region: NA Legends: Main Gibraltar, flex: Bangalore, bloodhound, crypto Prior Exp: Plat 4 season 8 at the moment Can IGL: yes Available: all day Bio: Looking to compete on a serious level. Been competitive in other games like cod and madden. Contact: message me

7 : Anonymous2021/02/04 06:55 ID: glynnkx

NA Bloodhound, Horizon Just got back into it last season - Gold IV, looking to get better with others who are getting better IGL: No Available: Varies but pretty open Xbox, via Reddit contact

8 : Anonymous2021/01/17 18:23 ID: gjmounr

Region/Country: NA

Legends: (Main/Flex) Bloodhound/Bang/Wraith are most played. But Willing to play and learn any legend (working on crypto and horizon)

Prior Experience: (Rank, Other Tournaments, Hours) 31st Season 1 of .Proving Grounds Discord and 11th in CodeRed March 28,2018. Currently Plat solo queue but just came back to the game.

Can IGL: Yes/No Yes but preferer not to

Available Hours/Days: Work part time but can always make tournaments anytime, and get home at 6:00 pm EST

Bio / Other: Used to compete when the game first came out. Stopped playing like mid season 2 to compete in other games. Resume link with all my experience

Contact: (Origin/Discord#/Twitte

. - one or multiple, whichever you prefer) bububoosh#5983 -

9 : Anonymous2021/01/21 18:15 ID: gk33szo

Region/Country: EU (UK)

Legends: Wraith (Bloodhound, Gibraltar)

Prior Experience: D4

Can IGL: Yes (rotations, mid-maxing)

Available Hours/Days: 18:00 - 23:00 GMT week days (available all weekend)

Bio / Other: Moved from Xbox to PC. Looking for gamers who have a serious interest in practising with a view to competing at some stage.

Contact: shrynq#4031 (discord)

ID: glq0his

Don't play with malakai he's a piece of shit who'll lie to you and will leave you if you make the smallest mistake

ID: glnes5t

add me on discord Malakai 4096

10 : Anonymous2021/01/25 15:12 ID: gkpp751

Region/Country: USA - CST
Legends: gibraltar / lifeline
Prior Experience: Just starting back this weekend - haven't played since launch
Available Hours/Days: Nights 8p CST - 11p CST
Bio / Other: Coming to apex from other shooters, have mic, good situational awareness, typically provide scouting / overwatch at range and nabs those risky revives.
Contact: Discord: Snacks#4040 // IGN: YourFriendSnacks

11 : Anonymous2021/01/25 22:15 ID: gkrauv2

Region : EU UK CZ SK LEGENDS: WRaith, Caustic Rank: PLATINA Can IGL: Yes BIO: I am twitch streamer cz/sk game apex legends, looking for m8 to compete in scrims and tournaments. Atm I am solo platina player. Twitch.tv/komplexay

ID: glnenh0

Add my discord Malakai 4096

12 : Anonymous2021/02/10 01:20 ID: gmrlp53

Region/Country: America do Sul/Brasil

Legends: Wraith, Horizon, Caustic, Bloodhound, Crypto
Prior Experience: Diamante 3

Can IGL: Sim/Yes

Available Hours/Days: Segunda a Sexta / Fins de semanas quase sempre

Contact: enzobisbocci#7311 (discord)

13 : Anonymous2021/02/15 20:28 ID: gnkjig8

Region/Country: EU/UK

Legends: Bloodhound, Crypto, Fuse, Revenant, Octane, Mirage

Prior Experience: Rank: Gold iii , Hours: 3 - 6 hours

Can IGL: No

Available Hours/Days: 1pm GMT - 10pm GMT

Bio / Other: Calm in intense situations. Doesn't rage even the teams makes mistakes and loses. Missed ALGS 1,2 and 3.

Microphone: Optional (I don't use microphone).

Contact: Discord - Anotate7#3383

14 : Anonymous2021/02/16 14:09 ID: gnnb9sy

Region/Country: US/California
Legends: Gibraltar/ Wraith/Bloodhound
Prior Experience: Rank: Been Diamond 4-2 the past 3 season/ I play average 6-10 hours a day depending
Can IGL: if needed yes
Available Hours/Days: 3pm PST - 4am PST Tuesday- Saturday (can play Sundays if we qual for finals)
Bio / Other: I've been playing pretty much since release, fairly competitive but looking to step it up in ranked and the comp scene. I'm chill down to earth, I can give and also take criticism. Extensive game/ring knowledge!
Contact: Discord - BearRilla#2342

15 : Anonymous2021/02/18 18:27 ID: gnwwjhz

Region/Country: US East

Legends: Bloodhound / Horizon / Wraith

Prior Experience: Rank: Diamond 3, Other Tournaments: None previously, Hours: 800

Can IGL: No

Available Hours/Days: Pretty much anytime after 12pm EST I'm on and free

Bio / Other: Looking to find some chill teammates to improve and get into the tournament scene with. I would really like to improve overall and maybe hit Master this season so looking for some people that are willing to help me improve.

Contact: pm me here for my Discord/Steam.

16 : Anonymous2021/02/19 03:39 ID: gnyvead

Region/Country: US Texas

Legends: Bloodhound / Wraith / Not Really Sure

Prior Experience: Rank: None

Can IGL: No

Available Hours/Days: Pretty much anytime after 12pm EST I'm on and free

Bio / Other: Hey all - looking to get into the competitive scene here. Still really a novice player, but have a basic understanding of the meta. Have always found diving into the comp side immediately has been the fastest way climb quickly up the learning curve. For what its worth, I placed semi-pro in Halo and a ~1800 ELO in LoL

Contact: Discord: killua1492#5797

17 : Anonymous2021/02/19 19:15 ID: go1dren

Region : US, Texas

Legends: Bang, Path, Blood. Open to anything really.

Exp: I typically play solo and I’m sitting at Silver3

Can IGL: I can, I don’t have an issue following someone else either.

Availability: unemployed due to COVID so I have nothing but time

Bio: I just want to grind and get better at this game to get to a level where I can compete. I don’t get tilted very easily, I can own up and learn from my mistakes, as well as give and accept criticism. I’ve been solo grinding and I feel I’ve hit a point where a regular team would help me get to that next level.

Contact: Discord- noobatreezy#3757

18 : Anonymous2021/02/20 16:06 ID: go4okdv

Region: US EST

Legends: Crypto, Wattson, Horizon, Bloodhound (in that order)

Exp: just started seriously trying to improve my gameplay these past couple weeks, been playing semi consistent since October. Was high diamond in OW, played a lot of CSGO

Rank: Plat 3

Availability: most days. I usually grind in the AM but can play at most times.

Bio: I just like playing and recently decided to figure out and ‘get good’ at Apex. I’ve been told I’m pretty funny as well.

Contact: @burcarz#7290

19 : Anonymous2021/02/21 17:44 ID: go8v31i


Legends: Horizon(main), Bloodhound, (willing to try other legends)

Experience: I have been playing competitive ranked ever since it was released pretty much. I also played a bit of Overwatch and a lot of Paladins, as well as playing a lot of Rainbow Six Siege.

Can IGL: Absolutely! its a role that I've enjoyed learning the ins and outs of, and am fully willy to admit to mistakes, as its a part of learning the role.

Rank: plat 4

Availability: most days, but mostly end of Thursday through Sunday, in the PM.(of course if something comes up Ill say it)

Bio: I love Apex Legends, and have played a ton of Titanfall 2 before Apex was out. I have about coming up on 700 hours, and probably more between steam and origin. while I don't have an amazing mic, as my headset stopped working recently, I'm usually very talkative and vocal about what I'm doing and want to do, and even through ranked grind I still joke around and make having fun a priority. I've recently had a sudden spike in skill over the past month, and decided to capitalize on it and really bring out my potential in this game!

I've been solo grinding 95% of the time in ranked, so I Figure its about time to assemble the Avengers-- I mean look for people to grind with! Lets work together to improve our skills and get dubs!

Contacts: Reddit first, I'd prefer to hand my discord out in DM's or PM's. otherwise I usually use discord, or even in game vc too, and friending me on steam works well too. (same username as this but with underscores between the words.)

Hope to see you out there!

20 : Anonymous2021/02/25 17:33 ID: goq7rjs

Looking for a perm ranked/scrim team Experienced players only I am a Flex Currently I have been playing bloodhound and horizon but I am looking to play anyone helpful/new Legends becoming meta I am a passed console player that switched to PC in December I am ex Master looking for other players around the same skill level I am specifically looking for a good experienced IGL as my mechanical skill if far superior compared to my decision making I take Competitive Games Seriously and would like to have a team that shares my interests with this game I am planning on creating a roster with around 5 members 3 Players and 2 Subs I am Currently a low rank as I have not played much this season but I am currently solo queuing up to diamond level and then I will be ready to play must be EU , PC and Speak Decent English , Be active and involved. disc Malakai#4096

21 : Anonymous2021/02/27 04:53 ID: goy2syd

Region/Country: US EST
Legends: (Main - Mirage / Flex - Lifeline, Crypto, Caustic)
Prior Experience: Diamond 4 on Console / PC ranked currently as Plat 2 making my way to Diamond
Can IGL: Would rather follow the leader
Available Hours/Days: Schedule Fluctuates
Bio / Other: Looking for competitive players with a good spirit, good vibes, sense of humor, mature, comfortable with diversity/sexual orientation, and over 18. I use to play ps4 but I recently transitioned to PC and have been climbing the ranks solo so far. I really want to change that and have a team to play with that is experienced and fun to play with. At the end of the day this is just a game to me but I am competitive and want to win more 🙂 GL to everyone!
Contact: (Discord is DxveDaze#6568)

22 : Anonymous2021/03/02 05:02 ID: gpdubli

Region/Country: EU

Legends: Wraith, Bloodhound, Gibby. Can flex if needed.

Prior Experience: A bit rusty, used to be pred in s3, took a break and now getting back into in.

Can IGL: I can IGL if needed.

Available Hours/Days: Fluctuates

Bio / Other: After watching alot of ALGS, i want to try it myself. Not a rager and can admit my mistakes. I realize were not gonna win the tournament, but looking for a chill squad to try our hardest and maybe even make the finals.

Contact: DM me here.

23 : Anonymous2021/03/03 14:25 ID: gpjb286

Region: EU / Netherlands
Legends: Bloodhound / Wraith
Prior Experience: Masters S8, some qualifiers and scrims.
Can IGL: Yes
Available Hours/Days: 5PM GMT 11PM GMT all days of the week, can adjust for tournaments if needed.
Bio / Other: Enjoy competing, looking to play seriously and improve.
Contact: ZandO#0401 on Discord

24 : Anonymous2021/03/03 16:30 ID: gpjrp1r

Region/Country: NA
Legends: Currently maining Fuse, experienced with Caustic on console. Comfortable with Bloodhound.
Prior Experience: Previously Plat 3, currently Silver 2 trying to jump to Gold 4 atm
Can IGL: Yeah, I'm comfortable leading or following
Available Hours/Days: Midweek, nights mostly and I make exceptions for tournaments.
Bio/Other: Look, somethings are best at the last minute. Y'know, like adventures or great food lol. I'm posting trying to get a team together for today's tournament and future ones. I hope to make some friends and fingers crossed, win these things. Could go horribly, could go great. It'd be pretty cool to be a world champion.
Contact: DC preferably @ HuntedDawn#3817

25 : Anonymous2021/03/07 22:59 ID: gq5frfv

Region: EU

Legends: EVERY Legend (but very cracked on Horizon, Gibby, Wraith)

Prior Experience: Ex Console Pred, 3k hours and 40k kills

Can IGL: Yes

Schedule: Everyday from 3pm GMT to 9pm GMT

Bio/Other: I'm 23. Want to absolutely farm ranked and comp, but for that to happen, I need teammates on a similar skill level to improve myself. I'm a very laid back guy and only toxic towards my oponnents KEKW.


Contact: Discord GazelaGamer#5995

26 : Anonymous2021/02/26 08:46 ID: got6wvf

Region/Country: NA East
Legends: Gibraltar(main), Lifeline/Wattson(flex)
Prior Experience: Collegiate Apex tournament competitor as well as former Diamond player. Getting back into the game have to grind from the bottom again. Haven't played in two seasons almost.
Can IGL: After a while I will be able to again
Available Hours/Days: Variable cuz of work :/
Bio / Other: Hey! I'm trying to get back into Apex after a long break. I need something fresh to play and with season 8 on our hands, seems like a better time than any to come back to this game!
Contact: TheGodPhoenix#5600 (discord) F3rgo66_TTV (origin)


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