This is becoming a joke now, it’s been 10 seasons of the same thing over and over again. How can it break every single time? It’s not like we get active update every season, it’s like an update every 3 months yet somehow manage to constantly die each time.

1 : Anonymous2021/09/14 17:37 ID: po7kz2
This is becoming a joke now, it’s been 10 seasons of the same thing over and over again. How can it break every single time? It’s not like we get active update every season, it’s like an update every 3 months yet somehow manage to constantly die each time.
2 : Anonymous2021/09/14 17:39 ID: hcugb0c

Don't be so hard on them, they're only a billion dollar company

ID: hcupwdu

Got confused for a second and thought I was in the dota2 subreddit

ID: hcuytp8

Got confused for a second and thought I was in the league of legends subreddit

ID: hcvidet

You are mistaken, valve is small indie company.

ID: hcv0zh5

I know guys, they have been super busy fixing actual bugs: such as being able to crouch when downed. That’s the real game breaking one.

ID: hcutso7

theyre only a multi-dollar company

3 : Anonymous2021/09/14 19:06 ID: hcutaur

Yet you are here spending money and throwing $200 on a virtual cosmetic every single event. They are basically like: "Oh, our servers crashed again, should we upgrade them?" "Nah, it's like 10th time and they still buy our stuff"

ID: hcvb3kr

I still don’t understand why people do this, I get that it’s supposed to be incredibly rare but it’s not worth spending so much money for items I’ll probably never use

ID: hcvh1sb

That's the problem though, you see those items every game, so it makes people want them more

ID: hcv6s7l


ID: hcvpoh8

That's exactly why I'm a freeloader. The game can be fun and that's why I play it. But because of these inherent problems that Respawn keeps refusing to address, they don't deserve my money. Not to mention they are incredibly overpriced.

ID: hcvcn30

Exactly. If they’re still profiting off the game even with all the real issues they are not going to fix the real issues. They have no reason if ppl still spending money.

4 : Anonymous2021/09/14 18:07 ID: hcukezd

Their systems can't handle a sudden influx and they're not willing to make changes because it doesn't affect sales / increase profits so history repeats itself. Cue edge one liner + "we're investigating" spiel.

My only advice, don't buy anything until the system is 100%

ID: hcuqpy1

Just remember this isn't lack of wanting to fix it from the devs, it's the executives, and shareholders that prevent this. It will always be about profits first.

ID: hcuscbl

Oh most definitely. I have no issues with the actual talent that created this product even the art team who I'm certain are told to create hideous looking rare skins for BP as filler.

ID: hcuzbh3

Yeah this just screams scalability issue. Sometimes this is "you aren't allowed to spin up X more servers because that costs $$$" and sometimes its because they have a bottleneck unaffected by server count.

ID: hcv4id2

OH yes........those darn shareholders who do nothing but hold shares..

ID: hcvi7mg

Or just don't buy anything period.

Why would you spend money on a company that is willing to let this happen every single time because they are too tight to spend some more money on servers.

ID: hcuwovg

It's not about any influx. Every single update, without failure, suffers from the same issue where (some) people simply can't login at all.

If it was about some bandwidth limit, that'd be one thing, but if you can't login to one server, you can't login to any of them.

ID: hcuwy1c

What do you figure is the problem that is consistent in each update?

ID: hcun1te

This isn't an influx of connections problem btw. The nature of the problem already shows that. 10.1 LIVE update is preventing people from connecting. This isn't the servers buckling under load because they were never available to connect to period. Armchair devs a their finest tho.

ID: hcul6kj

Might as well delete it then. We're what, 10 seasons in? How long do yall expect this game to go? If it isn't fixed now it pretty much isn't getting fixed.

ID: hcvgdb2

We already complained when this shit happened in Season 1-3. Now we're more than 2 years in and EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. shitty servers and other problems. At this point it's like leaving a drug addict with a metric ton of cocaine expecting them to change.

5 : Anonymous2021/09/14 18:11 ID: hcukyzd

Why are people surprised? They'll never change.

ID: hcvebni

Wasn't this season's launch actually flawless? I mean from a technical standpoint, I know everyone was annoyed about Seer. It is the only season launch I remember going off with out a hitch. Almost had me thinking they had turned over a new leaf 😛

6 : Anonymous2021/09/14 17:39 ID: hcug6ch

Sorry I know this coming across as very negative, it is negative but it’s only because I love the game and invest time and money in it but there’s literally barely any improvements whatsoever.

Not only we barely get any LTMs/events, when we do you Can’t even play them in the time you have.

It’s been over 2 years of the same thing.

ID: hcuhfuh

It's not negative at all bro, just the straight up truth at this point. Just like you stated every season or event update the game becomes unplayable.

ID: hcuhhgu

Don't ask questions, just shell out cash in our casino for an heirloom and get excited for another one, you freeloader.


Also, aren't you entertained with copy-paste aReNaS mInI eVeNtS?

ID: hcuqo29

"invest money" lol.

7 : Anonymous2021/09/14 22:02 ID: hcvjdk7

Don't worry, there will be plenty of misguided fanboys who are gonna let Respawn downplay this. Then most of the community is going to aim their pitchforks at EA.

This is 100% on respawn. Half a billion dollar company themselves, with the backing of a 41 billion dollar company. They have the resources to start handling the issues. They just won't. Because people are going to forget about this as soon as they get around to fixing it. Then onto the next flash event where people are going to bitch about the price of cosmetics, buy them anyway, then yell at EA as if Respawn is this poor slave stuck doing this.

Respawn made fucking millions during a worldwide pandemic of microtransactions alone nevermind their other games, the fact that they're running into the same issues and have never really offered an explanation on why it happens, can rationally only be looked at as incompetence fueled by greed.

8 : Anonymous2021/09/14 18:25 ID: hcun24j

"Oh, you guys wanted to get into a lobby? We thought you just wanted to download 4 GB for no reason. We didn't think anyone would want to use the lobby or play the game."

9 : Anonymous2021/09/14 17:55 ID: hcuiomn

EA would rather have players endure it than invest on servers ,they know the only backlash is redditors complaining and whales spending the same cash as always ,the biggest mistep of this game is being partnered with EA

10 : Anonymous2021/09/14 18:21 ID: hcumihb

When you have billions of dollars but buy the cheapest servers available to maximise profit margins. Gaming companies are all just as shit as EA

ID: hcv2ubd

i mean, they're owned by EA

11 : Anonymous2021/09/14 21:24 ID: hcve1sd

You want change right? Well STOP BUYING THEIR SHIT THEN

12 : Anonymous2021/09/14 21:48 ID: hcvhhlr

Sorry they can’t hear you as people are giving them 160 dollars right now.

13 : Anonymous2021/09/14 17:38 ID: hcug2dn

Yeah i don’t look forward to new updates anymore, not like you can actually play them

14 : Anonymous2021/09/14 18:23 ID: hcumqgz

And yet people will still FLOOD to the store to throw money at them. Please y’all PLEASE DONT!!!!!

savethebestBR boycottEAmicros
ID: hcutxue

This isn’t Twitter

ID: hcuqz3k

These devs are a joke.

15 : Anonymous2021/09/14 17:51 ID: hcui0vv

Greedy ea want to feed there investors

16 : Anonymous2021/09/14 22:03 ID: hcvjlnd

Idk if it’s just me but right now I’ve waited 30 minutes to get into a game and when I did get a game of trios I had one team mate and he was afk and whenever I try to leave a game it keeps on saying connecting to lobby and I have to close the game and wait 5 minutes to get to the lobby wtf is this

17 : Anonymous2021/09/14 22:48 ID: hcvphb1

We need more skins and hairloon. Buy all itens in store when the game returned and the company will fix next season. Trust me

18 : Anonymous2021/09/14 23:00 ID: hcvr430

10 seasons later and still can’t get it right.

19 : Anonymous2021/09/14 23:02 ID: hcvra48

Love losing points because people can’t get into the game and it won’t push them out. Love it.

20 : Anonymous2021/09/14 17:57 ID: hcuizmn

To be fair, when season 10 launched it wasn't an issue. Season 10 launch was fairly smooth.

ID: hcujeim

And now it’s broke mid way.

Last season was a joke of a launch if you remember, the game was up and down for about a week and a half.

21 : Anonymous2021/09/14 18:12 ID: hcul58o

Literally kills all the hype

22 : Anonymous2021/09/14 18:39 ID: hcup7ba

Investigating an issue — they still don't know what's wrong with this game after a myriad of such issues. And they even aren't shy about it. Absolutely careless attitude to the game community.

23 : Anonymous2021/09/14 19:10 ID: hcuu0m8

just remember they have made over $1,000,000,000 since the game came out and they have the means to get better servers at any time with just a drop of the earnings they have made


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