One GLARING issue I have with this game…

1 : Anonymous2019/02/05 16:12 ID: anfm0x

I played this game all night yesterday and now I'm at work bored and exhausted 🙁

2 : Anonymous2019/02/05 16:17 ID: efsxh6y

Agreed, devs need to learn to not make such an addicting game. Think of their players health.

ID: efsxvum

They're going to be required by law to have a "breaks are necessary" pop up every other hour at some point. I can feel it

3 : Anonymous2019/02/05 16:27 ID: efsyau0

Alarm went off and I immediately considered a sick day.

ID: eftozaq

Same brudda

ID: efwddk8

Broke: sick day after superbowl

Woke: sick day after Apex launch

4 : Anonymous2019/02/05 16:43 ID: efszlsj

Yeah, and now Im on reddit at work. Thanks Respawn.

5 : Anonymous2019/02/05 16:25 ID: efsy4g7

Working on 2 hours of sleep, those A holes

6 : Anonymous2019/02/05 16:55 ID: eft0n5x

The first legitimate complaint I've seen so far lol

7 : Anonymous2019/02/05 18:46 ID: efta7pd

I’ve spent a large portion of my day browsing this sub when I should have been getting more work done.

8 : Anonymous2019/02/05 16:44 ID: efszqlo

I'm only awake now because Xbox live failed me at 1am this morning. Praise to the numpties continually breaking xbl

9 : Anonymous2019/02/05 19:58 ID: eftgf0q

Not a problem for me today. Public holiday, no work. Nothing but Gilbratr for days.

ID: eftp5a5

Go get em brudda, I love they have them character, my two favorite to have with me is Gibraltar and pathfinder. Their attitudes just make my session better.

10 : Anonymous2019/02/05 16:59 ID: eft0y3s


11 : Anonymous2019/02/05 18:22 ID: eft83da

I’m in my 2nd of 3 classes right now and I’m seriously dozing off. Thankfully somebody from my work asked to take my shift an hour ago and I can be super tired tomorrow from playing all night again!

12 : Anonymous2019/02/05 23:45 ID: eftz48x

How about this...I called in sick yesterday, not knowing Apex Legends was releasing. Played all day and night, then woke up this morning like hmmm day 2 of being sick?

Ended up coming to work and have been watching the clock all day. 3 more hours til I get to enjoy that nice gameplay

13 : Anonymous2019/02/06 06:19 ID: efurm8k

I'm guilty of watching Shroud play 12 out of 16 hours of this game.

14 : Anonymous2019/02/06 18:36 ID: efvxhn6

Same. I am dragging today like mad. Worth it though

15 : Anonymous2019/02/06 21:25 ID: efwcrjg


16 : Anonymous2019/02/07 19:41 ID: efys2br

i am self employed ( not a drug dealer )

17 : Anonymous2019/02/10 13:22 ID: eg5j9vu


18 : Anonymous2019/02/13 05:02 ID: egd2rb2

Wait okay but for real what things would you like to add or change?

I've heard a lot of people talking about if Apex legends is the fortnite killer or even the blackout killer. I personally feel as though it wont be able to dethrone fortnite, but it could be a strong competitor against blackout and pubg, even surpassing them both in long time player. However, I feel like for this to happen that they need to add more to the game and make slight changes. I know Youtubers like jackfrags have put out their opinion on what they would like to see changed and they ended up getting lots of backlash for some of their recommendations. I made a youtube video about this topic too and here are some of the things I brought up....

An addition of Solos and Duos. Even though the ping system makes communication much better, that wont stop teammates from either being bad or doing their own thing. It also allows people whose friends aren't always on line to continue having fun on their own Increase in Ammo, ever so slightly. Many times I find myself running out of ammo for a gun and just searching for that ammo all game, by increasing some of the ammo, such as the energy and heavy rounds, then this would happen less. For instance, the devotion is a really good LMG, but many players choose to not use it because it is too hard to find energy ammo. I personally think it would be cool if they added more game modes and made it more than just a battle royal game. Seeing as respawn made some of the most loved call of duty games as well as the titanfall series, they would do an amazing job adding other more arena like game modes to the game. This would allow people that do not like BR games to play and enjoy the game and its characters, while not taking away from the experience of those who really like battle royals. More legends. And yes, obviously this is going to happen down the line, but imagine all of the options that they have with this. Its insane and will be really fun to see what they add and how they balance them. I would also like to see them either add more maps or expand to the current map. People may disagree to this, but i feel as though there is nothing really special to the current map and that if they made areas more unique and built a story behind them, then they would be more memorable and possibly more fun to play on

Those are just a few ideas I have for what should be added to Apex legends, and i think it would be interesting hearing what other people would want added to the game or even changed.

19 : Anonymous2019/02/17 21:38 ID: egopz00

I wish I could play all night lol

20 : Anonymous2019/02/13 05:22 ID: egd3wtr

The one glaring issue I have is most of my friends are terrible. They have no concept of teamwork and runoff more than when I'm playing with randoms. They'll literally go 10+ games with zero kills. Even tho I hate playing with randoms, because only about 1 in 3 games is good, it's still better than playing with my friends. They're fine for most games but for some reason they just can't play Apex.


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