Tomb Raider: Definitive Survivor Trilogy Spotted For Xbox

1 : Anonymous2021/03/08 05:12 ID: m08i32
Tomb Raider: Definitive Survivor Trilogy Spotted For Xbox
2 : Anonymous2021/03/08 07:56 ID: gq6us5n

How many "Definitive" editions do the games in this trilogy need?

ID: gq6w8wt

As many as people want to buy I guess. Next generation of consoles you will get the remakes.

ID: gq7830j

Welcome to the new generation. Whenever a new console appears companies get eager to rerelease their old games as remasters or definitive editions that basically just crank up the fps or adjust the settings from low to high.

ID: gq7uxr7

Publisher has thing, gets money for thing.

ID: gq76qmg


But Microsoft is desperate at this point

3 : Anonymous2021/03/08 07:35 ID: gq6tfj2

Honestly I thought the first reboot was just plain awesome but then they repeated the formula for two more games and it became so damn boring.

It was cool to see young inexperienced Lara Croft gird her loins and turn into a badass why do I have to repeat the process?

ID: gq6zxzt

After finishing my playthrough of all three, I'm inclined to agree - Lara's character arc only makes sense in the first game, and after that it's just a bit of a mess. Each game has the same "moment when Lara realises this is the X00th person she's killed" and "f*** you I'm coming for you bastards" when Lara just loses it and goes ham. And then she's got some monologue about "the cost" or something.

These games are so damn fun, and I wish that they could take themselves less seriously and turn Lara into a paragon of guns, death and glory.

ID: gq71cdz

The first game also had some cool horror elements that were dropped in the sequels and weren't replaced with anything, so the sequels felt like they had no bite.

ID: gq6uigp

I could never get into the second or third game of the trilogy because of this. The whole point of the first was to show her becoming a badass, the second and third should have had a more confident laura kicking ass no-nonsense like classic laura, not still wide eyed and anxious and desperate. Laura, you killed a small army's worth of people already, stop acting like you aren't a total badass.

I'll play the next Tomb Raider if she gets some confidence in her. The ludonarrative dissonance is just too staggering, past a point.

ID: gq76n0g

yeah each game felt like a reboot of the previous one, there was no sense of character or gameplay progression between the games and with such weak characters it failed to be the uncharted ripoff they were trying to make

ID: gq74qk6

That second Tomb Raider has the dullest story in a video game I can remember

ID: gq86lrf

Having just finished Shadow, yeah I have to agree with this. Had a lot of fun with the first one, but they just never expanded on the gameplay mechanics enough, the cast of characters lacked the needed charisma, and the stories just werent as interesting or as epic as the oft-compared to Uncharted games.

ID: gq769f8

The 2013 reboot, whilst not what I expect from a proper Tomb Raider game and I wasn't too fond of the story, was a really fun game to 100% (not the mp part). Linear, but with open areas that encourage exploration and searching for hidden secrets with very well designed gameplay.

ID: gq7nzlj

They also didn't evolve the mechanics. The first game felt like a good clone of Uncharted 3. The third game feels exactly the same, so after I beat Last of Us II and went to Shadow it felt so dated and clunky.

ID: gq860d4

Yeah I still remember when I finished the first reboot in one sitting of 16 hours on a weekend. I was totally immersed and mesmerized by the game and it looked absolutely amazing on PC for it’s time.

ID: gq6vw9z

I feel like the 2nd and 3rd game just became more soulless and added too many things to collect and grind for. Burnt me out really fast early in 2.

ID: gq6wdms

Yeah the seriously really fell. Such a shame considering how good the first game was.

4 : Anonymous2021/03/08 11:02 ID: gq75zcl

I finished the third installment just yesterday and it's one of the worst contenders of a video game narrative in recent times for me. None of the characters develop, side characters literally turn up when needed and it's seldomly explained, Main arc stays basic and trope-riddled (Lara losing the crucial artefact in the first scenes, e.g.), the list goes on and on for me.

There were some nice scenes, especially the flashbacks and the after credits scene, but thats a terrible verdict for a 10h game.

Now its a perfect example of the current state of video games as a narrative medium since there are so many flaws with it on the story and character side, yet it is simply a FUN game still. The mechanics are cool and I loved the climbing and riddles. I really hope VGs will improve in their storytelling

ID: gq7wn4a

To add on I hate when games have a bunch of useless upgrade paths. Who the hell needs two different perks that let's you breathe underwater longer?

ID: gq84nya

To be fair, the third was made by a different team and it really shows in the narrative. I enjoyed the trilogy but the third was my least favorite.

ID: gq86p1q

Honestly the 3rd game got shafted by the 2nd because it set up so many loose threads for the most boring villain group (Trinity) that it was impossible to resolve them all in one game. I'm happy that Eidos just said fuck the Trinity plot and forced an ending onto it so we can all move on.

And for what it's worth, even tho it's repeated again, I thought the plot with the father was well done and tied in nicely with the ending.

5 : Anonymous2021/03/08 07:32 ID: gq6t85f

Interestingly, I'm in the middle of a no-upgrades, story-only playthrough of all 3 games right now. Just started Rise. I played Survivor a lot since 2013 but hadn't touched it since 2016, and a lot of little things about the game bother me now that didn't back then. The obnoxious shaky cam is the biggest offender and if they plan on making any QoL improvements in this trilogy set, I'd start with an option to turn that down. But I'm going to assume this is just going to give access to all three games which you can download separately. The character models in Survivor also really didn't hold up well. All 3 games have the same problem of Lara being much more detailed than any other character; you can see it in any cutscene especially with Anna whose hair has no physics while Lara's is so flowy. It looks worst in Survivor though since Lara got updated in 2014 while the other characters still look like they're 2 generations behind with lackluster facial animations.

6 : Anonymous2021/03/08 16:51 ID: gq87fe8

The first game was great. In the other two they decided to cram some terrible open world aspects like hubs and fetch quests. In my opinion these games work best with set pieces, puzzles, and a tight story not some low pixel npc telling you he needs 5 bear hides.


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