I only have problems with Bocek but i’m curious about what’s gonna happen.

1 : Anonymous2021/11/14 17:43 ID: qtv0yt
I only have problems with Bocek but i'm curious about what's gonna happen.
2 : Anonymous2021/11/14 17:45 ID: hkm1a0b

RSPN has said that they are never going to vault weapons as people have skins for said weapons that they paid ACTUAL money for.

ID: hkml8oz

I can see them using different guns on different maps

ID: hkmtd5g

Most likely going to leave the drop ship with a p2020 and mozam or something, like that one LTM. Or be able to choose which low tier starter weapons you want.

LTM is how they got data for evo shields, which is one of the best changes they've made.

ID: hkn5smt

I'd like to see them implement a system that randomly removes ~5 guns from the loot pool every match.

It'd spice up the game a lot too so people cant just use the R99/Eva every game.

ID: hkmpiil

Maps get rotated every season, so they’ll have to frequently rearrange. Not worth the hassle IMO.

ID: hkmoi21

I really like the 3030 so I’m happy they will never vault guns.

ID: hkmzfi6

Yeah me too lol

ID: hkmnyc1

Honestly I think one of the best and easiest solutions is to have people spawn with a P2020 and then remove it from the loot pool. Since it's such a common weapon, removing it would make the overall loot pool feel a lot better imo.

3 : Anonymous2021/11/14 18:33 ID: hkm8wlk

I love the bocek. I can't hit anything with the 30-30 though.

ID: hkmqhp1

That's funny because I feel like I can hit with the 30-30 but I absolutely blow with other sniper weapons.

ID: hkn6h44

Me too!!

3030, g7, triple take: god

Every other long range weapon: godAWFUL

ID: hkmf249

I can hit plenty with the 30-30 and it still takes an age to kill anything. If you try and charge it ads they get cover and then they're probably outgunning you with a more viable weapon with lower ttk

ID: hkmpyrm

30-30 with shatter caps works as a great “finisher” gun imo, when paired with an AR or SMG it’s really satisfying to switch to it at the end of your mag like you would with a shotgun.

Edit: 30-30, not Bocek.

ID: hkmswf2

I'm bad with the Bocek personally, but that isn't my issue with it being in the loot pool. My issue is the arrows. If it became the next package weapon I would be perfectly fine because that means arrows wouldn't be taking up a spot in the loot pool anymore.

So until we get at least 1 more weapon that uses arrows, it feels like a waste to have it on the ground.

ID: hkmwrif

I get what you mean that it's a waste for one weapon (maybe a crossbow would be dope, or a blow dart pipe? ) . But I have the opposite problem with arrows lol. When I use the bocek I find I have to pick up and carry as many arrows as I can early game because it's a rare find in death boxes.

4 : Anonymous2021/11/14 18:08 ID: hkm4qfk

The problem with Bocek is that it's the only weapon that uses arrows.

ID: hkma6bm

what would be some other options besides a crossbow?

ID: hkmchih

Just throwing the arrows

ID: hkmgzq7

Maybe a Arrow pistol I dont fucken know

ID: hkmrtpd

Care packaging the Bocek.

5 : Anonymous2021/11/14 19:22 ID: hkmgvvl

Bring back hammer points and the p2020 becomes great again

ID: hkn5k6p

If you bring back hammers I’m only ever playing with a bocek and p2020

6 : Anonymous2021/11/14 18:51 ID: hkmbrl1

30-30 is my go to range weapon now that the G7 is in the care package, I like it a lot so please don't get rid of it lol

ID: hkmibnz

I struggle w the bullet drop and velocity w the 3030. I think it’s a great gun and love the idea of it but for some reason I just can’t hit shots with it. Low key though I love the shatter caps on it and have been surprised by its performance as a shotgun every time I run it.

ID: hkmjhjl

Personally I couldn't get the bullet drop and velocity of the 30-30 when it came out, so I never used it until the middle of season 9 or start of season 10. I eventually started liking it (practicing with it in the firing range was also useful lol), but to be honest I've never really used shatter caps. It's not that I don't like it, it's just that either I don't find the hop up or I forget I have it lol

7 : Anonymous2021/11/14 19:14 ID: hkmfir5

The bow fucks people up

8 : Anonymous2021/11/14 19:56 ID: hkmmcg6

I love the bocek. They better leave that alone

9 : Anonymous2021/11/14 18:16 ID: hkm61fa

Mfer straight up complained about GUNS being in the game

ID: hkm6e4n

Removing is the worst option.

ID: hkmh4kf

Apex Legends: fight night edition.

10 : Anonymous2021/11/14 18:25 ID: hkm7lml

"if i dont use it,no one is using it"

ID: hkn3ay9

“If I can’t get kills with it, it’s the gun’s fault”

ID: hkndz2r

same type of person that's been using the wingman+r99 combo since season 0, the loot pool getting bigger only means they cant find the guns they only use off drop

11 : Anonymous2021/11/14 19:15 ID: hkmfrhw

3030 is the best starting gun in arenas

12 : Anonymous2021/11/14 20:12 ID: hkmovw5

I feel like I don’t care about “the health of the loot pool” when it comes to weapon diversity.

I feel people should be more comfortable using new weapons.

I feel like there is super nerd rage when you can’t 100% get your ideal load out within one ring closing.

I think it’s great having to sometimes work with different weapons. It’s adds diversity to the game.

If I could just get volt - triple take as soon as I landed I wouldn’t even get to enjoy some of the guns in the game.

13 : Anonymous2021/11/14 18:31 ID: hkm8jl3

Bocek is the most satisfying weapon why remove it

ID: hkmmlca

I know! I only started using it this season, but without a doubt hitting shots with the bocek feels better than any other gun

14 : Anonymous2021/11/14 19:48 ID: hkml2nz

Imagine simply not understanding how to use a certain weapon and thinking that makes it worthless

15 : Anonymous2021/11/14 19:34 ID: hkmitky

But.... but I like the 3030... Especially now that G7 is in the care package and they added the dual shell

16 : Anonymous2021/11/14 17:45 ID: hkm1abe

I like Bocek

17 : Anonymous2021/11/14 19:14 ID: hkmfi87

30-30 is one of my favorite weapons, why does everyone hate it?

ID: hkn8fxz

Because they suck with it

18 : Anonymous2021/11/14 19:25 ID: hkmhgii

i like the 30-30

19 : Anonymous2021/11/14 19:39 ID: hkmjlng

People don't understand it's a good thing to have uneven power level among the loot pool ? "Bad" guns exist for a reason, you don't want every outcome from a loot pool to be equally valuable.

It's a skill to be able to do your best with any weapon you can get your hands on right after landing.

ID: hkmmx28

P2020 is a guilty pleasure of mine. I've gotten tons of kills with it at the start, or just from switching to it when my other gun runs out.

20 : Anonymous2021/11/14 21:40 ID: hkn2kv9

3030 kinda underrated tho

21 : Anonymous2021/11/14 18:37 ID: hkm9feq

P2020 and Mozambique are legitimately good weapons for when you want to have something to quickly swap to, and they're great for Arenas. The only thing I would do is make players spawn with a P2020 in BR and remove them from the loot pool. Mozambique can stay.

30-30 Repeater is an underappreciated monster. Hits like a truck, great hipfire, great ammo efficiency, really versatile even without Shattercaps, and just generally great all around.

Bocek is the only one I think really needs a buff. It just doesn't do enough to be worth carrying a rare ammo type that can't be shared with other weapons.

ID: hkmjokr

Honestly the only thing I want them to do with the Bow right now if allow the 2-4x scope on it though it's stock sight really works for me for some reason. I would also like to see another weapon use arrows, maybe a semi-auto crossbow?

ID: hkmn9hr

If they make the p2020 a spawn weapon, get ready for all the idiots who post “I thought they removed p2020 from the loot pool?! Why are they still on the ground?!?!” just like they still do with the knockdown shields and helmets because they can’t grasp the concept of people dropping them for a better version.

ID: hkmbhc4

30-30 Repeater is an underappreciated monster. Hits like a truck, great hipfire, great ammo efficiency, really versatile even without Shattercaps, and just generally great all around.

I totally agree. Great weapon. I don't know if it is because of they came at same season but it makes me feel more satisfied when i use 30-30 with Fuse.


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