Hope this game Mode is out this year, SO FUN!

1 : Anonymous2021/11/18 11:31 ID: qwnsvk
Hope this game Mode is out this year, SO FUN!
2 : Anonymous2021/11/18 13:15 ID: hl47qdk

Current Wattson would dominate this game mode.

ID: hl4a4f3

Current Wattson

Intentional or accidental electricity pun?

ID: hl4crfc

Accidental electricity pun... Sometimes I just couldn't resist since I main Wattson.

ID: hl4zla1

So would Rampart with her new ult. She was strong on this mode last time.

ID: hl4tbrp

Idk man, rampart is the best legend for this game mode imo. Legit won 5 games in a row with her, I know everyone has their own preference but u can’t go wrong with rampart.

ID: hl512f4

you'll row her? kinda kinky but ok

ID: hl54y7a

Caustic is pretty S-tier on this mode, too.

ID: hl4hxyb

Gonna need to main crypto for this.

ID: hl56o71

Why? Because of his passive Off the grid?

3 : Anonymous2021/11/18 13:28 ID: hl495tg

Oh this is gonna be so much fun with mobile Sheila

ID: hl50icf

Oh god oh fuck

ID: hl52w68


You get a bullet and you get a bullet and you get a bullet

ID: hl5c3p3

Assuming you live long enough for it to charge up

4 : Anonymous2021/11/18 15:19 ID: hl4no5j

I started playing the game when this was in, and it was AMAZING. I really hope it is back this year. I was a noob then, but this time I'll... still be pretty bad, but a little better.

ID: hl4yrdd

Wait your improving?

ID: hl58dzq

Yeah, if you bang your head against the wall enough times, eventually you stop noticing that it hurts.

5 : Anonymous2021/11/18 11:40 ID: hl3yc3w

After the amazing release of the shadow royale ltm for one week, why not top that and release this mode for 2 days

ID: hl3yoox

2 is too long one hour is better

ID: hl4bxbo

Ok but on Christmas eve

ID: hl52kq2

An hour is to much, how about 10 minutes

6 : Anonymous2021/11/18 15:07 ID: hl4lzy7

Prepare your Fuse, your Seers and your Ashes, we will not let Caustic dominate this gamemode again.

ID: hl564ob

As a fuse main, the idea of this coming back makes me wanna drop my motherload

ID: hl59tk9

Is fuse bad this meta? I’m (hardstuck) plat 4 and he’s my main, I’ve yet to understand that he’s weak.

ID: hl5c8rq

Horizon was super strong last year bc of her Q. But now I see Ash's Q being the most annoying with its 15 sec recharge time, followed by Seer

7 : Anonymous2021/11/18 12:30 ID: hl42vg2

I still think they should just keep all these modes year round.

ID: hl47gq4

LTM rotation, one hour each

ID: hl5v56u

I think 2 days each would be better so people have time to play their favorite LTM, or 1 day could be good too

ID: hl4sqvh

Or they could actually put more than the bare minimum effort in and make rotating custom LTMs, like how Fortnite has done for years

ID: hl4xikw

They stopped making LTMs because their data showed that no one played em, haha. That's why they switched to barely-different-than-normal pub takeovers.

ID: hl4hu7v

it would make it less fun. certain modes yes but seasonal modes should be seasonal

ID: hl5v9nt

Then I elect to make the christmas train mode to be non-christmas because that gamemode slaps and has nothing tying it to christmas other than it being a christmas event

8 : Anonymous2021/11/18 14:45 ID: hl4ixeb

the game mode is fun the only problem is the rage quitters

ID: hl58vrj

Happens in all game modes in Apex unfortunately

ID: hl5uzt0

The second problem is that it only lasts for a few weeks instead of always being there

9 : Anonymous2021/11/18 16:36 ID: hl4z4ly

I swear, I'm going to be very angry if they only allow us to play this mode for a week, instead of the usual 3. This mode is all I play in December. It's fun, it's fast paced, it's basically what arenas should be.

10 : Anonymous2021/11/18 15:00 ID: hl4kx5o

I'm sure we are all thinking this, but, it better be at least as good if not better than last year. Shadow Royale this year was stripped down to the bone. They better not pull that shit again.

ID: hl58zs4

It’s been the same for both winter express events so I HOPE it’s the same again.

11 : Anonymous2021/11/18 15:26 ID: hl4oor4

I got so many squad wipes as crypto by parking the drone on top of the christmas tree in this mode.

12 : Anonymous2021/11/18 12:13 ID: hl418uq

ahem, RAMPART! not fun

ID: hl4cdq5

Fun for Rampart

ID: hl4bfcc

Rampart very fun

13 : Anonymous2021/11/18 17:35 ID: hl5876u


ID: hl5lnue

Back in s3, it was so fun. That's why they removed it.

14 : Anonymous2021/11/18 17:35 ID: hl5890b

Honestly this mode is my favourite but given we haven’t had a new BR mode since season 8, if they just give us this game mode for the season then it’ll be a real cop out.

ID: hl5cqb3

Yep. Season 8's LTMs were a mess, Season 9 was just old maps (nice, but not a new way to play), Season 10 shafted us with just 1 week of an old mode.

I loved Winter Express but I'd like to see some more mix ups too. They did say they were going to bring back the failed Season 8 LTMs some time. That 2nd life mode on Storm Point would be something.

If they just give us 1 week of Winter Express... not happy Jan.

15 : Anonymous2021/11/18 18:53 ID: hl5k6q9

Without a doubt.

I have a better sweet memory from this past year’s.

There’s like 6ish minutes before the event ends. I only needed like 100 more “event points” to finish my tracker and earn the Horizon winter skin.

The challenge I had left was I needed 1,100 more dmg. I queue into the match with about 3 or 4 minutes before the event ends (1pm EST).

I absolutely snapped. Those 15ish minutes of that match were probably as elite of a 15 minutes as I’ve ever had in Apex. Aceu, Timmy, Daltoosh, Hal, if any of them were in my lobby at the time, * at a minimum*, they would have said, “that MFer is a problem”.

Both my teammates quit within the first 2 rounds. The match ended up 3-2-2 (for those unfamiliar with the mode, there are 3 teams and first team to win 3 rounds, wins. So this was as closely contested a match as it could get)

I finished with 4,400 damage. The problem, and the bitter in the bittersweet was that it only counted the stats that were accrued in those 3/4 minutes.

So when I saw the End of Match report where it breaks down challenge progression, it showed that I still needed like 400ish damage (because I guess about 600 of the damage was in those 4 minutes). So that’s how I knew it tracked the stats somewhat; but not for the entire match.

So yeah, LOVE this game mode and how the different Legends have the different loadouts each day.

Oh yeah, according to my nephew the best part of that story is how seemingly Respawn felt bad for me because although I didn’t get the Horizon skin; in my very next Apex Pack I got Heirloom Shards sooo

16 : Anonymous2021/11/18 14:48 ID: hl4ja6z

Had an amazing time with this. So fun

17 : Anonymous2021/11/18 17:16 ID: hl55b5h

its fun, therefore it doesnt have place in the game anymore, they probably wont bother to put the custom lobby aswell

18 : Anonymous2021/11/18 20:01 ID: hl5ukxt

While Arena fits my need for a Deathmatch gamemode for Apex

This gamemode will always be alot better than Arena, I don't want to have to buy weapons i want to go in with what i got and fuck everything up

I love all the loadouts changing too because it encourages people to play other legends to try different tactics if they want to stick to a certain loadout

Why isn't this permanent???

19 : Anonymous2021/11/18 15:51 ID: hl4sc32

this sub when they bring this mode back: "Ugh, old, recycled game modes again?? cmon respawn stop being lazy dead game"


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