Legend Monday: Caustic | November 29 2021

1 : Anonymous2021/11/29 10:00 ID: r4skgm

Welcome to Legend Monday! This discussion thread focuses specifically on a randomly chosen legend.

Today's Legend discussion is focused around: Caustic!

Discuss what you like or dislike about this Legend; how it compares to others; playstyle tips and techniques; or anything else that you think would be of value to discuss regarding Caustic.

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2 : Anonymous2021/11/29 19:12 ID: hmkd34o

In terms of play style, I much prefer Caustic players who are proactive in their abilities. He can almost evict people out of an area by himself. Yet, there are so many players that choose to bunker down and wait for an opportunity instead of create one.

ID: hmkwx93

Proactive caustic doesnt work if enemies know they can just shoot the barrels while arming, he only gets his ult (nerfed like 3x by now) reliably

Plus good players can one clip caustic easily

ID: hml8rsi

If a player is shooting at your trap, they aren't shooting you or your teammates. Toss a trap forward from cover, then peek out once you pull your gun back out. It forces a decision from the bad guys - either let the caustic take space with his trap, or look away from him and his team to shoot the trap out. Even if it only takes a fraction of a second to shoot the trap, thats still enough for you to peek out and get first shot advantage.

3 : Anonymous2021/11/29 20:53 ID: hmks31y

Good character but map doesn’t really suit him at all (like a few other characters as well).

4 : Anonymous2021/11/29 12:40 ID: hmiwq8y

He's in a good place right now thankfully. His passive needs a bit of improvement, but nothing too major, just something to make it feel more consistent. Like every legend he still has bugs that need ironing out - gas traps blocking doors that just vanish is one example.

5 : Anonymous2021/11/29 10:59 ID: hmiofoa

He is in a good place now. Strong in certain situations, but not over powered. The only thing that needs some work is his passive, as its not properly working from time to time.

ID: hmiwh5n

He also still has bugs that nobody cares about as hardly anyone mains him.

ID: hmivodt

His passive is largely dependant on his tac and ult being utilised and the enemy actually being in the gas. I guess it helps being able to see through enemy caustic gas but its still entirely situational to a a scenario that only caustic himself can try to create. Enemie's are more aware of the traps now which make it hard in regular play for it to be any use.

This is the only thing that sort of annoys me about Caustic. Every other legend has a passive ability that is applicable everywhere in the game at any time in the game (how useful it is is irrelevant), whereas Caustics only passive is only useful when using Caustics gas. You could maybe argue that fortified is a passive too but when you consider that Gibby has the same thing as well as a gun shield when ADS'ing it still seems a bit unfair.

ID: hmjeblx

Yeah, same goes for Crypto. Both of them need improved passives.

6 : Anonymous2021/11/29 19:49 ID: hmkio5y

Update tomorrow? Been 4 weeks since the season dropped so would be a nice time to patch smaller bugs at least if not release some balance changes too!

7 : Anonymous2021/11/29 15:51 ID: hmjjcml

Haven't touched him since Storm Point was released. Feels like most fights happen outdoors and your ability to lure enemies inside is impossible on the new map.

It's not so much that he's terrible on the new map but more like others are too good. I switched to Loba because of the sparse loot and fast ult recharge. Who wants to wait 2 mins(?) for a Caustic ult that:

Barely works with the passive

Any movement char will immediately leave the gas

Takes forever for dmg to ramp up

All that said he is fine on other maps (imo). A little tip tho if you do play Caustic on SP: PvE locations with the large doors can be used to your advantage, especially spiders...

Place traps on the door side away from the mobs,

open the door,

activate Prowler nests/shoot Spider eggs,

run back inside to attract them,

close the door, open when they're all outside,

let the smoke do the rest.

ID: hmk8xp1

I had the same thinking until I started using it since I had like 30 or so games in a row with fuse and wanted to try caustic.

I feel its still balanced, command center is literally the best place to play caustic but on the open you can use the cover given by your tactical while also creating areas of smoke that make bangalore blush. And since there is al ot of houses all you have to do is lure an enemy to your house and have them suffer.

I wish though there was a way to launch the Q either farther away , or change between static trap or a trap that rolls in the floor and either does less damage or something haha.

ID: hmkcmlg

No doubt he is still balanced, just way more location dependent.

I wish though there was a way to launch the Q either farther away

Something like that would help. It's hard to design something that would give him more utility or lockdown without making him OP though.

Storm Point (along with Ash) has emphasized movement and repositioning so much that Caustic barely feels useful. Even Mirage - my 2nd most played - feels more useless than before. Movement creep is a bitch.

8 : Anonymous2021/11/29 14:53 ID: hmjbk8o

Fine as-is. If you want "more aggressive" or "better in the open" Caustic, you need to choose a different character. Caustic already is the top defensive character and still does offense better than Wattson and Rampart

9 : Anonymous2021/11/29 16:56 ID: hmjsq5p

He's in a good spot. I'm actually very impressed with how well every legend seems to be balanced right now. You could make a case to play any legend based on your playstyle.

The only legends who could be "buffed" in some way are maybe Crypto (who is strong but has a kit that isn't fun to use), Lifeline (ult takes too long and could probably be changed), Rampart (faster wall deployment but honestly she's in a decent spot right now) and Wattson, who can still be buggy and suffers the same issue Crypto faces. Her kit is strong but she's just a chore to play.

So, IMO, kudos to the devs on legend balance at the moment.

ID: hmkbkv6

Good spot, but can be great if they do something to differentiate his ult gas from his tactical gas. Right now they’re basically the same thing except one comes in grenade form

10 : Anonymous2021/11/29 11:56 ID: hmisucg

everyone except my main should be nerfed boo hoo >:(

ID: hmj7fuc

This but without the sarcasm, please

11 : Anonymous2021/11/29 20:06 ID: hmkl7at

Has no passive

ID: hmlaahe


ID: hmko5w6

He isn't affected by Caustic gas. That's a fairly good passive.

ID: hmkmxq6


ID: hml84rs

If fortified is a passive why does gib still get a gun shield and a quick rez. Gun shield and inside gas rez for caustic or there is no justice! (kidding if that wasn't abundantly clear)

12 : Anonymous2021/11/29 17:45 ID: hmjzx2y

Was my go to for ranked on WE and KC, still decent on SP but can really be caught out in some end circles. Traps having infinite HP makes them so good for cover though

13 : Anonymous2021/11/29 22:39 ID: hml7ti8

High highs and low lows. Some games caustic can be super powerful and oppressive, some games outside of ult he has no utility.

I think he's in a pretty good place. His passive still doesn't work a lot of the time but at this point I doubt respawn will ever fix it so who cares

14 : Anonymous2021/11/29 10:06 ID: hmikniz

Farts everywhere

15 : Anonymous2021/11/29 13:42 ID: hmj31cm

He is good now.

However I personally find annoying is his tactical.

It was nerfed in the past too much. Traps fly slow, then inflate like 10sec. All this time a single bullet removes it.

I would love a faster deployment as aggresive caustic is much more fun to play.

In pubs I usually play aggressively and if enemies are not too strong offensive trap placement is very rewarding. Does not work against tryhards though

ID: hmj3ped

Sounds like you would like fuse if you want that area denial aspect, but in a more offensive manner to switch it up sometimes.

ID: hmjgbrc

this, I mainly use both caustic and fuse depending on my mood, Do I want to play slow and defensive and trying to get the upper hand when being pushed? Caustic.

Do I want to do a lot of damage and push enemies with some area denial attacks? Fuse, the Tactical is so nice since every time you hit someone you get a dopamine hit per tick I swear. Plus its ult if placed well in a rush or an attack you basically can do a team wipe easily.

16 : Anonymous2021/11/29 16:33 ID: hmjp9bx

I still remember in season 7 in the patch it said graphic optimizations
This allowed the players to see through bangalore smoke and caustic gas.
In the following updates they fixed the bangalore smoke ...

ID: hmkfae9

Bang smoke still isn't fixed. They fucked up the smoke effects so that Switch could render it, don't hold your breath on it ever getting fixed to what it was

17 : Anonymous2021/11/29 10:51 ID: hminufs


18 : Anonymous2021/11/29 17:54 ID: hmk1dfp

They should do a two part layering to his gas, and include color visuals to tell the difference, so the inner gas cloud (yellow) does high damage, and has stun damage, and his normal gas cloud range (green) has low damage, no stun

19 : Anonymous2021/11/29 22:01 ID: hml2bad

I was in the camp that thought caustic was fine when he was nerfed, having played against him a lot in ranked since his buff last season I still think he’s in a good place. He’s strong for end games and great at holding some buildings/areas. I think the people that downplay him the most are just too used to when his gas was broken, and wish it did most of the work for you. His gas is a deterrent but don’t be surprised when people decide to push through the gas, there is an urgency to not sit in it after all. If you can’t win a gunfight while someone is sitting in gas that’s on you as the player, it does not make the legend weak.

20 : Anonymous2021/11/29 19:55 ID: hmkjgo3

IMHO it's a really good thing his abilities have secondary utility because his gas still feels like it has no "teeth".

I used to main him a ton before the nerf, stopped entirely after the nerf, and while I still get time in with him now that they've stepped back the nerf a bit, it's still just not the same.

People are still all too happy to ignore gas and continue fighting as if it's not even there. The damage ramp is just too slow and people can see just fine in it.

So really, Caustic's abilities have shifted away from gas damage and towards his gas basically being an alarm / obstacle. Great for blocking a door, using it for cover, or hiding it in places to detect enemy movement (especially detecting people following behind your rotations).

It's just a damn shame because I WANT to use his gas for damage and to make it painful to access certain areas. More than anything. It's fun as hell! But I'm lucky to get even 2 ticks of damage on most people, even with the ult, and any time I get more than that it's usually because people just rush in as if it doesn't exist and the fight is over before anyone takes any real damage. With all the movement abilities it's hard to get anyone stuck in the gas these days anyway.

It takes a really ignorant player to take any real damage from his abilities. Which is a shame because as much as his abilities have great secondary utility, they aren't really why I want to play him.

ID: hml2un8

His gas not doing the brunt of the damage is the intended change the devs had when they buffed him last season and I think they did a great job. Before the nerf it was broken, it did way too much damage way too fast. Now there is an urgency to leave it ASAP, but if you do sit in it trying to heal or fight, the damage will add up. Remember, gunplay over abilities, that’s what apex is based on and it holds true in caustic’s case.

ID: hml8gt3

People are still all too happy to ignore gas and continue fighting as if it's not even there. It's just a damn shame because I WANT to use his gas for damage and to make it painful to access certain areas.

If you're losing fights when the enemies are pushing into your gas, then the only thing to blame is your aim. They cannot strafe properly, can barely see, they've got aim punch after each tick, and theyre taking passive damage.

With regards to area denial, it's sounds like youre expecting too much for free - traps in apex aren't claymores, theyre tripwire stun grenades. You can't set a trap behind a door and forget about it, you need to know which areas you've got fortified, and understand where the enemy is going to push from/move to. The value of a trap isn't the damage, its the slow/stun that allows for an easy target to one clip/teamfire.

And this is only caustics abilities in defensive or reset situations, you can still use his ult with ridiculous effect to initiate teamfights. Spend some time watching high level caustic players - even if you can't aim like them, you can still pick up how they position themselves around the traps, so theyre always ready to capitalize on a gassed enemy. You won't see them watching a trap tick 5 damage at a time, theyre going to run in and finish the job themselves.

21 : Anonymous2021/11/29 16:05 ID: hmjla07

He’s fine. The only real downside to him are his mains being the second whiniest on this sub right behind Wattson mains.

22 : Anonymous2021/11/29 11:55 ID: hmissg1

He need to be given a improvement to open area. He's unplayable in the new map

ID: hmjp5s3

Right, that's why I'm able to still win matches with him

ID: hmkcc1a

Not unplayable, but you definitely nerf yourself by picking him lol

23 : Anonymous2021/11/29 17:21 ID: hmjwfka

How is that I can do 190 damage to a caustic, then some random 3rd comes in with a P2020 and steals the kill and the RP, and then get rolled on by the 4th party

ID: hmk4k7d

What does that have to do with caustic lmao

ID: hmk4vrt

Just venting lol

24 : Anonymous2021/11/29 14:31 ID: hmj8tko


25 : Anonymous2021/11/29 15:11 ID: hmjduxx

very strong he didn’t even need that previous buff he got

ID: hmjooxm

Gibby has been OP since season 3.

ID: hmkkcvg

He was nerfed somewhat since then.

However he is still s tier

The reason he is must have in comp is simply he needs a team to play around his dome. Randoms play their own game in soloq and lack coordination

ID: hmk783v


ID: hmkaooh

okay? he’s very strong but he’s also the hardest legend to play, unlike Caustic who is braindead asf.


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