Free Talk Weekend | December 17 2021

1 : Anonymous2021/12/17 08:00 ID: riciah

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2 : Anonymous2021/12/17 21:32 ID: hoyyxfk

I think about 1 out of every 10 random have the capability of doing more than 100 damage before dying. It's mind boggling.

3 : Anonymous2021/12/18 02:13 ID: hp00yz0

Apex is the only game I know that’s the best and shitiest game all at the same time. Truly a unique accomplishment.

ID: hp0hp1x

Exactly how I feel about it too. The core gameplay never gets old, new guns and characters are good. I can handle the minor bugs, got used to audio, love playing with randoms. One thing, matchmaking, ruins the entire experience. All in the name of greed

ID: hp0vyla

Matchmaking is the bane of this game's enjoyment for me.

4 : Anonymous2021/12/18 08:45 ID: hp1229r

Yep, still the most miserable solo q experience out there.

ID: hp1fl3w

Easily the worst solo queue and that's with games like Rocket League and League of Legends out there. Quite a feat.

5 : Anonymous2021/12/17 23:05 ID: hozc97j

Lmao holy shit the delay between being shot and taking damage lately is a joke. How do people not notice stuff like this? Especially getting hit by the charge rifle, I'm just randomly getting popped for damage when the laser isn't even visible.

6 : Anonymous2021/12/18 00:47 ID: hozpzo5

Game says there's 32 players in queue in normal trios? Can barely find a match because of how fucking rigged the matchmaking system is. And when you do, half the players are lagging around because they're from all over the world with insane latencies. Multiplayer gaming is in such a sad state nowadays.

7 : Anonymous2021/12/18 02:55 ID: hp060zu

I’ve been having about half as much fun playing this game as I used to since we’ve been forced to play on this awful map all the time. Please bring back Olympus and never make me play on storm point again.

8 : Anonymous2021/12/18 14:57 ID: hp1x8ha

There's honestly to many dogwater weapons in rotation right now. They really need to trim some of the fat from the loot pool.

9 : Anonymous2021/12/19 04:36 ID: hp4sar3

Man they gotta gut the triple take. Sentinel damage at longbow speed and a shotgun off rip while the 30-30 requires a lifelong quest for a shatter cap hopup.

10 : Anonymous2021/12/19 09:05 ID: hp5f8c9

Solo queue experience is fucking horrible. Give me decent teammates

11 : Anonymous2021/12/17 20:08 ID: hoyme0l

i think they should have copied and pasted winter express from last year, part of the fun was picking random legends because of the loadouts

12 : Anonymous2021/12/19 04:44 ID: hp4t4sw

I am so tired of entire teams running up behind me on a metal platform without making a single footstep. I can’t comprehend how this is still an issue after nearly 3 years and billions of dollars.

13 : Anonymous2021/12/19 02:36 ID: hp4eerr

I fucking did it, I fucking soloQed to Diamond

14 : Anonymous2021/12/19 12:09 ID: hp5s9bh

I really do feel sorry for my fellow solo queue players who only get to play Apex during the weekend. 🙁

Mon-thursday Apex feels almost like a completely different game.

15 : Anonymous2021/12/19 15:03 ID: hp69jep

Solo queue pubs on World’s Edge just sucks. Always get two randoms that hot drop fragment and die instantly. I don’t understand how people enjoy doing that.

16 : Anonymous2021/12/17 15:44 ID: hoxh8m2

Daily reminder that this sub was gifted to the current mods by the dev team, but claims in the description of the sub to be a “community run, developer supported” subreddit. Laughable.

Daily reminder that if you ask the mods to let the community decide the direction of this “community run” subreddit, they’ll tell you that the community doesn’t get to decide the direction of this subreddit. So much for “community run”.

Daily reminder that the mods remove any posts about the state of the subreddit or suggestions on how it should be improved. Wonder why that is?

ID: hoykdqe

community lead as long as the community is leading in a direction respawn approves of. somehow almost every top post that makes the front page seems lower effort than the posts that actually stimulate discussion and get removed “for low effort”

quite weird tbh, guess the discussion in those posts isn’t the “right” kind of discussion. only allowed to talk about the re-45 or a millionth post about how awful octane, wraith, and fragment are

ID: hoxo9ll

I want more discussion type posts but instead we get the easy karma bait “I hate fragment” “wraith mains sweaty” “I hate x map” posts 10 times a day.

ID: hozx9w8

Or those painful tiermaker lists

Rating legends by which tea they drink

Rating legends on how fun they are to hang out with

Rating legends on how dangerous they would be in real life

Like, what in the fuck is this shit

ID: hoyls5e

That's more an issue with the subreddit population than the mods.

A pro player posted his 30 bomb here maybe a week ago and it got like 5 upvotes. Meanwhile, "I've been grinding so hard for 2 years and finally got my first 2k badge!" hits the front page lol

ID: hoxutid

Yup, this is a big part of why I've been playing Splitgate nonstop, and even gave Hyperscape a try lol

17 : Anonymous2021/12/17 13:28 ID: howyfeh

I miss the text mute button next to the microphone button... the game is substantially better when the only contact you have with your other teammates is through the ping system.

You can't change my mind.

18 : Anonymous2021/12/17 22:18 ID: hoz5kvi

Game laggy as fuck for anyone since the hotfix? Cross playing xbone with PC and it's nearly unplayable

19 : Anonymous2021/12/18 21:20 ID: hp3c2tf

Never thought I'd say I miss Olympus but I kinda miss it. I love Worlds Edge and like Storm Point a lot but only having two maps in the rotation gets really boring really fast. Normally I can put in like 4-5 hours a day for the entire season but now with the season almost half over I'm putting in maybe 10-15 hours a week because I'm just bored out of my mind. Really wish there was at least another mode (not arenas or winter express) that I could play to spice things up for myself.

20 : Anonymous2021/12/18 23:09 ID: hp3pmwy

I am at a loss of words for the lack of brain cells from my random teammates. Fighting triple stack maste

teams is bad enough, but why put me with people that will take a zip off of high ground straight into all 3 of them just to get killed instantly?

21 : Anonymous2021/12/19 17:14 ID: hp6rd2d

Diamond Ranked is easier than pubs. I find that hilarious.

22 : Anonymous2021/12/18 20:51 ID: hp38evx

Just popping in to remind everyone to try to be nice to people on your teams. I’m in an absolutely horrible place mentally right now and was trying to play video games to get my mind off shit and for like 7 games straight people would whip their mic on when I was the last alive and just screamed at me until I died.

That is not fucking cool. Literally don’t give a fuck if it’s “part of gaming culture” and yeah I survived COD lobbies back in the day. Stop verbally abusing people that are just trying to have a good time.

That is all.

23 : Anonymous2021/12/19 05:31 ID: hp4xvzj

Cheaters back in pubs.

24 : Anonymous2021/12/19 14:15 ID: hp63v72

The lag has been unbearable since the last update. Like, I can't even land without getting code:shoe.

25 : Anonymous2021/12/19 15:40 ID: hp6ea4x

Can't play with randos without 2 packs of cigarettes next to me.

26 : Anonymous2021/12/17 22:23 ID: hoz69b6

I know I’m not alone when I say I would love to have solos.

You don’t want it? Ok then, you don’t have to play. It’s not going to replace every other mode…

I’m sure you all have a mode you “main”, and that mode will only be better off if the solo-minded players aren’t forced to be in it. Why deny their pleasure? For seconds or a minute less in queues?

If anything, the SOLO lobbies would have long queues if it’s as unpopular of an idea as you all imply it is.

To all the deniers/“find a squad”ers— It’s not that I can’t find a squad, its that after 2 years of being forced to play with randoms:others, I just WANT to play solo and go against people that are also alone.

So please, let us Solo Q players finally have a mode that we can enjoy the game in without stress of worrying about being outnumbered/handicapped with a bad team.

Please add Solos.

ID: hozkhju

solos won’t be added cuz it would completely wreck their abusive matchmaking system. much harder to have scripted matches when the bots have to actually win the thing for themselves

ID: hozx59v

Abusive is the key word. This matchmaking is more rigged than a casino during the mob days.

ID: hozexyd

No idea why solos isn't a thing already.

ID: hozakbu

Ye I really want solos. I always manage to get to the end soloing because I can catch people from a while away with long range guns, and one person is harder to spot than two, but in the last circle you are almost guaranteed to be fighting duos, as all the soloists are probably dead, and the advantage you have of being quieter and picking people off from a range is gone, and you get wrecked.

27 : Anonymous2021/12/17 21:24 ID: hoyxntm

Tried to get a friend into Apex last night. Every Pub lobby was completely full of pred and masters. What are we supposed to do with someone like him???

ID: hozbqhs

You can't play together with new players, matchmaking will put them into the experienced lobbies where you usually play. This is why my sister stopped playing, she simply cannot learn the game while playing against platinum and above leveled players every match.

She had a bit more success by playing alone with randoms but that's not fun to her, as she wanted to play with me. It's sad. The matchmaking is BS.

ID: hoz102k

Recently had the same problem, I created a smurf account, no other option. It's just for the purpose of hand holding and teaching only. Just don't even think of shooting anything, the second they get a sniff that you're remotely competent it's back to master and pred lobbies

28 : Anonymous2021/12/17 16:00 ID: hoxjooq

Was able to play one game and now I can no longer connect to the servers. Respawn…bruh…fix your fucking servers! We deserve better! There’s no excuse.

29 : Anonymous2021/12/18 03:07 ID: hp07bff

I finished collecting all the treasure packs 45/45, but i didn't get the eva-8 skin or the apex pack, do i need to wait for all the episodes to come out? or is it a bug?

30 : Anonymous2021/12/18 12:13 ID: hp1gvvx

I honestly need to get better at handling pressure in this game. Last night, my two guys got downed and I was against a whole squad knocked two of them down and I basically panicked sprayed on the last guy and I was one or two hits away from a squad wipe but I wiff and died.

31 : Anonymous2021/12/18 15:52 ID: hp23zcv

Loss Prevent is still not working.3rd random teammate never connected to the game (not visible in hero select, also not in-game) and we still full points even tho we have to 2 man in Diamond. Great....

32 : Anonymous2021/12/19 04:16 ID: hp4q4st

All you idiots using custom emojis are crashing the servers. Which are already a piece of shit.

33 : Anonymous2021/12/19 05:03 ID: hp4v4dp

I give up, u win Apex, I think I'll try next season to SoloQ to Diamond with more practice behind me to hard carry because I just don't have the skill yet to always kill all 3 every team fight in Plat3. I thought pulling a all nighter would give me enough time but everytime I get 5,800 I get pulled down by disconnects or teammates landing separate u win lol am sleeping and maybe seeing if I can sneak Plat2 before the season ends but without teammates I can work with I dont see Diamond happening.

34 : Anonymous2021/12/19 11:14 ID: hp5o8qs

Did they tweak the assist system again? I feel like the timer is no where near 7 seconds now. More like 3ish, can literally battle some one, enemy goes around the corner, dies and get nothing from it. The assist system in Apex is one of the most furiating systems I have ever seen

35 : Anonymous2021/12/19 16:21 ID: hp6jrex

Holy shit plat and ranked in general needs downranks from iv. So many smoothbrains ratt to plat then ruin games for the others.

36 : Anonymous2021/12/18 02:12 ID: hp00v2p

Gravity cannons should turn red when they are gonna launch you into zone. Had a couple newbie randoms launch themselves into the ring and kill themselves when we were top 2 lol

ID: hp03mce

That’s actually a really good idea!


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