We’re merging subreddits and some words on the drama earlier today.

1 : Anonymous2019/02/05 20:38 ID: anig1l

Hey /


Pack up! We’re moving in with /

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. I hope to see you all over there.

And just to quickly clarify at least some things about drama earlier today:

The earlier post was not a team decision. It was not approved by me (I was asleep at that time) or most of the other moderators. I am also not in anyway affiliated with the /

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team like quite some people claimed.

I created the sub right after the first rumors on the game dropped. I expected many /

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users to not be too happy about it and I just wanted a place for people and myself to share rumors, leaks and to discuss the game. I was always open to team up and addressed that over there in the first thread which came up on that topic.

I had some concerns about the independence of /

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myself and I’m all in on the idea that game subreddits should be entirely managed by the community. Most of it was due to miscommunication though and is cleared up. I’m also joining the mod team over there and they told me right upfront to call them out if there should ever be any kind of situation like that. And I will if there should ever be a reason for it.

I want to thank everybody for hanging out, even if it was only for like 4 days. Thanks to the moderators, thanks to everybody who offered to help and thanks again to /

& / for providing clips & help on the "live thread" during yesterdays reveal stream.

See you in the Canyonlands!

2 : Anonymous2019/02/05 20:39 ID: eftk1d2


3 : Anonymous2019/02/05 20:40 ID: eftk3wg

Thank you for resolving this so quickly.


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