Mad Maggie is now 12th in terms of pick rate. We’ve not even half way through the season yet. do you still think she’s balanced or in need of buffs?

1 : Anonymous2022/03/05 13:39 ID: t79nm4
Mad Maggie is now 12th in terms of pick rate. We've not even half way through the season yet. do you still think she's balanced or in need of buffs?
2 : Anonymous2022/03/05 14:00 ID: hzga5nh

Unpopular doesn't mean unbalanced. There are 20 characters, some are bound to fall to the wayside for a variety or reasons.

ID: hzgencs

Exactly. I mean look at how much the pick rate increased for Wattson just by making her free for the week

I feel like these pick rate charts will always be inaccurate until all characters are easily available. As of right now if you start a new account you could play for months and still not unlock half the roster.

ID: hzgms7h

Not to mention but we also don't know who is picking legends for a battlepass challenge or not either.

ID: hzghrxc

I played so much in season 0 that I had enough of the red tokens to unlock the whole roster to present day, despite playing significantly less in all seasons after 0. Did they used to be easier to attain? Or did I no-life this game harder than I remember?

ID: hzgjzve

This 100%.

It’s like people expect every character should have a 20% pick rate when there’s more than 5 characters in the game.

3 : Anonymous2022/03/05 13:46 ID: hzg8kim

I think she's balanced. buffing the ball or drill might make her too OP.

ID: hzgc2jz

I was hit by her ultimate and thrown off the map in ranked...

Edit: it was pubs

ID: hzgfi4t

Man I bet that guy was on cloud 9 all day after that

ID: hzgm4wn

bowling ball hitting pins sound effect

ID: hzgqz7w

I think her ball needs to do more damage than just 5, 10 or 15 seems more reasonable.

ID: hzgzfpz

If they were to buff anything, I’d say make it so she doesn’t stun herself with her own ult. It’s unpredictable by nature and it sucks when it randomly bounces back directly into your face and screws you over more than the enemies lol

4 : Anonymous2022/03/05 13:42 ID: hzg85bf

Yes, she is balanced

ID: hzgrr7r

As a matter of fact she is a game changer in many situations, but still balanced

5 : Anonymous2022/03/05 14:03 ID: hzgah4w

She's only good if you're a pusher and wanna swing first. Plus maybe people are playing the free champs we got.

ID: hzgbcjh

It's hard to really think about new players when you've been playing since day 1 so when those players see number like these for a new character they just assume everyone has unlocked her but there are way more new players now then there could ever be old consistent players

ID: hzgbpzo

Yeah exactly! She probably wouldn't be my first choice if I hadn't unlocked everyone already.

ID: hzgcdl7

her abilities can be used defensively quite well.

She’s just a decent all-rounder which seems kinda boring to most when they consider how some legends are cracked at one specific thing and that one thing is easy and fun as hell to play with

Her Tact requires prediction and same with ult. Shotguns being a high skill weapon in apex also means people see part of her passive as not that useful.

All in all shes good for good players with gamesense, meh for people who still have room for improvement (but they’re gonna be meh at almost every legend) so I think she released almost perfectly. Just need to fix bugs on the ult exploding early or only after one bounce even when there’s no enemy in its path.

ID: hzgcwjk

Yeah of course if you're creative enough defending with her is easy. Also the fact that she can slide full speed with a PK is nuts, but new players wouldn't understand how good that is. Don't worry I think she's perfect the way she is, a truely balanced champ on release.

ID: hzh9nh3

It's really satisfying to see someone trying to climb into your building get yeeted off with you ult.

ID: hzgs6p8

yeah her kit is not beginner friendly at all

ID: hzh3z3p

Yeah I think it's a matter of people not knowing how to play her well. Hell I'm not even sure if I'm playing her well but what I DO know is that I win fairly often running dual mastiff and playing super aggro... and the most fun part is when an opposing party runs into a building and closes the door, I just yeet my ult through that door and start blasting at their confused and slowed faces. If only her voice/lines weren't so grating. The biggest pottymouth in the game doesn't do much more than calling everyone an egg...?!

ID: hzh6nq5

Idc what she says. My problem is the fact that she never shuts the fuck up. Literally like 5 voice lines every minute

6 : Anonymous2022/03/05 13:59 ID: hzga0gb

I think posts like this are pointless.

People need to start picking characters that fit how they play. The characters don't play themselves. I've come up against her abilities and she can be just as much a pain in the arse as any other character in the hands of a GOOD PLAYER who understands her abilities.

ID: hzght49

Not only is it pointless but its so damn repeptitive. I swear I have seen this exact post 20x + this season

ID: hzh39a6

You have. I swear I see people karmawhore this subject on a daily basis and it's getting annoying. If it isn't someone on Reddit, it's someone on Twitter

ID: hzgck67

I agree. Especially since we are at the point where we have 20 legends. I now look at legends as “tools in a toolbox.” You pick the one needed for your play style.

ID: hzgk5q3

Posts like these just kinda seem like karma farming to me tbh.

ID: hzhk01y

I think posts like this are pointless.

particularly since there's aren't the real pickrates: they're a sample from an unrepresentative group of players.

7 : Anonymous2022/03/05 13:43 ID: hzg87th

Everyone doesn't have her unlocked.

ID: hzg940v

This most likely. Also since she is balanced, people won't pick her over the overpowered especially in ranked

ID: hzgf095

Bunker comp has been pretty popular lately in ranked. I appreciate having a good Maggie/Fuse who can hard counter the building campers

ID: hzgdk00

This season also gave our 3 free legends for newcomers so they might’ve found their new mains

8 : Anonymous2022/03/05 14:03 ID: hzgagtz

She's all I've played this season... Super fun and seems balanced, probably gonna be my new main

ID: hzgp93y

Same, she can just do a little of everything and its so comfortable plus flying around at mach 1 with a shotgun is awesone

9 : Anonymous2022/03/05 13:54 ID: hzg9fvz

I don’t find her fun to play myself for my style, but she’s decently balanced, and I’m surprised people don’t play fuse more the knuckle clusters are super good

ID: hzge3ax

Stacking grenades and being able to launch them is also pretty great.

ID: hzgft3b

Fuse is very likely the most fun non-mobility legend to play as, and he's so likeable as a character. You know, back on salvo they called him the grenade-o tornado.

ID: hzghwt6


ID: hzgf8a3

As someone who mains Fuse and really likes Maggie they both kinda have similar jobs: Get people out of cover then punish them for it, Maggie is just the more aggressive close range version. And I feel like that is super undervalued in general.

10 : Anonymous2022/03/05 14:09 ID: hzgb5pu

I personally love playing Shotguns and Snipers in general so I love her passive and kit, which is why I main her.

But she immediately becomes boring when you don't feel like running a shotgun

11 : Anonymous2022/03/05 14:08 ID: hzgazv0

Maggie isn't bad, people just either dont have her or are using Octane Wattson or Valkyrie

12 : Anonymous2022/03/05 14:18 ID: hzgc7a9

She’s balanced and really fun. I’m guessing she’s not that popular because people don’t like her design/voice, or don’t like using shotguns. I love shotguns in apex and run one every game so Maggie is amazing for me.

13 : Anonymous2022/03/05 14:00 ID: hzga623

Her pick rate is “low” bc not everyone has her unlocked, she doesn’t need any balance changes

ID: hzgv0hc

Also, might I add, everyone hasn't unlocked her because she isn't a meta changing power creep like past legends....and that's ok. Every new legend does have to run the table during the season their introduced. Some legends are mere "pieces to the puzzle"

ID: hzh12gm

Yeah people are acting like it's a crisis when the new legend isn't overpowered like Seer on release. It's okay to have a new legend just be sorta middling. I think she might even be better for Arenas than BR. I give her a shot on Phase Runner a lot because her tactical is well suited to getting people out from behind the boxes on the Phase Runner side and the ult is great to roll down that bridge. If I on controller hadn't totally avoided using shotguns 95% of the time I'd probably be way more excited about her.

14 : Anonymous2022/03/05 14:22 ID: hzgclr3

She balanced but boring imo. Her tactical is time consuming if you’re in a situation where you have to aim it perfectly. Her passive is rather quick. It helps if you’re in Bangalore’s smoke but other than that not really. Her ultimate is fine. Idk I just have more fun with the others

15 : Anonymous2022/03/05 13:56 ID: hzg9piz

I think it's because it forces you to use a certain loadout it limits her usefulness

16 : Anonymous2022/03/05 14:00 ID: hzga5ke

I think she’s pretty balanced. She’s fun but she’s not like otherworldly or anything. But there are better legends for either trying to go sweaty or to have fun. I mean pathfinder, octane, and valk all fit in both the sweaty and fun category pretty well. Maggie is good and all, but she’s not better or more fun than some of the classics

17 : Anonymous2022/03/05 14:35 ID: hzge3kl

To be quite honest I just don't think she's ever going to be up there. He was ult is for open spaces but tactical requires opposing team to have cover and passive is movement as well as ult but only for shotguns, and a scan that really doesn't do much. She's just very circumstantial, she's not as versatile as really most other legends.

But that being said her tactical in my opinion could use a buff.

18 : Anonymous2022/03/05 19:17 ID: hzhgwme

She needs two tactical charges just like Fuse....her Ult is kind of garbage too but I haven't a clue what to do about it, slightly more damage if scoring a direct hit maybe.


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2 years ago

In my personal opinion I think she needs buffed and the way I suggest is simply give her a sec drill to throw and make her ult where you can set it off rather then just throwing it and praying it bounces the players you intend to hit. My reasoning being her tactical is of no real use if there is no cover and even then unless you know where there at so I feel give her at least 2 to 3 to throw out there as for the ult it’s damage is garbage but that isn’t the point the unpredictable tosses make it almost entirely useless if there not in your face and even then it still doesn’t guarantee it will explode and when it does you and your team get bounced as well.make to have a way
To detonate it your self this would at least put her on a even playing field with other legends.

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