Gibralters shield hud

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Gibralters shield hud
2 : Anonymous2019/03/05 12:28 ID: ehu36ph

Yellow arrows - The blue shield color changes to white when its low health

Red circles - The upper bar is divided into blocks. This indicates remaining health of the shield.

The lower solid bar will deplete when the shield is destroyed or damaged and will refill. When it refills fully the shield health will be reset whether it was fully broken or just damaged.

Shield cells or batteries will recharge the shield.

The shield has 50 total health but blocks excess damage from a shot that breaks the shield. (Kraber does 125 the shield will block 125 and break.)

Excess damage blocked is only for the 1 bullet that breaks the shield. If you block a shotgun shot you will block enough pellets to break the shield and the rest will go through.

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