So hyped for apex on switch. Will people play it in cross-platform or turn it off for switch vs switch action?

1 : Anonymous2021/02/05 20:44 ID: ldgssk

So eager for switch and some apex action. Switch has kept me so happy now this my mind is blown.. truly. SWITCH 4 LIFE LOL

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2 : Anonymous2021/02/05 21:31 ID: gm5w4rw

I will mostly have crossplay off for equal advantage so we won't have to fight higher fps ps4 and Xbox players

3 : Anonymous2021/02/22 21:24 ID: godwivl

Cross when my friends are on. Probably off otherwise. I imagine we will be at a big disadvantage unless there’s serious aim assist or something.

4 : Anonymous2021/02/06 04:38 ID: gm78v2b

Can you even turn cross-play off? I thought console lobbies were the same now. (And if you can turn it off, will your lobbies even fill?) Personally I really hope that Switch has its own lobbies and it only throws you into cross play if you’re partnered up with someone on PS/Xbox. Seems horrendously unfair to put people playing on a Switch Lite into the same lobby as someone on a PS5 or Series X by default!

5 : Anonymous2021/02/17 23:20 ID: gntmxid

They have skilled base match making so you should be good

6 : Anonymous2021/02/06 00:07 ID: gm6fbmr

I feel I will get frustrated playing on the switch screen

ID: godwn3e

But at least you can play it anywhere!


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