Bloodhounds Eye

1 : Anonymous2019/02/28 02:28 ID: avlr2n

Anyone have an idea of the limit of Bloodhound's eye of the allfather? I know it doesn't pulse in a circle only in front but anyone one know how far in front?

2 : Anonymous2019/02/28 16:47 ID: ehhgtug

Hmm, good question. I would have figured about 20 metres but I don't know for sure.

Also, didn't realise it was only in front! Always assumed it was a circle. Thanks for that.

ID: ehhska0

No worries lol 20m sounds about right tho, which isn't far. I was playing last night and my squad and I were in the hangars. A supply drop landed on top of the roof across from us and someone popped smoke so I used the eye and it didn't see the enemy I saw jumping in front of me onto a ledge. I don't know if it's cuz he avoided the pulse by jumping but I just don't think the scan goes out very far.


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