We are merging with /r/ApexUniversity. Subreddit will be closed from Friday

1 : Anonymous2019/03/06 07:31 ID: axw6eo

As we both follow the same function, /

has suggested we merge with / and become stronger as we combine our user base and posts.

Thanks to everyone for their support, the great posts and their patience as we dealt with teething issues.

2 : Anonymous2019/03/06 07:41 ID: ehwjeql

for everyone who wants to click over

ID: ehwpp2m

Sorry forgot to put it in the title post - thanks!

3 : Anonymous2019/03/06 08:43 ID: ehwlqie

I hope this will make for the best solution and result in a stronger and better community. Thank you /

for accepting my proposal. 🙂

4 : Anonymous2019/03/06 17:54 ID: ehxjhgo


ID: ehxp9ef

Thanks 🙂 to you and the others that helped make it an interesting subreddit.

5 : Anonymous2019/03/07 00:19 ID: ehyibv0

Hand of the Allfather, give me your strength to pat the mods on the back.

6 : Anonymous2019/03/07 07:24 ID: ehzai4o

Thanks, good to see some consolidation.

7 : Anonymous2019/03/07 00:00 ID: ehygtth

What about the sub name tho?

is easier to find

ID: ehzbda5

Yeah but hopefully (eventually) the main subreddit will have a link in its sidebar to /

. I asked a couple times but they were too busy dealing with the huge increase in members, and growing their new sub, which is fair enough.


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