ALGS Championship guaranteed qualification through points OT4 Update!

1 : Anonymous2021/03/08 13:04 ID: m0f9c7

Hello again! With OT4 concluded, locking in a lot more teams for playoffs I figured I'd do some math again, to update which teams have a guaranteed slot for the championship.

Please note that this is calculated through the points tracked from Liquipedia, if EA has any differences due to whatever reason, it could still be off. But I'm fairly certain with the wikis way of tracking 🙂

EMEA (9 Slots total available)
Nessy (Graceful, Maydeelol, Jmw)
Gambit Esports (Hardecki, Artyco, Leogri3x6)
Third Impact (Jaazzaz, ziki, BallonG)
MCD (Mande, Taisheen, rpr)
Alliance (Hakis, Vaifs, iPN-k0u)
FlavorOfTheMonth (Pjeh, Noth, Taylor)
Totem Esports (JSavageW, Amaazz, ShRP)

If a team like Luminosity qualifies through the LCQ, they should also be certain.

NA (9 Slots total available)
Complexity Gaming (Monsoon, Reptar, iShiny)
TSM (ImperialHal, Snip3down, Reps)
NRG (Nafen, Rocker, Sweetdreams)
SolaFide (Resultuh, Gentrifyinq, Dezignful)
Team Liquid (Albralelie, oh Nocturnal, Flanker)
MouseAndKeyboard (Frexs, Xenial, Claraphi)
Peanut Butter Sandwiches (PowPow, Bowswer, Sauceror)

Roster swaps with the LCQ could shake things up at the bottom half, however, if CLG performs well they should also be fairly certain

GSEA (5 Slots available)
Tom Yum Kung (Dexter, Chambers, Killoposz)
Reignite South (Tempplex, Genburten, Zer0)
INVATE Esports (G0PGAP, Lalab4ng), SaiyajinGOD)
WOLFPACK ARCTIC (Twizy, Zaratass, Kisanss)

Teams like DreaFire, Inside The Ring, Golden Cat are all qualified for playoffs, and fairly close to each other, so a fight for that 5th spot arises (do note that if a GSEA team gets top 3, that does also free up slots)

ANZ (2 Slots available)
REJECT (Emtee, Prycyy, Sharky)
EXO Clan (Jaro, Rakiii, ThePlayer_K)

Japan (4 Slots available)
JUPITER VEGA (t23tatsu, JIGEN, SudetakiN)
Reignite North (788, DizzyMizlizyy, sano874)
SunSister God (shomaru7, Anemone, MUSCLE)
Team EGG (Ftyan, Lejetta, saku)

Since the top 4 qualified for playoffs, they will be able to maintain their lead over the teams below them regardless of the outcome, securing themselves a slot.

Korea (2 Slots available)
T1 (Obly, KaronPe, Parkha)
FENNEL Korea (JungHee, Dogma, Minseong)

If Hybrid Eclipse Arise doesn't qualify for the playoffs or performs far enough under Crazy Raccoon if they'd do. And T1/FENNEL Korea gets top 2, Crazy Raccoon could also gain the ALGS slot that way. Otherwise, they'll have to simply get top 2.

1907 Fenerbace Esports (LDraconian, PinkyFinkyTinky, Cathryan)
ATK (Chambie, DaStwika, WhysoFriendly)

Technically, ATK isn't fully secured yet, if Team HLDC qualifies through the mixed EMEA LCQ with their current roster, they could still surpass them. However, going by historical results of MEA teams in European tournaments. I'm willing to call this guaranteed (Pls no flame)

South America
Flying High eSports (Wolfx, Neokox, Trabz)
Paradox Esports (ArtiNN1, Besk9, N3LAS)
Loto Gaming (Denpride, evzy, Kr0noz)

Qualification overview page:

So to conclude,

The LCQ is quite important in some regions, given that some teams absolutely need those ALGS points to come into contention for the lower half of the slots.
The Playoffs itself will be very interesting in terms of who qualifies directly, as it could be someone that can't be guaranteed through points, but if a team with enough points also qualifies directly it also frees up those ALGS slots.

2 : Anonymous2021/03/08 13:36 ID: gq7iahz

Do the spots filled by ALGS points happen before or after the LCQ? Basically, if a team is going to qualify for playoffs on ALGS points are they not allowed to compete in LCQ like the teams with guaranteed spots? I've been a bit confused on that point

ID: gq7iv9y

So for the Playoffs itself, the teams that qualify based on Winter Points are checked after OT4, so they can't participate in the Winter LCQ.

From my understanding, once the playoffs is played, you'll have the top x that directly quals for the championship, followed by the teams as ranked by total ALGS points.

After that there's still an LCQ for the championship, I haven't checked the rulebook exactly, but same should apply that qualified teams can't compete in there.

(Unless they really wanna shuffle their entire roster)

3 : Anonymous2021/03/08 13:45 ID: gq7ja6l

Can you go a little bit more in the specifics on what FL (Pinotr, Curihara, Momon) and CR need to do to qualify for the championship?

So to clarify, depending on how HE:A does in the winter circuit CR may or may not be able to qualify just through points?

And if HE:A does well then CR must qualify through WC playoff placings or the LCQ?

For FL can they only qualify through playoff placings and LCQ?

It would just be such a shame if two of the best teams in APAC North don't make it to LAN.

ID: gq7k76m

So in FENNEL's case, they're too far behind in points to make it in based on the ALGS point slots, even if two Japanese teams directly qualify, they wouldn't be able to climb high enough.
So they either have to get top 2 in the playoffs to directly qual, or get 1st in the Championship LCQ.

For the case of Crazy Raccoon, the same applies that they have to get top 2 to directly qualify.
Currently, they are 1,195 points behind HE:A, if HE:A doesn't make Playoffs in the upcoming WC LCQ, they'll be able to surpass them with ease, putting them in third on the Korean rankings.
If HE;A does make it to playoffs, they need to finish 16 places higher than HE;A in order to surpass that gap, so for example, CR finishes 4th, HE:A finished 20th.
(A bit of a hard scenario to pull of, but it could be possible)

4 : Anonymous2021/03/08 14:02 ID: gq7l6mo

CLG should be in like 99% chance. They can only be passed by Sentinels and MST and would need both to pass them to fall to 10th, and then need 5 teams behind them in the standings to get the 5 auto qualified spots to stay in 10th for points.

ID: gq7ln2x

Correct, there is also still a chance for some other teams to have some funky roster swaps for the LCQ, and I'd rather not call it if there are some things that could be surpassable. But they should be fairly safe indeed

ID: gq8nle9

Yeah they’re pretty much 100% guaranteed. There’s no way 1/7 teams already qualed through points doesn’t get top 5 in Winter Playoffs.

5 : Anonymous2021/03/08 14:34 ID: gq7ozx6

If a team qualified for playoffs are they allowed to change a player for playoffs?

ID: gq7y4ff

From the rulebook regarding qualification;

- After qualifying through this method, Teams are required to register for the WC Playoffs with the same Competitors, not including the Substitute Player (if any), from their qualifying roster

6 : Anonymous2021/03/08 17:08 ID: gq89xtw

I am really interested to see what happens with CLG after the Winter Circuit. PowPow has seemed to flourish with a new team and is being really consistent.

7 : Anonymous2021/03/08 17:24 ID: gq8c4xy

I'm so confused. Are the playoffs different from them championship? In a different post I saw Wallie Catchers qualified for something (NA). What I'd that compared to this?

ID: gq8exaz

The playoffs are the ending tournaments of the Winter circuit in each region, which will still be held online.

The championship is the big event to conclude the first ALGS year, which features a one million dollar prizepool, and teams from all the regions. (So most likely a LAN event)

8 : Anonymous2021/03/08 17:43 ID: gq8eyaq

This ALGS system is honestly a bit confusing to me. To my understanding, Crazy Racoon qualified for the playoffs in the Winter Circuit #2. Am I missing something here? Is this supposed to be a different playoffs we are talking about here?

ID: gq8ffoa

What I'm referring to is the ALGS Championship, which will be a one-million-dollar event featuring teams from all regions. (So likely also a LAN event). The championship is essentially also the concluding event for the first year of the ALGS.

The playoffs is a big tournament to wrap up the winter circuit. Playoffs are still held within the own respective regions.

9 : Anonymous2021/03/08 18:18 ID: gq8k06k

YouLikeThatMate (Teq's) team was disqualified because two people left? Who left besides Kruhmmy?

ID: gq8kjyk

OT4 is the roster lock, and to retain the slot a team still needed to be locked with the core of 2 Pickett was signed up in EU, TeQ was with Flash Point and Kruhmmy was also playing with another squad.

10 : Anonymous2021/03/08 18:34 ID: gq8mahl

If I'm reading it right You have Alliance as qualifying through ALGS point but they havent.

ID: gq8mr15

This is not for the Winter Circuit Playoffs, this is for the Championship.Alliance has secured enough points in order to not be surpassed by other teams, and wouldn't be able to drop under 9th in the rankings

11 : Anonymous2021/03/08 18:48 ID: gq8obb6

OK so at this point Mac has to be actually officially picked up by Liquid sometime soon.

12 : Anonymous2021/03/08 17:30 ID: gq8cyvq


ID: gq8faj3

Selly had like zero ALGS points until two tournies ago since he took a break before the OTs started. Fennel is a relatively newcomer to the scene when compared with the other people on the list and that's why they fall short on pts as well. They started showing up at around the Autum Circuit, if I'm not mistaken.

ID: gq8enja

They still have a chance, these are simply the slots for the algs point rankings. They can still qualify by getting top 2 in playoffs, or through the lcq. (And there's some slim chances for the point ways)


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