Pilots are terrifying

1 : Anonymous2021/03/08 07:09 ID: m0a8r0

Look. I know that the TF wiki says that they are just peak human, but with the shit we've seen them do that's just impossible. I think it's a similar situation to how Batman and other Marvel&DC characters are peak human but straight up do superhuman shit on a daily basis. Here's some feats for pilots

Wallrunning. It may not seem like much, but it is. Wallrunning means that their jumpkit will be pushing against them with a force equal to their weight. If a pilot weighs 80Kg it would be like having a another version of themselves pushing on them sideways for every second of them wallrunning.

We also see pilots overpower spectres, specifically second model spectres(identifiable by their box head and lack of eyes), which we also see in the fighnight trailer being able to pick up pathfinder like a pillow and yeet him, and pathfinder weighs 430kg(or 4800donuts).We also gear grunts talk about speking spectres rip off people's limbs, which requires 4500Kg of force. Hell, we even see spectres rip out a grunt's heart in certain interactions, or take a kick to the face from a grunt and not even flinch.

With that în mind, în the Tf1 trailer we flat out see a pilot kill a spectre with a single kick to the chest (without using their jumpkit). That would mean that kick was able to crack their depleted uranium coated ceramic armor™(which according to grunts make their R101s look like peashooters) and damage their Power source. We also see them gun butt the spectre so hard their neck snaps, which is made of tungsten carbide(which requires a minimum of 340MPa to break.).

Pilots in TF1 can twist eachother's neck 180 degrees.To snap someone's neck and result in instant death, it would mean a pilot can generate at least 500kg(1200pounds)of force, with their wrists(

In TF|2 we see pilots flat out decapitate eachother with punches, or in the stim execution, we see a pilot punch at over 36 times a second(

Some Pilots can finish the gauntlet, which is ~300m în length in 15 seconds or less(I really doubt a simulation accurate enough fro training, which actually allows pilots to kill each other(the glitch is a part of the gauntlet) would allow pilots to nade boost.that would mean pilots can achieve an average speed of 20m/s(72km/h, or 45mph) and shoot targets with full accuracy, and do so in a simulation, which is a zero stres enviroment.Just imagine how fucking fast they are with andernaline pumping in their veins.We also see our pilot in the TF|1 trailer Dodge debree in slow motion with ease.

2 : Anonymous2021/03/08 07:33 ID: gq6t9pm

I wouldn't take that stuff too seriously. Wraith picked up and threw Caustic in the air in the original Launch Trailer; Ĺoba kicked a Stalker down with just her heels; I'm sure if you do the calculations, you can conclude that Wraith and Loba have superhuman strength. Rampart carries Sheila, and all of Sheila's ammo, on her back, constantly, and she runs like a normal person. That's not possible for normal humans either.

Feats of superhuman strength, for any character, is just for cinematic purposes.

Pilots are just well trained grunts. Without their Pilot gear or their Titan, there shouldn't be much difference between a Pilot and a Legend. Bangalore's brother, Jackson, is a Pilot and the Williams siblings are supposed to be equals.

ID: gq6tvgq

You mean kicked the stalkers after shooting it a few times?

ID: gq7a1sm

You are forgetting the nanite theory, cooper was injected with something that gave him better heath recovery and strength. Before that he was just a grunt, it wasn't until he got the injection and the pilot gear he became "the pilot" I just assumed all the legends had been given a modified version of it seeing as blisk also is a pilot and no doubt had the same injection/treatment. Wraith was a senior science pilot, no doubt she was given the full treatment, but they could have suppressed it while experimenting on her. It's an endless loop of what it's and maybes until it's confirmed. I just have the headcannon that everyone is in equivalent physical shape of a pilot without the full treatment and that was intentional by blisk, otherwise it wouldn't be as interesting of a fight if every died in a few seconds.

ID: gq7a22h

Wraith was also a science pilot. Loba kicking down a stalker is still not superhuman. That kick should have generated at least 5000N, if a stalker weighs 500Kg.A profesional athelet can generate up to 9000N with a kick. Actually lower than that, since she kicked it about 80cm about it's centre of weight so the force applied would be increased because of that. And the fact that a group of stalkers got killed by at best 5 rounds each proves they weren't operating well, since în TF2 you can see 50 casings dumped next to a stalker's corpse in the Beacon mission

ID: gq755ji

Their training results in 98% of recruits dying. They can overpower killing macines through brute strength. They are so valuable even one can turn the tides of a battle.Saying that they're just grunts with better training is a gross understatement. They have millions of dollars in gear because they're so good at killing shit, not the other way around.Are you seriously trying to tell me that Octane or Mirage are comparabile to pilots?

3 : Anonymous2021/03/08 14:16 ID: gq7mpo3

Today I learned that I weigh 1,066 donuts. I wholeheartedly endorse this delicious unit of mass.

4 : Anonymous2021/03/08 12:44 ID: gq7dasa

Yeah Pilots are the real deal. Some of them event have cybernetics and enhancements to help their abilities, not to mention many pilots are fucking Simulacrums.

5 : Anonymous2021/03/08 13:00 ID: gq7eqfm

"Wallrunning" "Speed" "15 seconds"

Legends like Octane and Bangalore are pretty sure to know that. One does anything to attain best speeds and broke Gauntlet records, was compared to Sherlock by writers in that he doesn't care or know about things outside his interest, but when he cares, he's very smart about it. Jumpkits fall right in that category

And Bangalore's probably Titan Pilot certified since she trained explicitly for that with Jackson in Pathfinder's Quest

6 : Anonymous2021/03/08 13:27 ID: gq7hcf6


7 : Anonymous2021/03/08 12:52 ID: gq7dz0z

Pathfinder is 430kg (4800 donuts for the americans)

ID: gq7ougw

I thought that was the measurement for weight in 'murica

8 : Anonymous2021/03/08 19:23 ID: gq8t5q2

Not to mention stamina. Like thry are running and jumping around full speed in full armour and with 3 GUNS, taht shits gotta be heavy. And they are running full speed 17 mph or whatever for 15 MINUTES STRAIGHT! Like god damn if that isn't superhuman stamina then idk what is


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