Monster Hunter Rise – Kamura’s Hope Trailer

1 : Anonymous2021/03/08 14:51 ID: m0h9td
Monster Hunter Rise - Kamura's Hope Trailer
2 : Anonymous2021/03/08 18:34 ID: gq8m7th

do these MH trailers ever resonate with non-fans?

i have probably a thousand hours in the series and seeing all the new monsters and weapon moves excites me, but i feel like it must go straight over your head if you haven't played MH.

it really doesn't help that all the rise trailers have had that extremely obnoxious combat yelling and the even more stilted than usual voice acting.

the marketing for MHW, especially early on, came off a lot better than usual and i understand why it appealed to new players. but gen, XX, and rise marketing felt like they put hardly any effort into growing the playerbase.

ID: gq8ruhc

The World/Iceborne marketing definitely made an effort to be more appealing to the global audience.

Rise as a whole is a love-letter to the core Japanese MH audience - the localization seems to be more of a secondary concern. For example, there's some English text in the demo (one of the Long Sword's move descriptions in the Hunter's Notes) that was straight up copied from Iceborne, failing to reflect a mechanic change in Rise (whether or not the Iai Spirit Slash spends meter level). In the Japanese version, the text describes it correctly.

In another example, in a certain promo image set, the English description of the wirebug boost skill is extremely vague, whereas the Japanese text has a much better explanation.

And I agree, the English voice acting they've shown so far is also kind of cringeworthy. World wasn't a pinnacle of vocal performance, but it was serviceable. Rise just feels awkward. I can barely listen to the "gruff village elder" lines without groaning.

That said, the gameplay looks fantastic. Gonna sink a lot of hours into this game, though I may have to switch the voices to the gibberish MH language to save my sanity.

Edit: also, another example of seemingly lazy localization, they reused the "Apex" label for the Rampage bosses. The Japanese version uses a different word than 4U did for their Apex system, just seems dumb to potentially confuse the English-speaking players like that.

3 : Anonymous2021/03/08 16:01 ID: gq80bit

They keep trying to add a story to these games but it isn't really in the spirit of the core gameplay.

ID: gq82bzx

I mean, they gotta have something in there to tell you why you're going to be sent to kill all these monsters. Capcom knows the game isn't about the story, I don't think they actually divert resources in failed attempts to improve the story that make other parts of the game suffer.

ID: gq81784

It 100% is a core part. Every single game has had a core story of "protect this place from this unknown thing". The stories might not be insanely deep but its definitely nice that we get more justification than just "kill thing". 4u was the first game iirc that really had cutscenes and characters besides the main characters and it was a decent story with good set piece fights, like Gore on the boat.

ID: gq8cfjw

Story gives me a good sense of pacing. I've played earlier games in the series and then played World, and the difference is that I feel a greater sense of progress as the situation changes and it feels a lot less repetitive because of it. Like I'm reaching towards an end-goal and the game felt a lot less repetitive because of that. Even a bad story with metal cutscenes I would prefer over no story I think.

I agree that they should let you skip cutscenes and that it shouldn't impede in MP though.

ID: gq87vhm

It's better that they try and eventually land on a good story then never try.

Not trying doesn't mean we get more content it means there's just no writers.

That being said, 4U's low rank village story was still pretty good when it happened.

ID: gq84c2c

They've had story in MH before some features people would claim defines MH.

It most certainly is a core part of the games.

ID: gq8lioa

you can say that about most games but I think if you removed the story (even if its pretty shit), you would like the game significantly less.

ID: gq8ea1g

Depending on how it's implemented, I wouldn't say it's an impediment to the core gameplay. Trying to do multiplayer in World was definitely annoying, but IMO comparing 4u single player to Gen single player certainly shows that even a tiny bit of story does help. Is 4u's story an amazing epic? No, but I think it's enjoyable enough, and doesn't get in the way at all. Gen has next to no story in the single player comparatively and does mostly just feel like grinding monsters (which to be fair is still a blast).

ID: gq8i0w4

Idk man, I've been playing since Tri and at least since then there has been a story

4 : Anonymous2021/03/08 17:48 ID: gq8fowu

With frenzy mentioned and confirmed Apex versions of monsters does that mean that gore magala is coming back?

I was surprised he wasn't in World because he is super popular and most people think MH4U is the best entry in the franchise

ID: gq8geky


The "Apex" term used for the lead monster is different in Japan. It does not mean Apex like in MH4.

Also Frenzied as mentioned in the trailer refers to something else.

That something else is not confirmed as of now.


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