Free coaching/vod review for people looking for their first win or just trying to improve in general from a competitive gaming veteran

1 : Anonymous2019/02/28 02:49 ID: avlxzk

After playing tons of hours with my friends and randoms I noticed that the majority of people lose games because they lack general game understanding (positioning, weapon choice, right timing to engage and disengage and so on) and not because they have bad aim. It is very easy to get wins in battle royale games even as a mediocre player since you don't have to rely on your 1vs1 skills. I managed to get over a hundred wins in the last two weeks and noticed that randoms often compliment me on my "insane aim" (which it really isn't) but completly ignore my positioning or just don't understand why it is so easy for me in certain situations to dominate my enemies.

As a result I decided that I want to give coaching a try and hope to find some people who send me youtube links of their recorded games ( []( at least 720p 30fps) so I can comment on them and put them back on youtube.

Thank you so much!

(My background: I am playing fps games competitivly for over a decade now, I am hovering around the master rank in overwatch since beta, I have relatively consistent 30 points in the fortnite pop up cups, about a thousand hours in team fortress 2 and played about every other major fps game since cs 1.6)

2 : Anonymous2019/02/28 05:09 ID: ehge2c8

Hey please share your youtube account. Thanks

3 : Anonymous2019/02/28 05:33 ID: ehgfic4

As soon as I figure out how to record something I will take you up on this very very generous offer. I need all the help I can get.

ID: ehhyx5n

Was thinking exactly the same...

4 : Anonymous2019/02/28 04:18 ID: ehgari8

Thats really nice of you, actually suprised at the lack of comments.

5 : Anonymous2019/03/01 15:40 ID: ehk65vs

Extremely generous of you to do this for free. I'm going to look through my VODs and find a good game for this.

6 : Anonymous2019/03/05 07:04 ID: ehtqv6b

Do you do live coaching?

7 : Anonymous2019/04/10 17:03 ID: ekk61sn

I would love to take you up on this offer. I play on the PS4, and I noticed that I have terrible game sense, positioning and not knowing the right time or right way to engage.

Please let me know if you're still taking submissions


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