What was it like building your first gaming pc? What advice would you give?

1 : Anonymous2021/03/07 19:29 ID: lzxpn2

I’m trying to start building a pc. I’m looking for components and I have no prior experience or knowledge so I’m worried that I’ll have trouble building it. Any advice would be appreciated!

2 : Anonymous2021/03/07 23:53 ID: gq5lrkd

Start with the CPU and choose the rest of the parts from that choice. Mobo with the right socket and a recent chipset that enables all the features of your CPU. RAM based on the speeds the CPU supports (not gonna break the system if it's different, though). Always buy ram in a kit; don't buy two kits (ie: 2 separate 2x8g kits for a total of four 8 gig sticks, buy a 4x8g) and use them together, it might work it might not. (companies test the four sticks to guarantee they work together.) If your mobo is set up so two ram slots work in tandem with each other, you'll get better performance by filling each pair of slots.

PSU should be from a reputable brand only; it is the one component that has the power to fry your entire system. I have had good luck with high end corsair, but do your research. You don't need a 1000 watt PSU. Use a calculator and give yourself a little overhead for USB devices. (I personally go 200 over, and that's probably excessive, but I like a safe margin.)

Hard drives and GPU are independent of the other components; any brand works with any rig (barring PSU not being big enough for a GPU). I recommend samsung SSDs; a 1tb M2 drive for your boot drive is wonderful, and the prices have come down. Failing that, a SATA SSD is fine. I cannot say I would recommend a spin drive even for storage at this point.

GPUs are an utter bitch right now. It has been so bad ever since bitcoin. The prices shot through the roof and they sell out. Now it's scalpers. IMO get yourself on EVGA's waitlists; they take months but it's a solid backup plan to trying to get your own stock. Worst case scenario you pass when it's your turn if you found one. Take what you can get, we don't get to be picky about brand lol. ._.;

One note on monitors: If it is a freesync monitor, you need an AMD card. If it is a gsync monitor, you need Nvidia. It's dumb, but they only work with their branded cards. This tech just makes it so the GPU controls the refresh rate of the monitor to match FPS to eliminate all screen tearing. THis is a very nice feature, so don't miss it if you shell out for a monitor with either Xsync in it.

RGB makes it perform better, it is known.

It's really not hard to actually build, just be gentle with the components and be sure to firmly seat the RAM and GPU. the CPU will set in very gently, no pressure needed. The heatsink for the CPU will crank right on.

IMO the trickiest part is just applying thermal paste, as there are many ways to potentially do it and everyone swears by a different one, but odds are high you can skip that the first go-round, as most CPU coolers come with preapplied thermal paste.

I dunno I've been building mine for over 10 years now. The first time was definitely scary for me! lol. I was young and it was a lot of money for me, so I went to my cousins and asked him to watch me and stop me if he saw me doing something wrong. I just wanted someone experienced to be there the first time lol. I didn't actually end up needing him, but it made me feel better to know he wouldn't let me fuck up! xD

If you have any specific questions, lemme know!

ID: gq69i3y

Soo I’m so confused about the names of each component. There are like multiple names for each and when searching for them, I get so confused on which is which. Also I had no idea there were different types of monitors. From my understanding there were different hz and curved or non curved but I never heard of gsync and freesync

3 : Anonymous2021/03/07 20:20 ID: gq4tklr

Wait a year or two. Components are *impossible* to find currently (mostly due to scalpers)

ID: gq50cvp

I’ve actually been able to find almost everything I want except for a video card. But everything is so expensive

4 : Anonymous2021/03/07 23:50 ID: gq5ldid

Make a general list of everything you are wanting and price check FREQUENTLY! Don’t let anyone make you feel like you need the newest components for your rig. There are plenty of older parts that do the job JUST fine. When building, take advantage of YouTube! I’ve built several, and tbh can probably do it in my sleep, but I always go back and double check to make sure everything is installed correctly the first time. Take your time. The first one is always the most stressful.

ID: gq69o08

But how do I know if pretty decently priced parts are even good? I always see reviews of good and bad while the more expensive ones have better reviews. Because I don’t really plan on building another pc after this one for years and years so I want it to last long

5 : Anonymous2021/03/08 02:31 ID: gq62v8z

I know that currently GPU's are nearly impossible to get right now for an actually reasonable price. Do you have a friend or someone who may be selling theirs? That's what my situation is currently. I have a coworker whose husband is selling me his for its actual price.

I also recommend PC Part Picker! That'll help a ton!

ID: gq69ad2

Someone gave me their old stuff almost two years ago. For personal reasons, I want to get rid of it all and have my own equipment. I would also want to build it myself eventually because I feel it’s knowledge I should know anyway for the future


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