Can anyone recommend top tier console streamers?

1 : Anonymous2019/02/27 00:17 ID: av6ofz

I've been watching Tollis ever since I saw he got a 31 kill solo game, but I'm not sure how to find other console players to watch who are top notch. Any recommendations?

2 : Anonymous2019/03/05 09:05 ID: ehtvf5v

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3 : Anonymous2019/03/16 03:33 ID: ein15wj

JamesFearless ranked #2 in the world for kills plays on PS4.

CalamitiTV ranked #36 in the world for kills plays on PS4 as well & very helpful I’ve been asking him questions all day & he will actually demonstrate & show you tips in game.

There not very big streamers & typically have low view counts so they are very interactive with chat and answer a lot of questions.

Also if you google apex legends leaderboards you can see how everyone is ranked what system they play on, see if they are live and go straight to their twitch.

Hope this helps!

4 : Anonymous2019/02/27 04:21 ID: ehdgslw

Playing with Pete

ID: ehds5lj

Not much to watch on ur channel, but I'll keep an eye on you 😉

5 : Anonymous2019/02/27 03:33 ID: ehddau6

Shroud first skill, Dr Disrespect for entertainment

ID: ehde03t

I'm looking for people who play on console. They are both PC players.


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