Did you enjoy the event? Me: yes

1 : Anonymous2021/03/24 14:09 ID: mc6meg
Did you enjoy the event? Me: yes
2 : Anonymous2021/03/24 16:20 ID: gs2bbl4

I fucking danced as soon as I saw that it was written "trios" instead of "chaos theory trios"

ID: gs3kcl2

hopefully on maggies grave

3 : Anonymous2021/03/24 16:19 ID: gs2b93x

I’m not blind but when I’m blind it’s always outside the ring in a ring flare in a heat shield

4 : Anonymous2021/03/24 15:46 ID: gs26iwm

The event was alright, but Level 2 with the massive ring flare in the center of the map was so poorly designed it was almost comical

ID: gs2fuhy

I had a match where we were pretty far out of the ring, hut we can make it there fine,because it was early, right? Well the flare decided to go to the worst possible spot. We barely made it using all our heat shields. It would have been impossible without a lifeline. Although we did end up coming 3rd

Edit: I meant it as a good thing

ID: gs2mbjd

i mean that sounds pretty fun. I don't get why people need the same boring thing endlessly.

ID: gs2p5fq

Would you settle for that event to pop up every time theres an event spree? Or do you have better favorites you rather have? I rather it never come back, and i much rather have 3rd person over ALL events. The one week where my KD skyrocketed.

5 : Anonymous2021/03/24 15:02 ID: gs206wi

Thé heat Shields were so fun, but damn Maggie can go fuck herself

More spry than her 80 year old mum, fckn nonce

ID: gs2k6rh

that’s a compliment

ID: gs2om9e

Fuck the flares

ID: gs2ryil

I'm British and didn't know wtf she was on about half the time lol

ID: gs2zmqf

I think that's part of the problem, it's like they tried to throw as many Australian slang expressions as they could in each line. maybe thats accurate but damn it was a lot

ID: gs2zo9m

Well maybe that's cause she's Australian

ID: gs246r6

Maybe the heat sheild could be a passive for someone in the future?

ID: gs25vnt

The heat shield is an item in the game dude

ID: gs2mxul

I honestly expected Gibraltar's shield to have that functionality before I played him a year ago. Seemed like such a missed opportunity.

ID: gs2p5px

Yeah that’s what I thought too. They put the zombie mode during the Halloween event then released Revenant with the same feature being his ULT.

They had environment gravity lifts all over the map, then released it as a tactical ability for Horizon.

So it would be fair to assume that perhaps in the future we’ll see a character with the ability of a heat shield- (or it’ll stay as a weapon who knows). Maybe ring flares will be a part of an ability too, - again, who knows!

“tHe hEaT sHiELd iS aN iTeM iN thE gAmE” - wow

Edit: thanks for the award

6 : Anonymous2021/03/24 14:32 ID: gs1vz59

Nice meme but fuck that event.

7 : Anonymous2021/03/24 15:31 ID: gs24d6f

Thank you devs for getting rid of the heat shield sounds

ID: gs29xnk

Those were so fuckin annoying

ID: gs2ccyc

Cost lives

8 : Anonymous2021/03/24 18:07 ID: gs2qpfc

I actually loved it. I am not a competitive player, and I enjoy the idea of "stage hazards".

The rings are big and predictable. It created a lot of fun and interesting scenarios without being random or unfair.

Maggie was annoying tho.

ID: gs3ftf9

I agree, not the best event but it was original and fun. I really want to see a 50 v 50 mode tho, most fun I ever had playing fortnite was in that mode

ID: gs3jal0

Scenes when the lurkers respawn 20 people after the hot drop.

Like shooting fish in a barrel

ID: gs3m3i7

Would love to see that too. It would be interesting how it plays out. It would have to be 30 v 30 tho bc the maps are made for 60 players

ID: gs42ac5

The actual mode itself was a good time, led to a lot more fights than usual. But it was seriously soured by the announcer, the whooshing, and the worse-than-usual servers. I could deal with the first two, but playing on 60+ ms the entire time? Horrible.

9 : Anonymous2021/03/24 16:38 ID: gs2e09r

Ehh. It was fun. Same level as like flashpoint in my opinion. Locked and loaded tho.... now THAT was an event!

ID: gs3irsa

No. Locked and loaded was too basic to be a limited time event. It should be the default Apex.

10 : Anonymous2021/03/24 15:43 ID: gs264wo

I haven't seen anyone use them outside of that event lmao

ID: gs27trw

I still use them occasionally. If I find them I pick them up for sure.

ID: gs2e6mx

Don't take up an inventory slot right? Just in place of the mobile respawn?

ID: gs2q5qz

assuming you randoms dont insta dc when they get downed

ID: gs2hq43

My teammates looting in the storm and there was a heatshied in the supply box right next to them

11 : Anonymous2021/03/24 21:44 ID: gs3lbu7

The event was the worst one yet IMO. They could have been a lot more creative then hey let’s just add rings inside the rings for this ltm

12 : Anonymous2021/03/24 16:01 ID: gs28qtl


ID: gs2cqja

Actually Fortnite had it a long time before apex. It was called the storm flip and if you threw it outside of the storm it would make a bubble of storm and if you threw it in the storm it made a safe bubble

ID: gs2fvwg

This is one of the few things apex copied from fortnite, if not the only one

ID: gs2g3d1

Same, BUT:

I didn't really use the heat sheilds lol The ring flares were not "feeling more like a threat" to me, but it was rather midly threating-annoying. There was a lot of times when my only passage/escape route was closed by this enormous red circle on the map, lol.
13 : Anonymous2021/03/24 16:41 ID: gs2edvn

I enjoyed how the rings would change strategy. Overall, I don't think the event was a great success though.

14 : Anonymous2021/03/24 14:42 ID: gs1xev7

I 100% loved it. I was waiting for level 5 but it didn't happen

ID: gs24dy7

Lvl 5 is the whole map instantly on fire and instead of a whooshing sound every 2 seconds it’s continuous

ID: gs25b0g


ID: gs2gaat

What? There was level 5 on monday evening/tuesday. Pretty much shit ton of small rings, map looked like some Swiss cheese

ID: gs2lmpq

Damn. I missed it. Was waiting for something ridiculous like that

15 : Anonymous2021/03/24 15:11 ID: gs21fgc

i loved getting in fights in the zone and having to kinda bunny hop around while getting shot at

16 : Anonymous2021/03/24 17:37 ID: gs2mdxd

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ID: gs2vrhk

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ID: gs3bdzw

Sir this is a Wendy’s

17 : Anonymous2021/03/24 15:43 ID: gs263gd

ring flares were annoying as hell, but as the one guy who always looks a little too long, damn they helped In the storm

18 : Anonymous2021/03/24 17:36 ID: gs2mawn

Fuck this event,I’m so glad that the ring flares are gone,easily he worst game mode they have ever added


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