Got this perfect teammate… this takes commitment

1 : Anonymous2021/03/28 23:42 ID: mfcyrx
Got this perfect teammate... this takes commitment
2 : Anonymous2021/03/29 01:19 ID: gsn2ay0

big brain would be for him to also get 69 wins next season, and only run that tracker and the season 6 tracker right above it

ID: gsnh651

That's my plan 🙂

ID: gsnhmyx

The legend had blessed us with his presence

ID: gsnj43x

Thankful you have graced us with your presence, so I may present you with this award myself, King.

ID: gsnlt3f

the man, the myth, the legend

ID: gsnmk9g

Props, I started to do this but quit a bit more than halfway through the current season because I got tired of not playing Crypto. Started this after I ended season six with 66 kills and 66 wins. Glad to see someone take it to the next level. Nice.

ID: gsnscnf

bless me papa

ID: gsn6qyc

Thts next level thinking right there

ID: gsn2bvv

69? Nice.

I am a bot lol.

ID: gsnbypb

Good bot

ID: gsnn3t3

Also only get to level 69 in 3 different seasons.

ID: gsnn4f3

69? Nice.

I am a bot lol.

3 : Anonymous2021/03/29 01:47 ID: gsn5a9a

That top badge is probably harder then all the wins he got. This octaine is a true OG.

ID: gsn6z9i

What is the top badge...I have never seen it before...I know the other two are hard to get as well.

ID: gsn9i0m

That one is from season 1 it's to get 250,000 battle pass points on 7 different legends. Needless to say this badge was incredibly difficult to get. You could only miss like a week or something like that. It was insane

ID: gsnh9hs

OG as can be

4 : Anonymous2021/03/29 03:48 ID: gsnh3f3

eyyyyyyy that's me lol. Muhlbs here, checkin in. That's a sexy ass card right there. Glad that someone appreciates my work, i always wonder if people ever get a good chuckle out of it. I see some people asking so I'll clarify the badges. The top 1 is animated and missing the symbol in this screenshot, but it is from back in season 1, it is the tier 2 version which was a grind to get 250,000 battle pass points with 9 different legends. The second badge is also animated and is the tier 5 version which required getting 100 kills on 7 different legends in Season 1. The last one is tier 4 and awarded for dealing over 4,000 damage in a single match. Getting the 3 trackers to 69 was obviously a long term goal lol, I love Octane so it was painful to stop playing him after reaching the 69th win during those seasons. Rock on brothers, see ya in the dropship!

ID: gsnkncb

We've played together too! I was telling you how great your trackers were.

ID: gsnl1nt


ID: gsnh47z

69? Nice.

I am a bot lol.

ID: gsnvgre

Me too buddy

ID: gsnvkj4

Good bot

ID: gsnspfh

How is it getting that 69th win and then not being able to play that character for the rest of the season?

5 : Anonymous2021/03/29 00:57 ID: gsn00m7

If he goes over, the next magic number to get would be near impossible.

ID: gsnh5br

I've though about going for the 420, I'm at 144 right now for this season and I don't think its possible for me haha.

ID: gsnhho5

I’ve been playing for 3 Seasons and I barely have 350 all time for my freaking main. I couldn’t even think of getting 420 in just a season.

ID: gsnikts

do it. do it for the meme. please.

ID: gsn5nyw

I dont think he would. Those are all from previous seasons

6 : Anonymous2021/03/28 23:48 ID: gsmsqys

Just hope he’s at 68 or less wins this season

ID: gsmue5j

So he can still enjoy the rest of it and still get one more win! This guys a legend, careful

ID: gsmwxvm

Bout to win, need to throw.

ID: gsnhf9s

I'm at 143 wins this season, It was painful to not play Octane once i hit 69 in past seasons so i took a season off to just enjoy him. Definitely going back to 69 next season though.

7 : Anonymous2021/03/29 02:56 ID: gsnc9ag

People can get 69 wins a season? I'm lucky if I can get 20.. :'( I'm a top 3 queen and that's it.

ID: gsnxmny

I felt good about hitting 69 kills for a tracker in season 7. This puts me to shame.

8 : Anonymous2021/03/29 05:15 ID: gsnoc55

I have 8 wins..

9 : Anonymous2021/03/29 02:29 ID: gsn9kls

I was team up once with bloodhound, last 3 seasons, 999 kills each.

10 : Anonymous2021/03/29 05:34 ID: gsnptb8


11 : Anonymous2021/03/29 05:54 ID: gsnr9xl


12 : Anonymous2021/03/29 07:09 ID: gsnwdik


13 : Anonymous2021/03/29 07:44 ID: gsnymwl


14 : Anonymous2021/03/29 02:30 ID: gsn9o1a

Why dont i get team mates like this.. the persons literally choosing when they want to win..................

15 : Anonymous2021/03/29 02:53 ID: gsnbyhx

Can he do this with every legend though? Just wondering

ID: gsnhjq6

i have 69 wins on several legends throughout various seasons, but Octane is the only one i dedicated the grind to. not enough time to do the others.

16 : Anonymous2021/03/29 03:26 ID: gsnf3du

My friend did this on his lifeline lol was with him when he got the 69th kill, he purposely threw the game to make sure not to go over haha

17 : Anonymous2021/03/29 04:07 ID: gsnit7p

I'm probably having the best season since season 2 and I'm not at 30 wins yet lol and this guy is casually getting 69 wins for fun. I suck lol

ID: gsnovfx

Keep at it brother!

18 : Anonymous2021/03/29 04:18 ID: gsnjqcx

That middle badge for season 1 sucked to get. 100 kills with each legend was very annoyong

ID: gsnotrw

It was not fun playing Gibby at the time. I also really hated playing Bangalore, still do.

19 : Anonymous2021/03/29 04:28 ID: gsnkkfm

I've played with this dude too!!!

20 : Anonymous2021/03/29 05:28 ID: gsnpcmc

I'm trash at the game so I'll try and do this with kills instead.


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