I Need Players to team up with for Ranked Mode in Apex Legends

1 : Anonymous2020/04/19 20:39 ID: g4ezk0
I Need Players to team up with for Ranked Mode in Apex Legends
2 : Anonymous2020/04/20 19:46 ID: fo0f59d

Play 4, Rev/Bang main. GT: T 3 RR I0 N

ID: fo0fa1t

Do you mind me maining Revenant?

3 : Anonymous2020/04/20 20:43 ID: fo0lsd5

My gt: OGdub56 I’m currently at silver 1 and haven’t been running any ranked recently but I got a group of friends that run really solid team play and you can join in with us

4 : Anonymous2020/04/20 23:49 ID: fo168g4

That’ll be cool, I’m down bro.

5 : Anonymous2020/04/24 23:25 ID: fohqkgj

Plat 4 BidJSnickers above average may make a few mistakes but we are here to learn 🙂

6 : Anonymous2020/05/31 20:30 ID: fsgfixv

That finisher in the smoke is sweeetttt!!!

7 : Anonymous2020/06/02 02:33 ID: fsleaz2

GT: MamaVxnuus. I'm a wattson main looking for new ppl to play with. I'm kind of shy though so I'll have to get used to playing with strangers ya know? Oh yeah, I just got gold 4 today!

8 : Anonymous2020/06/08 07:22 ID: ftcjrts

Diamond 3 here... Need help getting to master... Solo queuing is driving me crazy. Adietysrage is my gt

9 : Anonymous2020/06/18 03:45 ID: fv74vwi

Hey I need teammates to play platinum V i main Watson loba and wraith

10 : Anonymous2020/07/07 03:52 ID: fx675ii

mpnlive.net is looking for players to join. ranked and pubs

11 : Anonymous2020/07/13 15:21 ID: fxxq2s0

I'm plat 4, pushing to diamond. Lifeline, Rev, Lifeline main. Hmu if you need one.

ID: fxxq4kx

What’s your gamer tag?

12 : Anonymous2020/09/01 11:22 ID: g3kotoz

I'll play I'm a 5000 kill path 115 wins

13 : Anonymous2020/09/25 12:26 ID: g6j13n0

I Need a squad for ranked !!! My gamer tag is CrispyDuck14 add me up and drop me a message

14 : Anonymous2020/10/11 04:41 ID: g8flbtr


15 : Anonymous2020/04/19 20:40 ID: fnx01jr

I am Gold 4 in Ranked right now. If you can enter a chat on Xbox one and play well. Lmk so we can play. I really need a team who will listen and provide good team play.

16 : Anonymous2020/04/20 18:40 ID: fo08qqt

gold 4! i'm shydarkelf. i play wattsy, path, octane, and whoever. i can be wraith. i play good defense and sniping but can get a knock and some nades in offense. i love nades.

ID: fo08yxc

Lol sounds good to me dude. As long as you can be a good team player and just be cool when we play. I’m down. Just be sure, your gamer tag is “shydarkelf”


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