1v1 Tournament

1 : Anonymous2020/04/18 08:17 ID: g3k38k

As the title says, Im hosting a 1v1 apex tournament on Xbox. The prize is 1,000 apex coins to 1st place (and bragging rights). Entry is completely free and open to everyone over level 50 and under level 300 and not a predator. The rules: •The fight will be held in the firing range. • You may use any weapon EXCEPT care package weapons. • You may use any legend. •Armor swapping is not allowed. swapping characters for instant health is not allowed either. • heals ARE allowed, but the gold body sheild is not allowed. • make sure you have a mic and join the xbox party i will invite you to. Please dont be toxic; accept a loss and dont brag about a win. try to minimise use of vulgar language. • there will be 3 people in the range; the two who are fighting and me spectating to make sure nothing bad happens.

Thanks for reading this! If youre interesred, PM me or drop a comment below.

2 : Anonymous2020/04/18 09:24 ID: fnrub3v

This is dope, bro!

ID: fnruhfl

thanks man, u interested?

3 : Anonymous2020/04/18 11:24 ID: fns0zhe

Im to low 🙁

4 : Anonymous2020/04/18 14:51 ID: fnsh3l2

What time are you planning on running this?

ID: fnssi56

tommorow at about 3:00 pm CET

5 : Anonymous2020/04/18 16:53 ID: fnsu39a

I kinda suck, but I’m down!

ID: fnsuvcx

so do i lol. pm me

6 : Anonymous2020/04/19 00:06 ID: fnu59qy

Yo I suck too but im down

ID: fnv7ocp

lol thats ok. pm me

7 : Anonymous2020/04/19 11:11 ID: fnvikm2

Hey I’m very interested ! Did you already host it? Or will there be another one

8 : Anonymous2020/05/19 04:41 ID: fr3q66i

I'm late but can i join if u r hosting this again? (Wraith or mirage, level 53, bronze iv)


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