Apex Legends War Games Event – Discussion & Support Megathread

1 : Anonymous2021/04/13 17:40 ID: mq7cy5

Hey legends.

This thread serves to consolidate player feedback and issues with the newly released event, War Games. This event runs until April 27th.

As always, please post any bugs or issues that have come up with this current event so that Respawn can help out!

Information that's helpful when reporting bugs:

What platform are you playing on? Which skin you were using? What were you doing leading up to the issue? Can you reproduce it? What are the steps? PC players - provide hardware specs, OS version, and GPU driver version. Did your game crash? What error did you get? Please include "apex_crash.txt" from your "Documents" folder. If possible, it’s great if you can capture the bug and submit that with your report.
2 : Anonymous2021/04/13 17:44 ID: gue7rif

Disclaimer to avoid spam: There are no patch notes for this event.

This is a series of rotating LTMs until April 27th.

UPDATE @ April 14th, 12:07 AM UTC: Respawn have acknowledged the bug with stats not updating. The fix will roll out over the next hour, and the LTM will now be Armor Regen instead of Second Chance.

3 : Anonymous2021/04/13 17:43 ID: gue7jhl

My last game didn't track any damage or kills or even games played I did today. It just says I got #0/20 squads. I have pictures of my final game and it just says I didn't get any kills or what not.

ID: gue7sy3

Yeah this is the same for me

ID: gue9qbz

Played another game and it worked

ID: guebjld

I've played five games and none of them count.

4 : Anonymous2021/04/13 17:42 ID: gue7idx

Anyone else not getting any exp or post match summary at the end of their games?

ID: gue7o50

Yeah — having this issue myself. Getting 50 XP per match and no damage, revives, etc.

ID: guedc7t

Yeah I got a win my first game and it got completely ignored by challenges and xp

ID: gue7wvj

Yup. Won with 1.8k damage - no exp.

ID: guectm3

Not getting the play a game with x challenges either

ID: guf2vvi

I cant complete the "Play 1 game " challenge

ID: gue80zj

yes, it's like it's not tracking damage of kills/assists/knocks at all.

ID: guf7e5l

Mine is counting some kills, but all deaths. Played for an hour and it shredded my kdr

5 : Anonymous2021/04/13 18:10 ID: gueb8kc

Kills, wins and placements, and damage all not being tracked, seems to only be after a respawn tho?

ID: guf5cee

Yeah if you win a match without a respawn it says you survived 0:00 time, shit's broken. It's like you never spawned in first life.

6 : Anonymous2021/04/13 17:43 ID: gue7j5s

insert internal server errors x1000 here

7 : Anonymous2021/04/13 17:45 ID: gue7ten

New LTM tracker is broken. Can't do Top 10 challenge because it's not tracked. Finished #7 and it appears as #0/20.

No launch day without a few bugs, eh, Respawn?

ID: guenymx

And new events every 48 hours, so we'll get broken games every other day. Awesome.

8 : Anonymous2021/04/13 20:29 ID: guetrlf

18 fucking dollars for a skin and 30 for a skin, banner pose, and charm.

I sincerely hope none of you are dumb enough to buy this

9 : Anonymous2021/04/13 19:33 ID: guembc2

Alright, I have been playing since the LTM was released. Here are the bugs I encountered : Minimap vanished completely and could not be seen. Teammates Names also vanished. Have placed #0 about 15 Times now. Progress to the Challenged is not counted. Was Champion Squad for 6 Games after I won A single round even though I lost early in the next matches. Weapons switched automatically. After Match Stats are not visible when I placed #0. Got placed into a randoms lobby and couldn't even ready up. I'm playing On Xbox. I think thats all. Edit: Could see the Gamertag of a Mirage above all his decoys.

10 : Anonymous2021/04/13 17:46 ID: gue7ymk

Match summary not showing time survived, damage. In-game summary not showing any kills, assists or knocks. This is PS4. Playing as Loba. Also, no one wants Maggie’s voicelines lol

Games played are not counting towards the daily challenge. Looks like my other damage, replicator challenges are though.

Edit: seems like games played count towards dailies SOMETIMES. No rhyme or reason (placement, kills, survival time, etc.)

Top 10 finishes are not registering for the War Games event challenges.

11 : Anonymous2021/04/13 18:05 ID: gueajd4

Please tell me that the game modes (I've only played Second Chance) are supposed to count towards account stats, and not getting credited with my win is a bug. If you aren't going to credit us for stats, then you shouldn't force a LTM on us...

ID: gued816

I think it is a bug. They did say some badges would be unavailable to obtain in certain modes though. Like the 20 kill and 4k damage badges.

ID: guedg77

Really hope so. I completely understand not getting credited for 4k20kills, but taking away kill/win credits doesn’t make sense.

12 : Anonymous2021/04/13 18:00 ID: gue9vc2

Playing Second chance does not count towards the "Play 1 game" challenge, and I'm getting no experience and placed 0/30 in duos. Is it just me or is it a common bug?

13 : Anonymous2021/04/13 18:22 ID: guecsd3

Played three games and won one of them. Only one of the games counted. At the end of each game I was getting stats that said I placed 0 with 0 kills and blank stats. But at least I had teammates.

14 : Anonymous2021/04/13 17:56 ID: gue9df7

I really wish they'd stop doing take over events and go back to having a different game mode.

15 : Anonymous2021/04/13 18:39 ID: guef3nc

Give it to Respawn to find new ways of creating bugs.

Match progress (exp) ,event challenges and kills dont count. I understand badges in this event being disabled but really? Do you guys even playtest this shit before releasing it?

ID: guf4m87

No we are the play testers. They don’t test anything anymore.

16 : Anonymous2021/04/13 19:38 ID: guen14o

Respawn: "Hey Gamer! You know what's the best thing about Apex as a BR?"

Gamer: "I don't know, the movement and gunplay and the fact that it's the first one to implement abilities?"

Respawn: "No! It's third parties! Everyone loves third parties! The fun just never stops!"

Gamer: " Errrrrrrrrm, no this doesn't sound right. Third parties are not fun but a unavoidable consequence of the nature of mode. It should be avoided through good map design"

Respawn: "No, no, no. Our data clearly shows that third parties are fun! So in order to make this game more fun we now got a mode which lets everyone respawn once with their weapon and shield on death. So fights are now drawn out for longer so that the third party hopefully never stops!"

Gamer: "So do you get at least all the equipment you need when you kill someone for the first time?"

Respawn: "You get like two stacks of ammo with the weapon you killed them with"

Gamer: " Will I know if the entire squad is full on dead?"

Respawn: "No you'll just have to see!"

Gamer: " That sounds awful, can I at least play normal apex?"

Respawn: " I don't know why you would but there's always ranked!"

Gamer: "But what if I don't want to play sweaty games only or play with my friends? Will there be an option for that too"

Respawn: " Nope only game mode! But our data clearly shows the engagement went up with the takeovers!"

Gamer: "But if you force everyone to play the mode, how can you tell that the engagement is good?"

Respawn: "People buy more skins! So clearly this must be right!"

17 : Anonymous2021/04/13 17:55 ID: gue9aeb

My god what a mess this events is. It is not only not counting kills and damage, it is ONLY counting your deaths, and 2x since you have a "free" respawn.

It already murdered my Kdr since I played a bunch of matches and it counts as I've died twice and didnt kill anyone...

Sometimes I feel like this is a one-dev-team kind of game, where do so many bugs come from? Is anyone testing this game at all?

ID: guea9gk

I’m fine with the fact that you can’t get the 4K damage and 20 bomb badge in this mode but not counting anything but deaths is BS.

18 : Anonymous2021/04/13 18:06 ID: gueap2e

IF you die in the pathfinder arena in the new game mode you can't use weapons after spawning. Do you even test bro?

ID: gueh8r6

That's been a bug even before this new gamemode, happened to be several times in the past 2 weeks

ID: guecs7v

Lol. Why test when you can push into production?

19 : Anonymous2021/04/13 22:19 ID: guf7hld

Is this event forced onto pubs again?

ID: guf7lwb


ID: guf7vpe


20 : Anonymous2021/04/13 17:55 ID: gue9amt

This game mode is pure chaos. Always low on ammo and meds. Can never tell when a team is dead or not. Constantly getting 3rd partied. Matches move faster but feel longer. I'm having fun I guess, but I'm not sure I like it.

ID: guekqym

It tilted me bad today. Got third and forth partied hard but winning never meant much because ammo and meds were getting drained hardcore

ID: guecpok

Having the same issues I’m not liking it lol

ID: guee4h5

Same man. I'm just tryna get a shield swap off but no they don't even have a box like what

21 : Anonymous2021/04/13 17:51 ID: gue8nw9

What the fuck is this new game mode I can't fucking loot at all now

ID: gue952y

Yeah. I also can't do a finisher to rebuild my shield if the person decided to instantly use their token.

22 : Anonymous2021/04/13 18:03 ID: guea8tv

New game mode is broken. Killed the final squad in the final ring, but they hadn’t been killed before. So they auto-respawned and we died to the ring while they safely spawned in the animation invincible to the ring.

Respawn, you’ve got to turn the token off in the final circle or top 3 or something. This is broken af

ID: gueahvf

Dunno man that seems like a complex issue that nobody could have thought of in relation to a BR game before this event happened.

23 : Anonymous2021/04/13 18:13 ID: guebmel

Really tired being forced to play stupid ltm modes not sure why they took away the separate option to just play regular pubs

24 : Anonymous2021/04/13 18:09 ID: gueb5jb

Still no teammate in duos matchmaking. Fix this shit Respawn

25 : Anonymous2021/04/13 17:48 ID: gue87jc

Anyone else had a problem where they don’t get their RP after a ranked game? Like I was at 7060 points 140 away from Diamond, I won a game and then I got 0 points whatsoever. I should have got +214 as it said in the game but it rewarded me with 0. Kind of annoying.

26 : Anonymous2021/04/13 21:40 ID: guf2ric

Another awful mode that is mandatory. And you have to hear that voice again...

Is this their way to make you stop playing?


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