I Don’t Know What To Do

1 : Anonymous2021/03/07 07:07 ID: lzlfxu

I'm a very casual gamer, and I just want to be able to have fun while playing this game with my friends. But I have just absolutely hit a wall, and no matter what I do, I only seem to get worse, instead of better.

I've never been an FPS guy, I don't have those fast twitch muscles and I'll never drain the 6 hours a day it takes to Get Gud™. But with the pandemic, I don't really get to interact with my pals outside of video games, and this is the one they play. I've been playing regularly since the pandemic started, and while I've improved from my 0.2 KDR in season 4, each of the last 3 seasons has gone the exact same way: I build a near-1 KDR for the first 3 weeks or so, and then something snaps, I go 12-165 on my K-D for two weeks, get insanely frustrated and quit because I'm not having fun.

In general, can someone tell me what a FNG might be doing so wrong that causes these insane cold streaks? I'll go days on end where a teammate drops solo and is dead and disconnected before I hit the ground, so I know I'm losing those games because I'm going 1-on-3 with the team that knocked my only teammate. But I don't know how to break this ceiling I seem to have that just absolutely brutalizes me the moment I imagine that I might be having fun playing this game. Is it hopeless? Is it just, "Get Gud?" I've been scouring this subreddit for months and I feel like I'm alone. Am I literally the world's worst Apex player?

2 : Anonymous2021/03/07 07:20 ID: gq2skr7

Tough to know without some gameplay footage. I'm guessing it's your aim and positioning. Practice the weapons in the firing range and always shoot behind cove


ID: gq2t60m

Underrated advice.

Before you play each time just spend literally 5 minutes in the firing range with the r301 shooting at dummies. Its the most well balanced weapon in the game in my opinion and is super great for practicing fighting recoil.

See how far away you can get before you are unable to empty an entire clip into a dummy without missing. Try to improve on that over time

3 : Anonymous2021/03/07 10:31 ID: gq343m7

If you're complaining about 1v3 encounters then you should switch to duos. You get lots more random dropouts and this forces you to be more self reliant and self sufficient under pressure. Obviously practice on the weapons you're comfy with and prioritise high ground on all rotations, but on duos it seems I get rolled less often. And having the attitude that you know you're going to lose isn't how you should be playing. The chances of a win are slim solo in trios, but just getting to the top 5 in any duos game gives you a great chance of a win. The more this happens, the more comfortable you get with the pressure.

Oh, and worry less about KDR. Anywhere near 1 is above average.

4 : Anonymous2021/03/07 22:49 ID: gq5el96

This response depends on how dedicated you are to becoming better competitively. If you enjoy playing apex no matter the outcome and are fine with going on losing streaks then ignore this.

In not just apex but MANY competitive games pros always say a few tips that are often overlooked. Perhaps the most overlooked. I'm a culprate too, I'll play for hours win or lose its w.e for me. For the pros? Or the players who begin hitting that wall in diamond and above, they need to take their daily physical and mental health into consideration. If they don't they will end their gaming session with a tremendous amount less of League points, RP, or w.e the ranked point system is for the game they're playing. Not only for advanced players, but for those of us who are below the semi-pro scene, going on any form of a losing streak (especially consecutively) creates bad habits that we aren't consciously prepared to break when we're already unconsciously putting ourselves in a position that builds these bad habits.

As a fellow casual/competitive player it's a bummer but if you're not feeling "in the zone" then you shouldn't be playing over and over. Take a long break. Eat food, make sure you've slept properly, drink water. If you look for these things you'll find the days when you're in an almost zen like state. These are the days you take advantage of the way your body feels and reacts, by dominating your enemies! When I play League of Legends competitively if I lose more than 3 consecutive matches then I'm done for the day. Crazy right? But it's a necessary buffer to stop from spiraling out and never getting better. We're casual though, so if you're not really trying to get a lot better, but perhaps just a little better then you can extend this perhaps to 10 games or so. If you're not landing in the top 3 at least once in 5-10 matches then take a long break. Even if it means coming back tomorrow.

There's tips and tricks i'm sure we could tell you after analyzing your gameplay, but based on the tone of your post, It seems more of a mental wall at the moment. Learning, progressing, correcting mistakes, these are all things that are never hopeless in any aspect of our lives. You can progress. You can become better. And if you truly break it down and optimize your gameplay, style, strategy, and yes, even your out of game health, then you WILL become better.

It's so overlooked by almost everyone, but only playing to win/progress your competitive games should only take place on the days when you feel great both mentally and physically out of game first. This is why so many players have alternative accounts. They play a smurf and relax because they know they know that even though they're pro players, they too will have a 10 game losing streak if they go into a highly competitive match with a body that is lagging or a mind that is fuzzy and just not feeling all that hot that day.

If I get a good night's rest, eat breakfast, and just feel naturally like I want to get stuff done that day. I play... and i'm not even lying... at minimum about 150%-250% better than I do on a more "normal" day. These are the days my friends say "holy ****" how did you do that?! These are the days I climb the competitive ladder when on any other day I'd be pushed back by that wall that so often makes us feel like we can never progress no matter what we do.

I hope this is all some good food for thought. By no means will this solve everything, but I can almost guarantee if we took all your skills, just the way your are now, and mixed in a day where you felt on top of your game, felt healthy, not tired, not distracted, etc. we would see you crush through this "wall." Not only that, perhaps even more importantly, we would see you adapt and learn while also taking notice of crucial ingame habits that you want to build to become even better!

To sum all of that up:
If you're in a big losing streak, feel like you hit a wall, the truth is you created that wall. If you've been losing your past 5-10 games, get frustrated, become tired with your own results etc. (it could be just one of these many things, doesn't have to be all of them) then you are almost guaranteed to repeat such poor results again and again.

Every game is a lesson. Every game win or lose, even with 0 dmg and a 5 minutes or less alive timer, you should be coming away with

Reflection of what you did wrong (YOU not your teammates)
What you could have done differently
How you will avoid such a situation in the future.
Go back to step 1 and repeat your thought process while coming up with different answers ONLY. Don't re-use something you've already brought to the light.

This helps with forcing you to consciously think about what type of habits you are lacking and need to focus on.

Good Luck!!

5 : Anonymous2021/03/07 07:27 ID: gq2t1hr

Are you playing ranked or pubs?

6 : Anonymous2021/03/07 19:17 ID: gq4kgg8

Watch a few youtube vids on practice range warmups. Any time I feel down I pop into the range and shoot some dummies with a wingman for 10 or so minutes.

7 : Anonymous2021/03/07 22:24 ID: gq5bbxk

Playing a BR as your first FPS is not a good way of practicing aim, and unfortunately this game has next to no options for actually practicing your aim. You should pick up another shooter that requires tracking aim such as Overwatch to play on the side and train your aim. Hell even something like Black Ops: Cold War will help out so much.

8 : Anonymous2021/03/08 02:28 ID: gq62jzx

Download Aimlab in steam (for free) and do gridshots and sphereshots for atleast 2 attempts each (you could play more but thats on you). I stopped playing Apex then, and started playing Valorant then I noticed how shitty my aim is so I tried Aimlab (rec from a friend). 2 weeks later I played Apex again and now I managed to get 0-5 kills per game from 0-2 and surprised how aim tracking and flicking training worked.

My sphereshots (tracking) Score when I started was 25k-35k now I have 45k-55k consistently.

[I think trackings the most important aim training for Apex because you need your crosshair to stick to the target]

My gridshots(flicking) were 40k ave when i started and now 65k.

[I like this training because it makes you get used to your mouse(youll know how much to move your hand to aim at a target)]


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