We are a studio in brazil developing a cyberpunk visual novel. Come check it out and give us feedback!

1 : Anonymous2021/03/07 21:28 ID: m005cf



We are a small company in Brazil that has begun our Visual Novel project for our Omnium Universe. And it's available in Patreon, here.

We have been writing and developing another game based in this universe, around 5 years ago, but we saw that we needed more money to develop the original FPS project we envisioned. So we started the company as software house, while aiming to grow so we could make what we love. Games. And we love deep, involving stories.

Since them, we have established our company, and have begun saving resources for this project - and as we love compelling stories and strong narrative, we want to make the first introduction into this universe as a Visual Novel.

We plan to pay our respects in this game to a whole lot of cyberpunk literature and games, while making our own style - a "neo-cyberpunk". All while using our art team style together with unreal engine for backgrounds and set-pieces. Patreon will help us accelerate this project, and bring more artists to the fold, so we can build a better game for everyone. We don't need Patreon money to make this project, but it will help us do it in a faster timing, with more resources to fulfill our vision (more paths, more arts, better support for planned features).

The original estimate for this project is December, 2022. But with Patreon, we hope to cut this a bit, and deliver a better product, faster.

We hope that this will be only the first title in this universe that is Omnium. And we will do what we can to reward the faith deposited in us by all our patrons.

Feedback for us on our Patreon is very important. At this stage, perhaps even better than the financial help. We are excited to provide a different experience and take on the genre. The tiers, rewards and Discord is still being balanced and improved on. Thank you!

2 : Anonymous2021/03/08 03:17 ID: gq67rkm

Just a little thing: I'm not sure calling "hobo" people able and willing to give you 1.80€ every single month for nothing substantial in return is the best policy. That's a decent amount of money.

If this is some king of second degree tie in with the game or something, it should maybe be earned before displaying it.

Edit: well, no, I was wrong. It's not a "decent" amount of money. It's a very serious amount of money. A visual novel made by a small team with average cred, at the most expensive end, that's what? 20€ for the released game? By your own, maybe quite optimistic, account, that would mean they each would give you a minimum of 37.80€. In advance, with no regard or guarantee about the game.

I know game dev is hard, I understand from what I heard game dev in Brazil in even much harder than that, and I acknowledge niche product cost more even for the end user. And I'm not blasting you, it's probably just something lost on translation. But you might want to rethink some things, and triple check the words you use. Especially doing a "novel" game, you should be master of the written word.

ID: gq6a5kt

Yes, you are completely right about it. You made us think about all the tiers names. Firstly we thought made something cool with some jokes related to the game on the tiers but we don't have a demo version so the people can understand those jokes. We are changing all the names for something with more respect to the money the people are investing in us.

Thank you for you feedback, I think this is the most important feedback we received at the moment !!!

ID: gq6frdh

Hi again,

Just so you know, we took your suggestion to the heart, and changed all tiers. I wish Patreon would accept something cheaper than 1.00, but it won't. We will be changing our currency to USD soon (as soon as Patreon let us do so), and it should be cheaper to everyone!

Thanks again for your feedback, it was great.

ID: gq67zoh

Thanks for the feedback! I think you are right. We're brazilians, so hobo have some other context here as well, but I can see how that would be pejorative, and you're right!

3 : Anonymous2021/03/08 03:49 ID: gq6b5i6

I cannot find any samples of writing or artwork.

ID: gq6flbe

Hello there!

We got two posts with concept art and progress for the sprite sheet from one of our characters.

Meet Yi Qing! | Omnium on Patreon

Hello World! | Omnium on Patreon

In this post here, you can see one of our animated backgrounds in motion:

Making backgrounds and handling Unreal Engine 4 | Omnium on Patreon

About the writing samples, do you believe that would be interesting? I never saw visual novels on Patreon doing that, that's why we never showed any script so far. But there will be a demo incoming in 1-2 weeks, so people will have a proper reception to our writing style.

ID: gq6jwp6

I've done some work before, check out my website www.kurikokk.com

4 : Anonymous2021/03/08 06:29 ID: gq6ox4l

Sorry but I looked through your whole page and this is just an idea and it seems like no way you are having a game ready by Dec 2022 if you just learning to model and code.

Maybe it's the language barrier but from reading that page you realised that a game was way over your head, so you decided to make a visual novel instead. (good idea)But then you keep talking about the game you are making. Is this parteron for a visual novel, a game, or just for you to spend another 5 years dreaming?

I'd need some more proof of concept and/or proof of skills or at least vision before I put money on this. Like a single page/event from the novel would be great. Need to see your vision for the art, the sfx/music and the prose.

Good luck! Prove me wrong!

ID: gq7n0cx

I'm also a game dev making an awesome game. Send me money each month please. I am learning to code, model and do sound design. I am also marketing the game and producing it. Send me money. /s

5 : Anonymous2021/03/07 22:44 ID: gq5e137

If anyone has feedback/questions, do send them away!

is our producer, is one of our programmers. I'm the level designer and a programmer as well, and I'm writing the script for the novel.

6 : Anonymous2021/03/07 22:35 ID: gq5crp0

Upvoted and followed! I’ll keep an eye on the project for sure.

ID: gq5d9x0

Thank you very much! We post a lot of open posts on patreon, including weekly reports. You will surely see some really nice stuff in the upcoming weeks!


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