Check out the Discord!

1 : Anonymous2020/05/24 20:57 ID: gpx9f5

Come join the Discord!

Just wanted to make a dedicated post inviting everyone to come check out our subreddits Discord Server;

Come talk about the game or whatever else, share your clips, content and streaming channels as well as LFG channels that are console specific. In house tournament run through out the season with prizes up for grabs!

Users inactive for over 30 days are kicked.

Legend Mastery and Ranked roles are available for those who send screen shots of said accomplishments!

2 : Anonymous2020/08/07 00:19 ID: g0mgdil

So i joined... but i have no idea what discord is... i’ve heard of it, just never used it.

3 : Anonymous2020/05/26 17:08 ID: frvzii7

I tried clicking on the link but it didn't work, I'm on mobile btw

ID: frw2aja

Weird. Works for me. I’m on mobile as well. Anyway here a temporary link


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