PUBG devs after seeing this launch

1 : Anonymous2019/02/05 15:00 ID: anevzb
PUBG devs after seeing this launch
2 : Anonymous2019/02/05 15:15 ID: efssagq

More like blackout. This game isn't competing too much with pubg.

ID: efsysnz

Yea. Pubg is in a league of its own gameplay wise which will save it, though it could take some advice on the optimization of Apex.

ID: efwoiuf

BO4 is a good game but too expensive compared with any BR game

ID: efsvu5b

I disagree.

3 : Anonymous2019/02/06 13:54 ID: efvaap8

From my favourite movie, The Titanic.

4 : Anonymous2019/02/08 15:05 ID: eg0s4oi

I’ll always have a special place reserved for pub g. Had a ton of fun on that game with my gaming bros in 2016-2017 and in my opinion it was the best option at the time for battle royale.

That being said there are definitely way better options in 2019. I’m really hoping apex becomes the next big thing. It’s definitely the most fun I’ve had in battle royale yet.


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