Spawn chances for Level 1 EVO Shields in the loot pool have been significantly reduced.

1 : Anonymous2021/05/11 17:51 ID: na30lv
Spawn chances for Level 1 EVO Shields in the loot pool have been significantly reduced.
2 : Anonymous2021/05/11 18:23 ID: gxrbrzz

Once I found a single sniper ammo in a box

ID: gxrgv90

Not sure if that’s better or worse than finding one single thermite grenade in a bin

ID: gxrvz7z

unless you can drop the sniper ammo on someones head and hurt them, ill take a thermite any day

ID: gxrlpwl

At least that grenade can do damage lol. I wish we could yeet ammo boxes at people for 10 damage or something

ID: gxs0c8o

The bin in the woods outside of artillery?

ID: gxs6cku

Not sure if that’s better or worse than finding literally nothing in a bin

ID: gxrs1w4

I have gotten bins without anything

ID: gxrssoj

runs hand along ground

"A loba has been through here"

ID: gxrt2rj

I found a single frag

ID: gxrydhc

One on kings canyon literally has nothing, always empty

ID: gxs2y2n

I raise the bet with three level 1 sniper stocks.

ID: gxs9gws

I raise you with 3 grey knockdown shields, I'm all in

3 : Anonymous2021/05/11 17:53 ID: gxr7gcg

Meanwhile I'm struggling to find 1 level 1 backpack

ID: gxrec9y

you get that feeling too? backpacks are rare as shit now for some reason.

ID: gxrn9fg

I saw somewhere they announces the loot pool is broke concerning backpacks.

ID: gxrps77

"They can't carry tons of arrows if they've got no storage space."

Respawn probably.

ID: gxs5oqx

Weekly replicator backpack: Fades out of existance

Me: At least once I die the enemy won't get much loot from me

ID: gxs5jmy

I feel like something messed up and a portion of the backpacks are getting replaced with shields

ID: gxrec1o

I used to ping “I need a backpack” during the first drop as a joke. Never thought I’d actually have to ping it in game like now lol.

ID: gxs4jfg

Feels like there's no guns, no sights, no backpacks, but loads of ammo and attachments everywhere.

I'm constantly dropping and cleaning out a whole building and not finding anything

ID: gxrrr9r

This needs a separate post. Why can't we spawn with a lvl 1 backpack?

ID: gxruiyl

If we were going to spawn with a backpack why wouldn’t they just increase inventory size.

4 : Anonymous2021/05/11 19:17 ID: gxrjug8

Yet still no trace of a fucking backpack

ID: gxrn06x

yeah the whole backpack thing is a pain in the ass.

ID: gxs8js0

Why is it happening, is it a bug?

5 : Anonymous2021/05/11 20:01 ID: gxrq5hm

Dude I swear level 1s are more common now and I can hardly find a blue or purple anywhere

ID: gxs38fb

Nothing beats landing on a hot zone and not finding literally any weapon in a 3 story building.

But hey, at least when somebody attacks you in that building, you have 37 spare level 1 body shields to swap!

ID: gxsc673

Hot Zones only give 1 guaranteed Gold with a higher tier chance of loot, but tier levels for the most part, isn't that different from each other.

Making Hot Zones too good would probably cause a bigger issue of 8 teams landing even more of an issue.

6 : Anonymous2021/05/11 19:19 ID: gxrk4zp

That was a typo. They meant backpacks.

ID: gxsgvau

I have nothing to prove this, but a few hours ago I legit found 3 white back packs in a box.

ID: gxshk5c

You sure you weren't dreaming? That sounds like something from a fantasy land!

(save one for me)

ID: gxsiqig

That only happens when I already have a pack

7 : Anonymous2021/05/11 20:35 ID: gxrv2ru

Can I just get a damn sight? Even a white one?

ID: gxs63ak

The game when I need midrange optics: May I offer you a digital thread?

The game when I need close range optics: yeah here is two 4x-8x in the same room

The game when I need Sniper optics: So remember how you needed all those close range optics?

8 : Anonymous2021/05/11 20:58 ID: gxryffw

Anyone having trouble finding backpacks lately?

9 : Anonymous2021/05/11 18:39 ID: gxre4d9

Can we just get that event where we all spawned with a moz and grey everything? The loot pools were better and it was so much more fun.

ID: gxrjcc7

Personally I just loved always having a 1x Hcog. Can't hit shit with irons on most weapons. Feels like I'm always struggling to find close range sights these days.

ID: gxrk5d5

Totally. Not enough sights of any kind at the moment

ID: gxrki7n

That just means the game needs a total rebalance. Giving everybody shields and gear to get the ttk closer to where it was at launch means the ttk has gotten out of hand.

ID: gxrlyw8

I'm not disagreeing but my biggest point is the loot pools atm are trash and I have gone thru decent sized building in the game and not had a gun spawn. It's a battle royal, im not asking for high tier loot but take the P2020 out if the game and put the RE45 and double the spawn rate. Energy weapons are usually avoided because Goodluck find enough energy ammo to be useful for anything more than a 1v1. Backpacks are somehow rare as hell now too.

10 : Anonymous2021/05/11 22:18 ID: gxs9d7c

Has anybody noticed backpacks are spawning significantly less now?

ID: gxsebw7

Backpacks and optics, besides the 6x sniper.

11 : Anonymous2021/05/11 20:06 ID: gxrqyd0

I just started playing but don’t you start with lvl 1 armor so why is it even possible loot?

ID: gxrs1yd

Armor swaps.

In a fight when your shields break, but you don’t have time to heal, a common (and excellent) tactic is to pick up a nearby shield, even if it’s a lesser tier, because a full white armor is better than a broken purple one.

ID: gxs3n96

It's a good tactic unless the spot you land in has nothing but white shields.

12 : Anonymous2021/05/11 19:03 ID: gxrhn8g

That's what I thought the other when I found a shit ton on ground and one per create

13 : Anonymous2021/05/11 20:15 ID: gxrs7z4

They made a mistake an reduced the chance of a level 1 bag spawning.

ID: gxru80p

No shit. I love running around with like two stacks of ammo because there are no bags anywhere.

14 : Anonymous2021/05/11 19:15 ID: gxrjj8z

They are still super common I found a ton yesterday while playing found more of them than I found level one backpacks

15 : Anonymous2021/05/11 20:46 ID: gxrwnh9

Why are there white armors in the first place? Unless you need an armor swap midfight these are absolutely useless and just cluster the lootpool...


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