Lost my heirloom shards months ago, been having back and forths with EA and now I’ve been getting ignored by support for almost 5 weeks after asking for my account’s data. Any possible help I could get here, please?

1 : Anonymous2021/05/15 13:50 ID: nczc1s
Lost my heirloom shards months ago, been having back and forths with EA and now I've been getting ignored by support for almost 5 weeks after asking for my account's data. Any possible help I could get here, please?
2 : Anonymous2021/05/15 14:40 ID: gy7vzvc

so wait u had the shards before then it was like someone came and spent them and when you asked support they said you never had anything to begin with?

ID: gy7xnef

Almost yeah. She (Flavia from support) told me that I did not have either shards or gibby heirloom when I contacted her. She checked twice and made sure it was my account linked to the correct steam account.

The second person I got took like almost an hour but then told me that the shards had been consumed on the 25th of february. He could not tell me any other details about the purchase besides that.

ID: gy7xzeh

hmmm idk what to tell u i hope u get it back

ID: gy8p9a5

It's ironic because that's YOUR data, they did the same to me when I was hacked.

I asked them a list of purchases and IP logins, since I was clearly hacked. They sent me an email with a code, then a code to my phone, and reverted my password without asking! after I told them I already changed it and had 2FA activated, the password revert they did deactivated 2FA! so I had to run to the profile and change everything again.

They are the worst. And after 30 minutes of that charade, they didn't answer me, they just told me they don't have suspicious logins! I live alone, have 2FA, we are in quarantine! /RANT

ID: gy8pzpu

She checked twice and made sure it was my account linked to the correct steam account.

There is actually something broken with this. When I use steam to play apex, origin shows me as my username, Muratbae, but without signing out or changing anything, if I open a different steam game that utilizes origin it uses a completely different username. Like it changes my username in the origin app without restarting or anything. Additionally, if I use origin to launch Apex using my correct username, it shows a brand new level 1 account with none of my stats or characters or anything.

Because of this I'm also not getting my Prime drops. There is something fucky with the steam/origin connection and I've yet to figure it out.

ID: gy8zeu1

Their sups have no clue whatsoever. I got someone logged into my acc somehow guy played using cheats and got instantly banned. I contacted sups and the girl there said its all good i wont be banned and she reset my passwords. I get back into a game clicked play then got a message saying im banned. Back to the sups i go and the guy tells me there's nothing he can do since i am banned already. Took them more than a month to unban me.

ID: gy90tnb

That's when you gotta be like "okay if the shards were spent, what were they spent on? Is that item on the account? I think you're see where I'm needing help"

3 : Anonymous2021/05/15 14:31 ID: gy7uy8q

Do you live with any siblings?

ID: gy7vg17

Nope, just a cat.

ID: gy7x0cx

Bring the cat here, he needs questioning

ID: gy88u0a

As someone who has also a cat: They have the magic ability to step on every button needed to ruin everything within 5 seconds.

4 : Anonymous2021/05/15 13:54 ID: gy7qrid

Since EA Support has been ignoring my (still open) case for more than 4 weeks now even though I keep sending mails every week, I decided to post here.

TL;DR at the end for those who don’t wanna read.

To sum it up:

On March 4th, I logged on and went into a match to do a daily mission that required me to use Gibraltar. Upon landing, I saw that I had his heirloom for absolutely no reason, I panicked, immediately went back to main menu and saw that my heirloom shards had been consumed, without me being aware.

Of course I contacted EA support, the very first person I made contact with told me I had no heirlooms on my account, or shards for that matter, even after I showed her my screenshots with me using Gibraltar's on my account.

( 38m 25s ) Flavia: I couldn’t validate those Gibraltar Heirloom Items on your account. It seems there is nothing of this kind

The second person I had took a very long time to answer, but finally told me that my heirloom shards had been consumed on the 25th of february 2021.

And that's all theycould tell me. That my account had not been compromised, and that my shards had been spent on the 25th of february, which coincidentally happened to also be the day a glitch where my entire squad instantly died after dropping from the ship at the start of a match.

No additional information available, no knowing where the purchase was made from, or at which hour it happened.

First case was then closed. Fine, ok so you can't help me with that, then I want to know what happened, when it truly happened.

So I open another case to ask for my data. I know they have plenty of in game trackers, so there's bound to be informations that would actually tell me what happened on that day, right?

This is what I asked for:

"I am exercising subject access requests, I am only looking for specific data:

From February 24 2021 to Feb 26 2021

-Date and time of when I logged on and logged off Apex Legends

-How much time I was logged on and logged off Apex Legends

-From where I logged on Apex Legends each day

-Date and time of each transaction (including crafted items and bought heirlooms)

-Number and length of in game matches

-The number of heirlooms my account holds, and their names, on each day.

-The number of heirloom shards my account had on each day."

So far, the only answers I've gotten are:

"We're sending you a code, please send it back to confirm your account hasn't been compromised."

And I send it back, the exact same code I was asked. I've done that maybe 8 times now (getting the same emails every time of asking me to send a code).

After this, I simply get ignored. No answer, nothing.

EA Support doesn't even tell me they simply don't have the data I'm asking for.

Look, I know EA would rather have me lose my heirloom shards so that I could potentially spend 150€ on the heirloom I want instead. I get it, I don't need other excuses.

I simply want answers. I want to know how this happened, how the heirloom shards I've been saving for Wattson's future weapon since the beginning of season 7 were used on the character I least play out of every single characters.

Would you guys please help me make some noise through this thread?

Being completely ignored for weeks no matter how many mails I send feels terrible.

Tl;dr: heirloom shards spent on a character I don’t play while I was unaware, EA support doesn’t want to help but also is unwilling to provide me any information about at what time exactly they were spent, and from where.

Wattson banner

Gibraltar banner

ID: gy8doy1

has helped with bad support in the past, maybe he can help you here.

ID: gy8hyto

This shouldn't be a thing though, imagine if everyone with customer service issues had to make a reddit post and tag him lol

They should improve their actual customer service and have more people working on tickets. Tickets take months to get resolved and usually ends up with no compensation from the online customer reps since they say they can't do anything if you've lost stuff.

ID: gy8q35n

Are you based in the UK? 'Subject access request' is part of GDPR/DPA so you can find guidance on the next steps from the Information Commissioner's Office, if you wanted to pursue that route. Here.

ID: gy8utb4

I'm based in France, I've been told by another user that 30 days post SAR without an answer, I should look up the CNIL. My first SAR was on April 18th so I assume I can't yet do anything. Thank you.

ID: gy8kyyr

guess you're a gibby main now lol

ID: gy8rb62

I'm sorry about the shards gone. If I got heirloom shards I wouldn't spend it until Wattson got an heirloom either. I just wanted to comment that I love that skin and banner you got for her.

ID: gy8vm4e

Thanks, she's like 90% of the reasons why I enjoy playing Apex to begin with man, only legend that got me super hooked to the game, I almost only play her outside of dailies/weeklies.

ID: gy8ie0t

Fascinating service, isn't it?

ID: gy8r1uk

Stop updating your ticket without them contacting you first. Every time you do you reset your queue position.

5 : Anonymous2021/05/15 15:26 ID: gy81obc

I told them about losing my Wraith finisher also, they ignored me and told me "that's not possible". I gave up after trying for weeks.

ID: gy82flh

Man, I feel you bro... Really not good customer support.

ID: gy8lg6n

are you on pc or ps4 by chance? they both have had corrupted data shards on that same date (24th of feb), i think it might be a faulty rollback restoration

ID: gy8o49z

I got locked out of an account for months and their answer was play on another account and got no compensation for that. =P Bad customer service for sure!

ID: gy896gq

Yeah I lost the original twitch prime skin for pathfinder after playing in season 0 then not coming back till season 8. First time I logged back on I saw my pathfinder wearing the skin but I could not find the skin in the equipping area. Next time I logged on I couldn’t even see pathfinder with the skin. Didn’t even know I could contact EA support on something like that.

ID: gy8nucv

I had the same exact thing happen to me

6 : Anonymous2021/05/15 16:31 ID: gy89py8

Welcome to the club, i lost 2000 apex coins. I contacted the support without success, they managed to see I was missing coins, but couldn't get them back to me.

ID: gy8b6zr

So they knew of the issue and didn't fix it at all????

ID: gy8dwfo

That's just an asshole move by EA, well that company is an asshole after all

7 : Anonymous2021/05/15 17:31 ID: gy8h9kd

So my husbands account was hacked. He got an email about a confirmation to change the password and was confused but logged in and the password was correct. Played for a few hours THEN noticed all his coins were spent and he had a bunch more charms...hurray. Now because the servers suck he reconnected multiple times.

Now the logs EA saves are pathetically small. So him playing and relogging in from disconnect overwrote all the 5 or 10 logs to our IP so EA said NO LOGS GET FUCKED.

He got so mad after a few hours with customer support he no longer plays he uninstalled APEX.

More likely than not, they don't have the data, and they don't care about helping you. I'm sorry.

ID: gy8lq8k

please fucking enable 2 step verification, if not already done

ID: gy8lw69

He had it enabled that's why they couldn't change the password. Don't need verification to log into apex game though.

8 : Anonymous2021/05/15 16:04 ID: gy86fbx

I had got really really lucky during some event I think anniversary event and had got wraith heirloom and I didn’t play for a while and when I came back I had lost it even tho nobody uses my account I’m the only person and when I contacted support they are telling I am lying

9 : Anonymous2021/05/15 18:53 ID: gy8rjll

can we see a clip with you playing and your heirloom? I could easily build the overlay in photoshop to make it appear as though another players screen was my own. It would be a bit more difficult to do this with a video.... might work in your favor?

ID: gy8w01z

Sure thing, recording a video for EA support was the first thing I made and linked to them, however they told me their policy is to not click any links, so they couldn't watch it.


ID: gy8xtd3

lmao what

ID: gy9edrv

Apologies for being a skeptic, always have to check ya know?? I'm really sorry. Hopefully this gets some attention my guy!

10 : Anonymous2021/05/15 19:53 ID: gy8yovi

EA support is horrendous, a friend who had a season 0 account with a heirloom on it had it hacked, and in the time that it was hacked it was banned. EA essentially told him we got your account back but it's banned, sucks to be you.

11 : Anonymous2021/05/15 18:17 ID: gy8n2cy

i mean if ea support is ignoring u then its probably over

12 : Anonymous2021/05/15 19:24 ID: gy8v6gw

EA at their best, had the same problem but with fifa. They ignored me after they told me there’s nothing they can do for me.

13 : Anonymous2021/05/15 17:21 ID: gy8fzma

Assuming everything you said is true there’s not much they can do in terms of getting the shards back. On EA’s side it looks like you purchased the heirloom. As for the data when I asked a while back they told me They can’t give out data so it’s doubtful they will give you yours.

ID: gy8hhms

I'm definitely not getting my hopes up of getting my heirloom shards back, hell I'd be happy if they removed the gibby heirloom from my account to give me back my shards as a "fair" trade but there's 0% chance of that happening.

I just want answers and peace of mind, man.

14 : Anonymous2021/05/15 17:29 ID: gy8gypw

Thats so stupid, hope you get your shards back. Idk why it’s so hard to just give it to people if they tried this hard than I doubt there lying

15 : Anonymous2021/05/15 18:11 ID: gy8mc7j

Complain on twitter. Gets their attention better

ID: gy8mguc

I tried, amounted to nothing :(.

16 : Anonymous2021/05/15 15:06 ID: gy7z5go

I’d not get my hopes up with this shite company if I was you before they take my more of your money and continue to only focus their efforts around the opinions of dumb streamers.

ID: gy7ztkf

honestly I'm not sure what to do anymore about this issue and posting on this subreddit is pretty much my last hope considering support is hellbent on ignoring me and don't want to even tell me they don't have the data I ask for lol.

I'm not getting my hopes up but by god this is frustrating to not even know what happened.

17 : Anonymous2021/05/15 18:03 ID: gy8lajh

Don’t hold your breath. I was unrightfully banned at the start of last season, and it took them 3 months to resolve the issue. Keep in mind, I said 3 months, aka the entire season.

18 : Anonymous2021/05/15 15:47 ID: gy84at1

Just shut the fuck up and spend more money you freeloader. /s

Commenting for visibility gl


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