Idea for having a Prestige System after level 500 (Mock-up)

1 : Anonymous2021/05/19 12:45 ID: ng4uku
Idea for having a Prestige System after level 500 (Mock-up)
2 : Anonymous2021/05/19 13:26 ID: gyozsro

Cool idea but no way they gonna give that many packs for free.

ID: gyp5cd1

1 purple pack for 500 levels, take it or leave it


ID: gyp5qsw

With it rigged to be a gun charm

ID: gypk6xu

3 gray materials and maybe a charm instead if your lucky

ID: gyppemd

I've been playing since it came out. I am level 360 lol

ID: gyqhy0m

I've been playing since it came out, I'm level "500". I'd definitely like to at least earn some more progress to finally getting an heirloom.

ID: gyplwcr

no actually! this incentivises players to keep playing the game and the more they play the more likely they are to buy packs or battlepasses or skins along the line!

ID: gypwzq7

I'm not sure they agree fully because you currently get less packs as you level up

3 : Anonymous2021/05/19 13:52 ID: gyp3cha

Love the enthusiasm but I think it's a bit naive (no offense) to think that EA, or even Respawn at this point, would be giving out so many free things.
In Titanfall 2 all you got for regenerating were new color themes for your pilot, a badge representing your regen lvl and a few more slots to customize your loadout.
If a system like this were to be implemented in Apex Legends all we would be getting are a badge and a charm representing our regen lvl. If were lucky we might even get two to three COMMON lootboxes.

ID: gyp4px5

Tbh, even without the Apex packs (which I don't really care about and which also would be the only way we could possibly expect to get this anyway) I'd like to be able to reset my lvl.

I'm not one of these people that have been stuck at 500 for two seasons, I'm merely at 360 or something like that, but it would be cool to at least show off a higher level than 500.

ID: gypph3q

360 gang.

ID: gypfd3x

This would also make it immensely easier to get enough packs for a guaranteed heirloom, which is exactly what EA doesn't want. They want everyone to spend oodles of money during events to get the "free" heirloom at the end

ID: gyplgbj

People seem to miss how long it takes to reach level 500. It literally took me 6 seasons from s1 to s6 to reach level 500

ID: gypovtk

Season 6!? I’m on season 9 and only at 445

ID: gypsrau

umm, i'm lvl 500 since season 4

*monkey looking away meme here*

ID: gyplwnw

I honestly think this is fine. For example, they added treasure packs, which give you packs.

Plus, there are now SO MANY new items (we got charms, then holo sprays, now we have emotes) that there is still tons of garbage filler. It could just be another small increase as in one pack per 10 levels upon regeneration.

Plus, the people who are level 500 and haven't gotten an heirloom (or more than one) aren't usually the same people who would buy more packs in the first place.

I don't think they'll give such a nice "regeneration bonus" though and that would probably be more like a charm or recolor.

4 : Anonymous2021/05/19 13:52 ID: gyp3ckk

I like the idea but, I doubt they would want to give anything away for free. I just want them to just display levels over 500.

ID: gyq3k6z

That's pretty shortsighted thinking though. Keeping people playing is profitable even if they don't spend a penny. It's the same reason they allow you to get the battle pass "for free" every season by completing it. You reward people for simply coming back and playing, so that the whales have enough players in their games to keep spending. It's the same reason many sensible devs give streamers all the cosmetic unlocks for free - yes you might lose out on some nickels and dimes on the individual sales to that person, but they're free advertising and all it takes is one person to see them using a skin/heirloom and buy it and they're already made their money back.

5 : Anonymous2021/05/19 13:15 ID: gyoybjm

Lmao the overlord EA would never allow this to happen

ID: gyoyvvf

Big lmao anytime I see a user suggest a mechanic that'll give them free apex packs

ID: gyp8g4v

Honestly the free packs only drop junk and matts after a certain point (and those are just used to unlock trackers, finishers, voicelines etc).

All the best skins are the monetized ones, and if people are complaining about the price and quality that's probably what they should be more concerned about

Edit: And the people who pump cash into packs for Heirlooms need to realize that's the freaking gambling hook, don't fall for it

6 : Anonymous2021/05/19 13:23 ID: gyozd6f

Watch them raise the guaranteed heirloom to once every 1000 pack

ID: gypemmn

I’m at level 430 and been playing since launch, still waiting for my heirloom

ID: gypkiuh

Well the max amount of free (including battle pass+treasure packs) apex packs you can get is 370, you might be waiting awhile.

ID: gypn4nt

If you got every single bp and participated in every event up until now, you would still have to do that for another 2-3 years before you get your guaranteed heirloom

7 : Anonymous2021/05/19 13:57 ID: gyp41nc

Gonna be seeing G100.49 players in a few years

8 : Anonymous2021/05/19 12:47 ID: gyouvcb

I like the idea but i just hit 500 and ive been playing since preseason one

ID: gyoxps8

I am about to hit level 500 but it would be nice to be rewarded by apex for putting so many hours into the game.

ID: gypicdh

the reason you get less apex packs per level as your level get higher is because Respawn/EA knows that if your around level 500, you enjoy the game enough to play even without the incentive for Apex packs. That's the reason you get Apex packs so frequently early on, because they want to hook you on, and then water down the rewards as you progress. Kind of scummy, but what did I expect ¯_(ツ)_/¯

ID: gyp13ys

I like the idea I've been level 500 since season 4, but it will never happen. EA is done giving players free stuff, now they're raising prices and milking us dry.

ID: gyp8zu3

Well, yes and no. I mean, paying players are getting punished with bundles being more and more expensive and all, but non-paying players get more and more rewards, with the event tracks being more frequent, the free BP tiers being more and more generous each season, the quests are just more free stuff, it's not all bad.

Nothing extraordinary for sure, but if you're not willing to pay, you'll still have more than enough cosmetic-wise.

ID: gyozk2x

I have around 1100 hours and I'm still at 380 or so

Edit: Remembered that a substantial number of my hours played were before the level cap increased from 100

ID: gyp6few

I have around 2700 hours and Im at level ~2000 right now

ID: gypfz88

Is something wrong with me if I'm 471+ and I've been playing since early-mid 3?

ID: gypl6xh

I played on launch day and im 346

9 : Anonymous2021/05/19 13:23 ID: gyozgtt

Me seeing g for levels: standby for titanfall

10 : Anonymous2021/05/19 14:36 ID: gyp9hwu

This would be cool but EA would never give you an opportunity to get an hierloom without spending 500$ so I don't know if they'll do the apex packs part lmao, other than that I would love to see this seriously, I like the apex pack part I'm just saying EA wouldn't.....

11 : Anonymous2021/05/19 15:11 ID: gypegdx

Would definitely give more incentive to play, especially after being level 500 for several seasons now

12 : Anonymous2021/05/19 13:09 ID: gyoxmav

This is a good idea, would love if they implemented something like this in the future.

13 : Anonymous2021/05/19 12:50 ID: gyov8gq

I like this

ID: gypkej6

EA doesnt

ID: gypkuh0


14 : Anonymous2021/05/19 14:30 ID: gyp8kpe

I just want those regeneration badges so bad, definitely would love this

15 : Anonymous2021/05/19 13:34 ID: gyp0wxc

This is very good. 10/10, very much recommended

16 : Anonymous2021/05/19 15:39 ID: gypil4b

I like the idea but when they are charging 25$ for 1 skin in a pack there is a zero chance they would give free packs by leveling anymore (past the ones currently)

17 : Anonymous2021/05/19 14:12 ID: gyp62eh

This is amazing, I never thought about this and I love titanfall 2

18 : Anonymous2021/05/19 15:14 ID: gypf093

Looks cool, but doesn’t make them money easily so therefore they won’t do it. Maybe if Regeneration was $40 and came with some gun charms they would consider it.

19 : Anonymous2021/05/19 15:15 ID: gypf3eq

Everyone liked this idea, thats why they won't implement it :/

20 : Anonymous2021/05/19 15:22 ID: gypg2aq

I dont get why the haven't done this, people have been lvl 500 for seasons now

21 : Anonymous2021/05/19 15:57 ID: gyplb5q

I love the regen theme, bonus if they kept the tf1 or 2 designs


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