Tell us one pro and one con for playing your main, and tell us one trick at beating them in a fight.

1 : Anonymous2019/02/25 15:49 ID: aumn1w

This is a game where gunplay is king, but proper utilization of a hero can still win you a fight.

Who is your main, and why do you play them? What advantages do they bring to the table? What would you say are the biggest downsides to playing your hero?

Finally, what is one thing you wouldn't want your opponent to know about your hero in a fight? What is one tip you could give other players to help them okay against your main?

2 : Anonymous2019/02/25 16:13 ID: eh92npo

I play mostly Bloodhound on PS4. I'm not the greatest, and have limited time to play, but I think I can hold my own, especially playing solo.

I originally picked up Bloodhound for his R1, which allows him to send out a wave that highlights enemies through walls. It's a great ability for beginners who don't know the map and game well yet. Honestly though, I find myself rarely using this ability anymore. I find it most useful if I know an enemy is in a house, and he knows I am outside, I will throw it out to get a gauge on how many enemies there are. The downsides to this ability are huge, as 1) the res highlights stay in place for a few seconds and can sometimes block your view in a fight, and 2) it broadcasts your location as much as it gives away the enemy's.

The reason I continued to play Bloodhound as I learned the game was his ult. My God it's so fun to pop off using the speed boost. If you run Peacemaker and/or R99 and flank with him, you can decimate an unsuspecting enemy team. That being said, it's much stronger early game when enemies have less armor, because if you can down them with one or two peacekeeper shots and move on, you can kill them all without taking damage, but if they have blue or purple armor, the fights don't end quick enough to fully take advantage of the surprise factor before they turn and focus you.

I think Bloodhounds strongest ability is his passive. Running into a new zone and immediately knowing if enemies are still there is amazing, and I don't think people who don't play/play with a Bloodhound understand just how big an advantage it can be. I find that in order to be good at this game, you've always got to keep moving and never slow down. It can be hard to move quickly and get a good idea if you're running straight into another team though, especially in areas with lots of cover. Moving quickly gives you an advantage, because you'll mostly be running into other unsuspecting teams instead of having another team run into you while you're busy looting slowly and being distracted. Using the sunrise advantage and being able to set up good positioning before a fight starts is what wins you fights, so being able to immediately understand if an enemy is in front of you without slowing down to do proper recon is very strong, especially if you can't compete solely based on your aim. One last tip for his passive is to pay attention to how long ago the enemy passed through. The ring around the icon is more full depending on how recently it was. If it is dark red and full, that was a few seconds ago. If it's dull and almost empty, that was about a minute ago. Use this information along with other pieces of information to try and guess whether the enemy is still in the area. If it's a tiny zone and they came through 45 seconds ago, they likely moved on. If they passed by 30 seconds ago and it's a huge area, keep your eyes peeled and let your team know, because they are likely still around and you should set up good positioning and get ready for a fight.

I think on of the major disadvantages to Bloodhound is his hitbox, which is larger than most of the heros. Luckily it's not as big as some, but it seems like hotboxes can be a major advantage or disadvantage in this game.

Tips for okaying against a Bloodhound:

If you see him moving quickly in his ult, stay grouped and make sure you don't allow him to flank you unnoticed

Don't think you can run or hide from him, especially if you don't know his ult is up. His ults main purpose is to track down and kill people who are running and hiding.

Keep your eyes open for his R1, it can give away his position. If you've been scanned, move into a different position that can easily kill him when he moves to and looks at your old position.

If he gets out of position while ulting, try and stall until his movement speed buff is up (it lasts 35 seconds) and punish his bad positioning.

Tips for playing with a Bloodhound on your team:

Listen to his advice. A good Bloodhound main will know how long ago an enemy team passed by in front of you. With enough time, it becomes second nature to understand if that team is likely still in the area you are entering. This is based on how long ago they passed by, how large the area is, how late into the game you are, and where the rings are located/time until ring close.

ID: ehe1jiw


3 : Anonymous2019/02/25 23:55 ID: eha7l3j


His hitbox is larger than the smaller characters while still being not as bad as caustic and Gibraltar.

He really shines in areas with lots of vertical spaces as with excellent grappling mechanics you can get great positioning and appear from unexpected angles.

The trick to beating him is using Bangalore smoke or caustic gas and pushing the other two players. Often the pathfinder is separated from his other two allies. So you use smoke to obscure the fight from the higher ground pathfinder overwatch point as take a 2 v 3 before he can reposition. The other thing to do is take out the pathfinder before his teammates can get up to him which is more realistic when your team sees them before they see you.

Overall pathfinder works best in a high ground overwatch position or as a flanker. Simply being more aware of vertical spaces or forcing them into an area that is more flat with his larger hitbox can give you the advantage. Gibraltar shield often helps because he fights well at medium and long range.

Also keep in mind his ult when used carelessly is a double edged sword because it gives an other team an idea of your positioning and allows them to reach you as they can use the zip lines against you.

4 : Anonymous2019/03/02 15:36 ID: ehms872

Shoot at Bangalore to trigger her passive from a range before you rush her, should never fight a Bangalore who has her passive up in close quarters unless they are low hp.


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