Microsoft acknowledges unresponsiveness face buttons

1 : Anonymous2021/03/06 11:55 ID: lz03ua
Microsoft acknowledges unresponsiveness face buttons
2 : Anonymous2021/03/06 15:38 ID: gpyuyu7

My main problem with XBox controllers has been the shoulder buttons(LB/RB) becoming loose and unresponsive.

ID: gpzf4u8

Sekiro absolutely destroyed mine, i think i had the block or attack there.

ID: gq05ri8

Playing Valhalla and Immortals Fenyx Rising back to back wrecked havoc on my Elite 2. And the A button on the face and the paddle I had it assigned it to started going out.

ID: gpzoivx

Same. Only buttons that ever broke for me across three controllers (all different versions), were either LB or RB.

You can tell how cheap those parts are even brand new. They click like the cheapest plastic I’ve ever heard. Boggles my mind how much stronger 360 controllers were.

ID: gq01ofx

They use a tiny fragile clip to hold the shoulder button in place, and it's extremely prone to failure. It happened to my Elite Controller. I got it replaced under warranty, and the same thing happened to the replacement, except this time exactly 2 weeks after the warranty ran out.

ID: gpzlkqy

Same, it’s incredibly annoying

ID: gq078tf

Never had a problem with the shoulder buttons, but I am experiencing the Y button failure mentioned in the article, and some games, HITMAN 3 namely, fail to register the trigger presses on PC. I have to run the Epic launcher through Steam so I can use Steam Input to get them to function, when the game supports Xinput and thus shouldn't require that.

I'd go back to my Dualshock 4, but frankly, I got tired of the Bluetooth issues it gave me and the Xbox controller having the ability to seamlessly switch between PC and Xbox has been a huge selling point.

ID: gpzv2eg

I know they did make slight adjustments to the Series X controllers in this department. They feel a bit more tactile and less mushy. I've only ever had one Xbox One controller this happened to me, it was quite a few years after use though.

ID: gq04ln8

Goddamn those bumpers. Since the 360 days, those fuckers have started to fail and either don't respond appropriately or double click.

ID: gq4u27e

I had to spend $40 to get my poor abused RB on my H5 controller repaired (it's the melee button in Halo 5 and Destiny 1&2)

ID: gpzzlwj

Same here with Apex

ID: gq040y1

Strange. My shoulder buttons only ever became a problem when a younger, stupider me slammed a controller down and fucked LB up.

ID: gq08uc5

I had the same problem and eventually purchased a razer wolverine ultimate controller to try something not made by microsoft. The difference has been night and day. I've had this controller for probably about 2 years now and have zero issues despite very heavy use. Would highly recommend if you're looking for alternatives.

ID: gq0aadx

My main problem with the bumpers is that they are too responsive

ID: gq0jljf

That’s always been my biggest issue, which I was lucky enough not to experience with the X1. In fact I’ve been pretty lucky with the X1 controllers last gen.

The 360 controllers though I was always replacing and for a variety of reasons. One might be stuck drift, another might be a sticky button but the biggest issue was always the shoulder buttons.

ID: gq0rien

SAME. Cheap trash

ID: gq0su69

I legit ruined an xbox one controller playing all the dark souls games for 100s of hours. It was the r1 button.

ID: gq194x8

It's always the damn RB right thumbstick that become loose/stuck. Gone through 4 controllers because of this

ID: gq1chj3

Mine has problems with dpad up. I opened it, checked if the contact might be dirty or something, but everything looks fine. It sometimes works but often it refuses to acknowledge the button press.

ID: gq1ez3y

I had issues with some face buttons sticking. A little isopropyl fixed them right up though.

ID: gq1orxy

My LB literally started being unreliable yesterday. With this very same controller I had issues with the RB aswell only a couple months after I got it, but that magically fixed itself (probably some dust buildup or something). I'm hoping for more magic cause these things are not cheap.

ID: gq317ou

Stick drift/losing input on the analogs is my issue

ID: gq340at

For me it is the dpad. Everything else worked fine, still using my origin controller that came with the console. Altough I didn't play a lot the past 2 years

3 : Anonymous2021/03/06 13:59 ID: gpy97dz

I've noticed this with the series controllers, pretty annoying, my sea of thieves controller I use on pc however doesn't have an issue.

But on the series controllers, the console fails to recognize input from the face buttons sometimes and the xbox button also doesn't register if I don't really push it with intent.

ID: gpzc5g9

the xbox button also doesn't register if I don't really push it with intent.

this is also with mine, might be by design since it obstructs the whole screen with its menu when you press it

ID: gpzelny

My elite 2 has been doing this since day 1. I had it “repaired” already. Just sent me another broken one.

ID: gpzigux

The sea of thieves controller has lasted me well too, minimal drifting and all the buttons still work fine for me after years of use. Also looks fantastic.

ID: gq0spky

the xbox button also doesn't register if I don't really push it with intent.

My Day One, Model 1537, controller did the same thing.

ID: gpzmmfz

Wtf is a series controller? Are you trying to mean xbox series x controller aka the newest xbox? Man what an stupid name they chose.

4 : Anonymous2021/03/06 15:39 ID: gpyv4mi

This is an extremely bad problem with the v2 elite controllers. The face buttons on mine weren't working right literally the same day that I unboxed it. Right back to the store it went.

ID: gpz7odp

Had to send one in for repair last month, cause the A button wasn’t working.

Got it back three days ago. Now the Y button isn’t working :/

ID: gpz1jks

If it was specifically the Button, the controller weirdly has 3 of the buttons on one pcb, with the B being on the second pcb. This resulted in my friend having travel issues with that button in particular.

ID: gq2na7e

It is honestly impressive how much more prone to issues the Elite line of controllers has been compared to normal controllers.

I guess it isn't shocking when you look inside and see how few parts on the Elite are actually premium.

ID: gpzpkxr

Bought two and they both had issues with the button so I went back to the cheaper version

ID: gq03um6

Its so bad. 4 replacements deep and still have the issue with my Y. I think I give up.

ID: gq1x5cn

Can confirm, got 4 replacements before I had enough and got my money back. And here I was thinking I'd treat myself with a nice controller because "it'll be worth it, you use it A LOT. Might aswell spend some more money.".

ID: gq0f6c5

Yeah, same. Unresponsive A button here.

ID: gq4xz0j

it's hilarious how the elite controllers v1 seemed to have worse build quality than standard xbone controllers

5 : Anonymous2021/03/06 15:24 ID: gpyrmk1

I’m so glad it’s not just me. I thought I just sucked! I mean, I still suck but at least sometimes it’s my controller.

ID: gpzsimr


6 : Anonymous2021/03/06 13:18 ID: gpy0vir

So why is it that NES controllers from the 1980s still work fine. But this generation all three parties cannot make a single controller that doesn't have issues like a cheap third party controller would?

Drifting sticks, unresponsive face buttons... These things cost 70-80 dollars.

ID: gpy2a4l

Because all the inner components are made by one company

Just like mice, where if you have Omron switches nowadays, it will die after 3 months

ID: gpyxwxn

It's right there in the article:

A recent teardown of the DualSense controller showed part of the problem is that Sony, along with other companies, use components with low durability as a "wilful cost-saving calculation on the consoles makers' part," according to iFixit.

ID: gpy5cf0

For starters I think its because there are a lot more moving parts than a NES controller.

ID: gpyf927

There's a few reasons:

As others have mentioned, modern controllers are significantly more complex. As a result things have to be smaller, and while there are exceptions by and large one way to get something durable is to make it more massive since it means stress fractures would need to progress far far farther to break something. Everything is cheaply produced nowadays, at minimum labor costs, offshore ideally. Also there's no longer a reputation to build and not even truly to uphold (marketing can fix that), so there's no reason to impress. Gamers are older nowadays, NES controllers were built against having to endure kids chewing on them. There's a reason Nintendo didn't want to give up their clamshell design for so long, they knew people were just tossing their consoles in backpacks without a case, and why would they? They're kids! Since now adults are the primary target, you can offload care onto the consumer instead of making durable components. Profitability of the companies has gone up. That doesn't come from nothing. One good way to increase profits in a capitalist C-suite-bonus-focused world is to reduce labor and material costs, and the latter is easy if you calculate that you save money on using shit pieces but then sending out replacements as needed.

Really, there's no technical reason these controllers couldn't be super durable at virtually the same size. But that'd cost money. Without majorly increasing sales. Hence it's not being done.

ID: gpzamjq

unresponsive face buttons

This one is just particularly unacceptable. Silicone keypad with carbon pills have been around for so long at this point (same exact technology as on the NES controller) that there is no excuses for them not working.

ID: gpyiat3

Significantly more complex parts with far more components and a market that is price sensitive.

NES controller breakdown

PS5 controller breakdown

ID: gq09fqy

Shit, I bought their Elite 2 controller which cost almost $200.

and I've had it for only three months, and one of the analogs drifts up on its own, and it randomly drops the wireless connection and reconnects a few seconds later.

I am NOT happy about this.

ID: gpym1xk

It's insane to me that every 360 controller in my house still works, but both PS4 controllers we had are ruined, and apparently this gen is even worse for reliability...

ID: gpynq8y

So why is it that NES controllers from the 1980s still work fine.

Do they? What is this based on? I'd imagine the majority of NES controllers don't work well at this point, and the ones that do are the exception.

ID: gpyi78p

Because modern controller are way more complex than old ones. A NES controller had 8 face buttons. An xbox one controller has 10 face buttons, two analogue stick, two top bumpers and two analogue triggers; And the whole thing vibrate. Also did you touch a NES controller lately? The buttons feel like you are pushing two block of plastic against each other. It has a much bigger raw feeling than modern controller (some people prefer it this way but I'm just mentioning it for comparison sake).

Also, I couldn't find any source on that but I believe a NES controller cost around 20$ in 1985 which is around 50$ with today's inflation. But if anyone can correct me on that I would appreciate it!

ID: gpyzahf

Xbox controllers have had issues for quite a while. Xbox One had a ton of problems with the bumpers failing. Can't remember if that was an issue during the 360 era but I think drift definitely was then, too.

ID: gpz6c4w

And misaligned d-pad on the switch pro controller! Something Nintendo themselves seemed to have a good history with prior

ID: gpzczvi

It seriously needs to be addressed. I love the dual sense but I went through several PS4 controllers and I cannot do the same again. I’m super worried about the adaptive triggers breaking or the joysticks drifting.

ID: gq0kr3f

Joycons are much worse than just drifting sticks. Between my 4 joycons I've had like 8 problems. Broken LED, part of a stick literally fell off, sticky A button, broken spring in a joystick, left joycon disconnects in handheld mode, right joycon disconnects in docked mode, input lag or duplicated inputs all the time if there happens to be literally anything anywhere near the path between the joycon and the Switch (a table, any part of my body, etc.)

It's unbelievable how terrible this hardware is from a company that has had such legendarily good hardware quality until now.

ID: gq22cko

I could fix my Sega Controllers (MS/MD) as a 6 year old and put them back together fine.

No chance a 6 year old can do that with a PS5 or even a PS4 controller. They're rather complicated due to the many many more parts and especially the tensioned stuff.

ID: gpz6956

... I'm sorry, but you really can't see the difference? NES controllers are so simple in its construction. Any of the new controllers has more complex parts in their triggers than the entirety of the NES controllers.

ID: gpzrigk

Maybe you didn't play 8h/day 7days a week back then?

ID: gpzwz04


Need we say more?

ID: gpzzan2

Of note, all sticks drift. Given enough time sticks will drift. It has a lot more mechanically going on. My Xbox 360 controller started to drift eventually with use. So part of it is the internet freaking out about things and blowing it out of proportion. They do this all the time.

I remember how Switches were dying left and right out of the box and using your dock would shred your screen.

That said, this generation seems to have phoned it in. The PS5 controller definitely cheaped out. Face buttons have been sorted out since the NES days and typically only cheap third party garbage would have issues. The Joycons also made a poor choice with their joysticks, which I hope was due to size concerns.

ID: gq042pw

Companies make less profit if they build stuff that lasts forever.

You see this in every industry not just gaming.

It’s also not as simple as to just say everything new is electronic and everyone old is mechanical (there is no question that’s a factor due to technological obsolescence), but it’s only part of the problem. Especially since most of the fail points in modern goods are rarely the electronics and usually something related to the mechanical parts inside.

ID: gq05ku2

Those NES controllers were made after a giant video game crash caused by a system that had faulty controllers. They needed to show their product was quality.

A better question is why does my Dual Shock Analog controller work perfectly today while PS5 controllers are breaking right away. The Joycon I can KIND of understand why (not saying it's acceptable) due to their size, but the PS5 and XSX controllers are unacceptable. The answer lies in cheaper products = bigger profits. Sad that the OEMs are making products at the quality level of MadCatz.

ID: gq09z7q

Profit margins are more important than quality parts.

Why sell one controller that last forever when you can sell several to the same customer.

ID: gq0cvr7

I've had no problems this generation with controllers. And the sticks people are sure are the problem on PS5 are the same sticks that PS4 used. And we seemed to get through that generation without widespread reporting of stick drift.

I would suggest it could be a reporting problem. Either a deficiency last gen or a much higher emphasis this gen.

In other news my 8bitDo SNES controller buttons are very sticky. And it's making me sad.

ID: gq0ql30

I swear by 8-Bitdo's controllers because they are literally just NES/SNES/Genesis controllers with modern stuff in them. They even have an official deal with Xbox for their SNES variation to use on mobile devices for Gamepass. I swear by the SN30+ Pro as the best controller... well ever honestly because it's like it comes from an alternate timeline where the Nintendo PlayStation happened and got all the way up to the Nintendo PlayStation 4. They work on everything and besides the newest rumble stuff on the PS5 and trigger rumble on the Xbox Elites, it does everything including gyro on the Switch better than first party stuff.

It amazes me that, a company can so blatantly dunk on everybody by straight up reproducing the best features of old school controllers and that everyone just hasn't officially swapped to them for a solution since no one else can get their shit together.

ID: gq18zx4

Because the NES controllers that don't still work fine got thrown out 30 years ago.

I remember the face buttons on mine would sometimes get stuck under the shell. We didn't have Reddit and Twitter to complain on, we just had to deal with it.

ID: gpyr5fh

Microsoft’s selling the console at a loss and is trying to make up some of that loss with controllers. Enough cost pressure to get margin and the quality drops, that’s what we’re seeing.

ID: gpz19wp

Either because these companies want to have a bill of materials that is like 10 dollars so they can pocket 40 when they sell it to you for 50 or they intentionally put in shit that they know will break and you'll come looking for a replacement in a year or two.

ID: gpzhdg6

what's wrong with the PS5 controllers? Everyone says they're the best controllers they've ever used.

ID: gpzhig8

NES controllers from the 1980s do not "still work fine", they have accumulated over 30 years worth of crud, and probably need to be opened up and cleaned.

ID: gpyvcfh

Things are not made to last long nowadays so that you may buy again. Stonks. Just like shoes.

ID: gpz62f8

Planned obsolescence.

ID: gpzggq2

because of complexity. 1980s was entirely digital and a button that works 51% still worked perfectly fine. nowadays most buttons are analog and a joystick that is 80% accurate will have drift.

the reason for why they cost more is that companies have learned to not make a profit from the system itself, but from accessories. These things go on sale on Black Friday for $35.

ID: gpzsa57

Xbox 360 controller bought back in 2007 works to this day and I'm using it every other day.

I've paid £25.

ID: gpy8wtu

Drifting is because of too many features

ID: gpzc7ag

More points of failure?

I've heard about Switch Joycons getting drift, and about issues with XBOX One controllers. I've been using the same Joycons since launch day and the same XBOX One pad since 2014 on a regular basis and both of them still work just fine.

7 : Anonymous2021/03/06 15:48 ID: gpyxbvc

How about their stupid $200 controllers as well as their normal ones that ship with the series x? I bought an elite controller series 2 from Amazon. It had an unresponsive A button. I got a replacement and sent mine back (in that order, so I knew they were unique controllers). Next controller has the same exact problem. I did this THREE more times until I just gave up, got my money fully returned and bought a razer wolverine ultimate. While it is wired only, it works much, much better. I could have gone through Microsoft support, but I would have needed to wait for my controller to arrive to them, then probably weeks for them to send me a refurbished controller or one with the same issue, and to have to go through all that again. Forget that. Controllers are made so poorly these days.

ID: gpz3hln

Chiming in to say I had a similar experience.

Over nine months I had to replace mine three times. One faulty A/X, second controller RB stopped registering at all, third disconnected frequently from the wireless adapter.

The store did not accept a return as they said MS handles all this and replaces them. I tried to do a full reclamation thing but it would not have passed as MS does offer free replacement..

I sold my brand new fourth one (also MS replacement) to a friend for somewhat cheap, informing him of the issues that will likely arise. It's so far worked for him, but warranty is up soon.

I can't stress enough that no one should get these at all. Some get lucky, but really, most don't. A majority of these have some issue.

ID: gpz6lrw

100% with you, though I bailed sooner. But, that said, how cool are those Wolverines? The buttons are a bit stiff, but the clicky feedback is SO NICE.

ID: gpzo21x

I'm really happy with my Wolverine Ultimate. Razer is the only brand I have found that utilizes two extra shoulder buttons in addition to the rear buttons. Plus being able to program one of the extra buttons to throttle or boost a joystick is super handy at times.

That said, I had some significant quality issues with Razer as well, but their customer service was accommodating enough that I didn't jump ship.

ID: gpzu025

The bluetooth on the Elite 2 is terrible also. Not to mention that you can't rebind the paddles to anything other than buttons already being used on the controller, completely defeating the purpose I had for them.

ID: gpz9fgb

Yeah the wolverine or the Power-A fusion are the two best options if you want a nice, durable xbox controller. They are both wired but the build quality is much higher than the elite and they are much cheaper (well at least the fusion is).

ID: gpzkqaj

I have an Xbox one controller. The right dpad button barely responds.

8 : Anonymous2021/03/06 15:21 ID: gpyqvvt

My biggest issue with the new Series X controller is that the guide button barely vibrates anymore when you hold it down and a lot of times you'll hold the button down and it'll just register a single press and open the guide instead of the options to turn off the console.

ID: gpzmc0y

Is that the controller or console lags? It annoys me as well.

ID: gq0645g

I noticed that too. At first I thought it was a console problem (not sending the full vibrate signal on hold guide input) but no, using my older XB1 controllers with my Series X still has the solid vibrate when you hold guide. Haven't had the latter happen though, it at least always works even with the reduced feedback.

ID: gq0amtt

I have the opposite problem. I’ll press it once and the shutdown screen shows up

9 : Anonymous2021/03/06 15:34 ID: gpytxtp

I legit will not buy a new console until they figure this shit out. The Switch has basically taught me how important no controller issues is to me as a consumer and I refuse to buy into this broken system made to encourage you to buy brand new $100 controllers that break after 6 months.

ID: gpzpoxb

The electrical contact cleaner solution works really well. Have my joycons from launch and only had to spray twice. But I feel it.

ID: gpzm3l7

I have had great luck with my switch pro controller! I love it. Just wish the triggers were pressure sensitive, cuz I use it on my computer.

I’m scared to use my joycons though. I don’t want to get em drifting.

ID: gpziohu

You can always use 360 or One controllers if the new one fails

And there's a warranty so they'll send it to you for free, you dont have to buy a new one.

10 : Anonymous2021/03/06 15:35 ID: gpyu2fa

Have had this issue with my Y button, hopefully it's not a hardware issue. Would be good if it can be sorted with a firmware upgrade.

11 : Anonymous2021/03/06 18:01 ID: gpzo0di

I know this article is about the newest Xbox controller, but I got an Xbox One controller to use on PC last year and right out of the box one of the face buttons would only register if I pushed it in with extra force. Has this been a common issue or was I just unlucky?

ID: gpzuwqw

I bought and returned two Xbone controllers with this same issue, so who knows. People do seem to talk more about it this gen though.

12 : Anonymous2021/03/06 11:58 ID: gpxkmc4

I've personally tried 3 different xbox controllers (2 from the previous gen too), and they've all had this issue with the face buttons not activating at certain angles. Some had it worse than others.

Here's a thread that has 64 comments with people reporting trying out several controllers as well:

/comments/jrok8d/psa_xbox_series_x_controllers_still_have_faulty_a/" class="reddit-press-link" target="_blank" rel="noopener">

ID: gpyu3ti

Yes! I thought I was going crazy. It's always the A button for me. I've had 3 different Xbox One controllers where the angle I generally hit it at doesn't register.

It works fine whenever I think about it and hit it dead on but I usually hit it with the middle part of my thumb near the joint on the bottom half of the button and it only occasionally registers there. Out of the 6 Xbox One controllers 3, including my Elite v2, have this problem.

ID: gpyg6sp

I went through 3 Xbox One controllers before I found one where all the buttons weren't busted.

ID: gpzb7mc

Jeez, and I remember when we had analog face buttons that were pressure sensitive. Now, they’re not even guaranteed to work every time!

ID: gpzdwhp

I have two, first has no clicking with the LB and the other has an f’d up x button. Quality assurance blows.

13 : Anonymous2021/03/06 12:44 ID: gpxv8nq

This has been a problem with Xbox controllers for years, ever since the original model of the Xbox One controllers. Really not sure why they keep using the same flawed mechanism (y'know, outside of $$$).

ID: gpz836i

Same. My XB1X controller started having these problems (made playing Tetris Effect really annoying let me tell you) so I bought a Series controller…and it was fine for the first couple of months now my A button is just as fucked as my XB1X controller.

It’s why my Xbox has honestly just been gathering dust as of late. The A button being goosed just makes playing it a chore.

ID: gq11gxh

I recently thought about replacing the two 360 wireless controllers I use on my PC (the Xbox 360 was last used for Halo 4 and has been in storage since). I guess I'll just keep using them until they die, they seem to be much more reliable than the newer stuff.

14 : Anonymous2021/03/06 15:42 ID: gpyvyco

This happened to me as well. Noticed I wasn't always swapping weapons in Destiny 2, and went to the xbox accessories app to test. Y button was definitely intermittent when pressed lightly. I also noticed that with the button down lightly it may not register fully on all of my buttons, but it was most noticeable on the Y button. I'm thinking this is because the Y button is further away and I sometimes press on an angle. For anyone wanting to be certain or want to see what the limits are, I recommend checking the xbox accessories app.

15 : Anonymous2021/03/06 16:22 ID: gpz5omv

Holy shit, this only happens one maybe 1-3 inputs a day to me on my Elite, so I thought I was going crazy or there was interference or something

ID: gq0wab9

This is whats put me off the elite. Been in the market for a new controller but they all seem to succumb to same issues. In the end I changed the centering through Steam on my 360 contoller and its been fine again.

16 : Anonymous2021/03/06 18:20 ID: gpzqkvo

Okay, so I am not crazy. I got an Elite series 2, and while it's usually just fine, there are times when I say "WTF, I know I hit the button". It's pretty rare for me, so I don't lose sleep over it, but it's good to know I am not losing my mind.

17 : Anonymous2021/03/06 16:29 ID: gpz7kw2

I bought the new xbox controllers twice now, and i returned them both because of these issues: unresponsive buttons, triggers not correctly vibrating and joysticks not responding. Maybe i got really bad luck, but there are for sure issues with these new controllers.

18 : Anonymous2021/03/06 16:53 ID: gpzde3m

Really disappointed with Microsoft's Series 2. My Series 1 lasted five years, absolutely no issues. I just sent my Series 2 in for the third time to get a replacement. Like, come on...

19 : Anonymous2021/03/06 15:52 ID: gpyyj25

Glad I always a few years to buy the new consoles. These things are too expensive to be a beta tester

ID: gpze3jo

It’s all covered by warranty. There’s no extra expense to being at the front of a generation.

20 : Anonymous2021/03/06 15:22 ID: gpyr5lb

My Series X controller that came with the console started flickering one day and repeatedly dying/stuttering in the middle of gameplay. Eventually I just couldn’t use it and had to buy a new one. I think this was the first time that’s ever happened to me with a new console’s controller, notwithstanding the drift issues on the Switch’s joy cons.

ID: gpzmkhx

!! Mine does this every so often too! Additionally, sometimes it will stop responding, no way to turn it off except for yanking out the battery. I think it might be a firmware crashing issue.

21 : Anonymous2021/03/06 16:43 ID: gpzb1b1

Wow this is nice to see. I thought I just had bum controllers. My Y button and my Xbox Menu button on both controllers are funky and don’t always work unless you press harder than you need

22 : Anonymous2021/03/06 18:28 ID: gpzrvrk

I'm glad I still have my Xbox 360 controller, it's 14 years old and still works flawlessly.

It might last longer than myself at this rate.

23 : Anonymous2021/03/06 19:05 ID: gpzyn02

Hopefully they'll fix my busted elite 2's shoulder buttons, which started dropping inputs a month after the warranty expired without cost..

24 : Anonymous2021/03/06 19:29 ID: gq02w07

I returned my Elite Series 2 this week for this very problem. I hope the new one they send as a replacement works better.

25 : Anonymous2021/03/06 19:32 ID: gq03i3h

I've had nonstop unresponsive face button issues on my Xbox Elite Series 2 controller. Had to get like 4 replacements and still have the issue.

26 : Anonymous2021/03/06 23:27 ID: gq1eu8b

How hilarious it is that the third party monster controller you give to little siblings/friends when you play video games with them now works better than official controllers. How the mighty have fallen.

27 : Anonymous2021/03/07 00:36 ID: gq1ra6l

Holy fuck. Ive been complaining about this for over a year but no one seemed to believe me. Its about fucking time. 3 xbox elite controllers i went through. All with the same problem.

28 : Anonymous2021/03/06 15:40 ID: gpyvcno

I had an issue with this on a 2nd gen Xbone controller, it came out of the box with an unresponsive A button. Microsoft sent me a new one without asking for a replacement.

A year or so later, I got the good and bad controllers mixed up by accident, and realized that both buttons worked now. I've suspected that there's some sort of environmental factor that causes the mechanism to warp and fit/not fit right, maybe changes in temperature?

ID: gpyzl80

Maybe you just got used to pressing the button harder or something.

ID: gpz6rny

Both of my xbone controllers have issues with sticky buttons. Suspect there’s too much gap allowing oil and dirt to get in them. Cleaning them with alcohol usually takes care of the issue for a few months for me.

29 : Anonymous2021/03/06 16:11 ID: gpz2vah

I still have a GameStop brand 360 controller that works wonderfully on my PC. All the more reason to take a pass on this console generation.

30 : Anonymous2021/03/06 16:17 ID: gpz4dtl

What about the wireless connection issues?

My Series controller is unusable on PC.

ID: gq2fcwm

I'd say it's actually much better than the xbox one controller in that regard

31 : Anonymous2021/03/06 15:34 ID: gpytziw

same problem in the xbox one s controller with B button i tried it with 3 different one S controller, got same problem, and decided to get the original one controller

32 : Anonymous2021/03/06 18:02 ID: gpzo6ep

FUCKING FINALLY! I love the xbox controller but the unresponsiveness of the face buttons was a deal killer for me

33 : Anonymous2021/03/06 18:13 ID: gpzpim4

The A button not registering caused me to lose Hex-A-Gon more than once on PC so I sold that shit. Had it less than a year and baby'd the hell out of it. Unacceptable.

34 : Anonymous2021/03/06 18:37 ID: gpztdjr

I ordered a controller, it arrived with the issue, sent it back under warranty and I'm still waiting for a refund or replacement 6 months later. Some stuff support told me:

Call microsoft store support (from xbox support) Call xbox support (from microsoft store support) Got into a 3 way call where xbox and microsoft support were trying to dump me onto each other. One asked something to her supervisor and the other used the opportunity to drop the call. Other told me she couldn't help when she came back. They told me I never ordered a controller in the first place The replacement controller is on the way (they gave me the tracking ID for the one I sent to them) This issue is not actually covered by warranty They already replaced the controller

When I call support they also usually try to sell me a game pass about 3 times until they actually try to help me with my issue.

35 : Anonymous2021/03/06 19:51 ID: gq06wcm

Yeah, after going through 2 elite controllers in the past years, I'm done spending more than 40 bucks on an xbox controller.

This controller is an absolute steal if you don't mind using a wired controller. Everything just works. There's a locking mechanism for the micro usb so it doesn't wiggle around and fuck up the port like other controllers I've used. Programmable buttons on the back. Trigger stops. And the build quality feels a lot better than you'd expect from a $40 controller.

ID: gq07fsk

I've heard good things about PowerA recently, might check out their controllers at some point.

36 : Anonymous2021/03/06 20:36 ID: gq0g5s5

Own 4 Xbox One controllers, none of them ever had issues. Series X controller the Y and A buttons give me grief. Either they don’t work or the A button double taps at once. The issue seems to be if you lightly press the button or press it from the side or an angle, it doesn’t register. Pressing straight down works. But clearly this is an issue. So far it’s just been really annoying and has slowly gotten worse since day 1.

37 : Anonymous2021/03/06 21:42 ID: gq0tpmp

I bought a shock blue xbox one controller and it periodically disconnected for no reason. Returned it for another of the same and had the same issue. Microsoft needs to get their hardware right asap. I should not have to deal with going back to the store multiple times to purchase and return a brand new controller.

38 : Anonymous2021/03/06 23:45 ID: gq1ibks

" wilful cost-saving calculation on the consoles makers' part" reads as "Cheap shit for cheap customers" to me.

39 : Anonymous2021/03/06 15:49 ID: gpyxsw8

My "A" button on my Series X controller did this from day 1 but presumed was just a one-off, shame to see it's others as well

ID: gpyz1ty

Yep, I've seen a lot of people say they've had that on all of their xbox controllers. It's definitely a design flaw. But depending on how you're used to pressing the buttons, some (most?) people might not notice that.

ID: gpzc1hz

Chiming in, mine took until just past my return period to begin doing this. Oh what joy.

Only bought it because my 1X controller did it so bad games were unplayable.

40 : Anonymous2021/03/06 16:20 ID: gpz55pt

Happening with my Xbox One Controller as well. After I've had to replace one, because the LB button was busted, I had to have the new one repaired cause the LB button was busted again, now the A button doesn't work if I press it at the wrong angle.

Sad that there is no real alternative for me, since no other controller feels as good as the Xbox one. I don't like that both sticks are at the bottom on the Playstation controller and my Switch Pro controller feels fine and has no problems yet, but it just doesn't feel quite as good to use.

41 : Anonymous2021/03/06 13:38 ID: gpy4x9k

I also have a broken RB button on my Xbox controllers. Kinda baffled how they never changed the mechanism since the old duke controller.

Edit: since the Xbox 360, since the duke didn't have the RB buttons, only my third party controller had them.

ID: gpyhpb0

the old duke controller didn't have an RB button

ID: gpyr6oo

What year is the controller from? The original xbox one controllers had that problem and they changed the bumper design a couple years later.

42 : Anonymous2021/03/06 19:46 ID: gq06440

Glad Microsoft actually talks about it rather than Nintendo pretending their joycon drift that affects SO MANY people never happened

ID: gq06v6m

Not trying to defend Nintendo, but they don't pretend joycon drift doesn't exist either.

43 : Anonymous2021/03/06 17:46 ID: gpzm8t3

Does this only manifest when running wirelessly? I don't recall having any issues with mine but I'm wired into the front of the pc.

ID: gpzndrr

Nope. It doesn't matter how you connect the controller.

44 : Anonymous2021/03/06 17:52 ID: gpzmz7k

My ver 1 elite still works flawlessly after a couple years of heavy use. My series X controller I got in December however definitely has missing inputs on the A button. I noticed it while playing monster sanctuary and missing my jumps I thought I was going crazy.

45 : Anonymous2021/03/06 17:54 ID: gpzn9zm

My biggest issue is that the headphone jack always stops working after a few months of having the controller. My friend have it happen to them too so I know it’s not just me

ID: gpzp99k

The the headphone jack is loosely set onto the PCB. If there’s an issue, it may be worth opening up the controller and cleaning the Cheeto dust and gamer rage sweat. Anything getting in there would cause a malfunction.

Additionally, it’s wise to check regularly for updates. The software on the controller gets updated every now and then and isn’t always automatic. Just go to setting>accessories>check updates

46 : Anonymous2021/03/06 19:05 ID: gpzypn2

As much as I love the Xbox controllers, the Xbox One controller sure sacrificed a lot of durability. I destroy a new XB1 controller every 6 months or so from Rocket League. I switched to one of my old Xbox 360 controllers a year ago and it's only now starting to go.

The face buttons on the Xbox One controller loose the ability to return to a neutral position quickly, making actions that require double presses in quick succession impossible as the button does not return quick enough for the second press. The control sticks hold up surprisingly well, considering how much more loose they are over the original Xbox 360 sticks as well.

47 : Anonymous2021/03/06 19:41 ID: gq0563w

I feel as though game controllers in general are just not that great. I'm on my 5th ps4 controller. The other ones I've had either had a broken button, joystick drift, or would just stop charging

ID: gq074jp

It's almost as though those companies want us to keep buying their controllers...

48 : Anonymous2021/03/06 20:41 ID: gq0h66s

Also want to add that I’m using Xbox One headset from Microsoft and EVERYTIME I turn the console on I gotta unplug it and replug it in twice to get in game audio. Sometimes after an hour or two it’ll just stop working and I’ll need to replug it in. On top of that the chat mixer button on the adapter doesn’t change audio mix between game and chat at all. Tried on 2 different adapters on 2 controllers

49 : Anonymous2021/03/06 21:06 ID: gq0miza

I was searching for a solution to this for a while but eventually just bought the Razer Xbox controller and its been great.

50 : Anonymous2021/03/06 22:35 ID: gq14c85

Since making the switch to the Series X I've been having problems specifically in Fifa with the Y button, with it being a commonly used button it has caused a lot of frustration when the players do not do a through ball pass when I press the button.

51 : Anonymous2021/03/06 22:39 ID: gq156rl

Well fuck me, I literally just bought a new Xbox controller just the other day since I've been needing a new controller for a while now and read good things about the series S/X ones online.

Is this a widespread enough problem that I should be returning the new one while I still can? And if so what other decent options are out there for PC, keeping in mind that money is limited these days?

ID: gq17ejj

If you don't have/notice the issue, then why return it? It happened right out of the box with all of the controllers I tried. I assume most people just don't notice it/use the buttons differently from me. So enjoy your controller if it works fine for you.

52 : Anonymous2021/03/07 00:15 ID: gq1ob2z

Over the summer I had a hard time finding a new controller which I desperately needed due to joystick drift. I finally found one but the Y button would not register or would double tap on a single press quite a bit. I was luckily able to go in and get a replacement within 2 weeks of finding the first. Same issue. I've just been dealing with it because trying to find stock to replace it was annoying me. It can absolutely ruin a game of Halo in the higher ranks of MCC though.

53 : Anonymous2021/03/07 01:20 ID: gq1vuhp

i literally switched to mouse and keyboard cuz i went thru 5-7 controllers in my life. That shit really adds up.

54 : Anonymous2021/03/07 15:49 ID: gq3t9yn

I have not had the unresponsive button issue, but I’ve noticed a series of issues with controllers and my XSX:

-My Series X controller has static/hiss when plugging in earbuds, which I found the workaround by cranking the volume to max in system settings and turning it back down in in-game settings

-My SX controller sometimes causes random audio stuttering in-game

-My One X controller doesn’t have either of the above issues, but it has its own quirk in that when it’s plugged into the XSX and is in low power mode (system is off), the controller emits coil whine.

I am amazed by how quiet the XSX console itself is (my PS5 sounded like a pair of hair clippers with its coil whine/buzzing), but the MS controllers are its Achilles heel.

55 : Anonymous2021/03/07 20:32 ID: gq4vemu

It amazes me how many problems all controllers face now days. Granted there is a lot more technology in them now so I guess that means there is more that can go wrong but...

I remember being a dumb ass kid with an attitude problem and slinging my NES and SNES controllers all over the damn place. They still worked fine.

That ain’t happening today.

56 : Anonymous2021/03/06 14:57 ID: gpymuvi

For a second I thought this was about how incredibly awful and unresponsive the Microsoft store is (and every other part of windows that uses that god awful UI).

57 : Anonymous2021/03/06 21:40 ID: gq0takm

At the very least, MS is ahead of Nintendo and Sony by allowing you to use controllers going back to the Xbox 360. Sony you can only use DS4 on PS5 with DS4 games, and Nintendo is Nintendo.

58 : Anonymous2021/03/06 17:25 ID: gpzjoae

After having replaced both my mouse and keyboard two times over the past year due to flaky unresponsive (or strangely doubly responsive) switches, if I hear that they used Chinese Omron switches I'll be pretty disappointed.

59 : Anonymous2021/03/06 20:26 ID: gq0e5ic

What's with controllers being so bad now? The Dualsense, Joycons and Series X/S controller are all having major issues.

ID: gq0lmcq

The kids on the assembly line are rebelling.

60 : Anonymous2021/03/07 03:19 ID: gq27let

I feel like the Xbox series X will be their last console. Seriously what is actually the point of owning an Xbox anymore? Everything in their library is on pc. If you want exclusives just buy a ps5 (in a couple years lol) and you’ll be set. The best part is that you can use their far superior controller on pc as well.

61 : Anonymous2021/03/06 15:30 ID: gpysxkr

My Series X controller works just fine, but since launch, at least 4 or 5 people per day are facing controller issues. Microsoft must do something as soon as possible.

62 : Anonymous2021/03/06 19:45 ID: gq05unp

Man, that's like the one thing on an XB1 controller that hasn't been a problem (specifically unresponsive face buttons). I've had stick reading incorrectly, bad triggers out of box, breaking bumpers, rubber on the face buttons wearing out so it wouldn't pop up any more. Face button's responsiveness and the d-pad have been the only things that never been a problem on mine.

I will say, the bumpers on my series X controller do seem a lot more "solid" than the XB1 ones have been.

63 : Anonymous2021/03/06 21:48 ID: gq0uwus

So happy with my X360 controller when I see issues people are having with all new controllers. Apart having quite badly designed d-pad, it's working flawlessly for the 5th year now. I mean when people complain new controllers are basically dying while unboxing - I can only pay my X360 last few more years till maybe some stuff is fixed with V2 of Series X/S and V2 of PS5.

64 : Anonymous2021/03/06 21:18 ID: gq0ozq4

Wow, I see a ton of people with issues with the Elite 2 controller here in the comments. I had no idea problems were this rampant. Mine has been working without any problems, other than the initial few play sessions it took to "break in" the face buttons.

65 : Anonymous2021/03/07 04:29 ID: gq2ec29

What the hell is a face button? Why did OP reword the headline into gibberish?

ID: gq2sfkc

Face buttons are the buttons on the face of the controller, the ABXY.

ID: gq3117o

Unresponsive* Must be really hard to understand the current title.


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