Free Talk Weekend | May 21 2021

1 : Anonymous2021/05/21 11:59 ID: nhqrfa

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2 : Anonymous2021/05/22 13:20 ID: gz1wrzd

You know what, I'm gonna approach it in a positive way: thank you, Respawn, for making pubs matchmaking on the weekend so unbearable that I'm going for walks outside now on my Saturday's, just so that I don't have to get stomped all day.

ID: gz2adem

Solo queuing pubs on the weekend is one of the worst gaming experiences I have seen.

3 : Anonymous2021/05/21 16:17 ID: gyyi1ed

My biggest complaint with this game is the sbmm if you solo queue. I’m a good player but not great and I constantly get low level teammates while almost every time I fight is a 3 stack maste


ID: gyyixga

People level 500 shouldn't be matched with players below level 100, like, ever. It's not enjoyable for either side. The level 500 player doesn't want to carry two others in what is basically a 1vs3 vs premade teams.. and those two lower level players can't enjoy or properly learn the game at their own pace because they still have to fight premade teams who often are diamond+ rank level players.

I'd gladly take longer matchmaking over the inbalanced dumb system we have to deal with at the moment.

4 : Anonymous2021/05/21 12:05 ID: gyxnbc1

What is up with the dreadful lag at the moment? Seeing players glitch around is not particularly fun.

5 : Anonymous2021/05/22 06:19 ID: gz149xi

If it isn't BAD TEAMMATES, it is the TRIPLE-STACK of Maste


My WHOLE lobby was maste

while my teammates were NOWHERE near that level.

Then your next squad will be ONE teammate in trios.

6 : Anonymous2021/05/22 19:50 ID: gz35z30

I don't understand why this game makes me have to poop really bad every time. I can't get past the first drop of the day without having to take a massive dump. Even if there's no warning signs, it just jossels everything loose and pushes itself out so fast that I can barely make it to the toilet in my bedroom. I'm faced with the choice of leaving the match or just dropping blind and waiting there until I get back.

ID: gz375tk

This is the funniest thing I saw on Reddit ever

7 : Anonymous2021/05/21 13:50 ID: gyxylqt

I have only one a little, but very important request - Fix the audio. I can’t count how many times I died only because I couldn’t hear the enemy behind or above or under. Fuck, I don’t even know where they are

ID: gyy6pdt

Respawn has ONE guy working on the audio. Not a duo team or a department, but one guy. The lack of consistent audio really puts me off playing the game.

8 : Anonymous2021/05/21 14:24 ID: gyy304l

Kids have the reputation as being annoying players but I encounter far more polite kids on mic than adults. Adults are the screamers and swearers.

(Also, French players seem like the angriest. "PUTAIN!")

9 : Anonymous2021/05/21 15:59 ID: gyyfotf

Why is solo queue horrible ?

ID: gyyn7dj

Because Respawn thinks that balancing a good player with 2 shit players is a fun way to do matchmaking.

Oh, and also because Respawn thinks it's OK for premades to wreck solo queuers.

10 : Anonymous2021/05/21 13:57 ID: gyxzgyh

im enjoying the season but the audio is still so horrible, it's so frustrating when you have a good game and die only because of silent third party's/players

ID: gyy3jmt

No wonder we have this Bloodhound meta at the moment. You can't hear shit, might as well rely on the scans to make up for the lack of awareness.

11 : Anonymous2021/05/21 22:03 ID: gyzqrm8


ID: gyzs4ea

Nah in duos you get solos, its a feature not a bug

12 : Anonymous2021/05/21 13:59 ID: gyxzotv

So many Preds and Masters in pubs. I'm not playing significantly better than previous seasons but I'm seeing Preds in so many games. Matchmaking is worse than ever.

ID: gyy3bu6

I've given up playing for a while. I could tolerate the sweaty lobbies if it actually paired me up with competent players so we stand a chance against all the other diamonds/masters/preds I see every game.

13 : Anonymous2021/05/21 20:10 ID: gyzcr14

Can you guys fix the bullshit matchmaking please. Doesn't make sense putting a player who barely gets 1/2 kills in a game to play against lvl 500 and predators

14 : Anonymous2021/05/21 14:40 ID: gyy517z

For some reason when Solo-queing ranked, I get matched with 2 premades awfully a lot for some reason. They always same the same club tag or some names that indicate that they're some clan or something.

And while this is not always a bad thing, a lot of times it happens that those 2 just ignore me, don't wait for me, don't rotate with me, don't cover me, don't ping, use mic or type, nothing at all... And solo-queing like that really becomes a frustration, especially because it makes me gain 500 RP one day, and lose 600 the very next with mostly these type of teammates who don't communicate at all, not even pings, which could already make a difference.

I know that this has been a commonly mentioned thing lots and lots of times already, but issues that I've mentioned above are some of the biggest reasons why Respawn should add a separate solo-que ranked mode...

15 : Anonymous2021/05/21 23:51 ID: gz0340w

I beg you to work on the audio issues, so many times there are no footsteps from people veryveryvery close and this litterly makes me get knocked cuz i cant react and get shot from behind. While sometimes i can hear people from so far that im like how the hell can i hear this

16 : Anonymous2021/05/21 15:49 ID: gyyebig

please put some more unhittable 200 ping rubberbanding players in my lobbies. really fun wasting 10 minutes in a match just to get killed by a player glitching 4 feet ahead every time they move

17 : Anonymous2021/05/22 05:04 ID: gz0yr8o

The servers are absolutely buns man, i love this game, but my god not being able to slide or run properly due to nonstop lag makes it unplayable.

18 : Anonymous2021/05/23 14:15 ID: gz5vg1r

I swear this season I've seen so many masters& preds in every lobby, before season 9 I was getting fucked like half of the games by them but now 75% of time when I die , I dont even have to check their banner to know it was a master 3 man squad or some smurf.

This shit is getting real tiring. Doesnt matter if soloq or playing with a friend, in every damn gamemode it's the same story. And we both are Plat level at best.

Just yesterday I got killed by a 100k pathfinder with the typical 4K20 bombs and literally the next game another premade, 2 guys with around 12k kills (masters) & their smurf friend.

"100 million playerbase" but somehow we only get to face the best of the best because why the hell not, I love being used as cannon fodder in some YT montage.

19 : Anonymous2021/05/21 13:56 ID: gyxzfcm

Pinging batts and meds for team mates in arenas needs to be fixed. Currently it doesn't seem to work.

20 : Anonymous2021/05/21 14:46 ID: gyy5v6a

If they had a mercenary arenas mode I’d definitely play it more often. It’s not fun solo queuing and running into constant 3 stacks.

21 : Anonymous2021/05/22 08:09 ID: gz1bbwv

Every time i get back into this game i end up getting burnt out really fast because of the awful solo queuing. They really fucked this game in s3 when they introduced hard sbmm. Idk feels like it's catered toward stacks now, when it first launched it was the first game with the ping system, really felt like they made the game for solo queuers in mind so we could enjoy it too, but now it's like any other BR, just a chore if you don't have friends who play.

22 : Anonymous2021/05/23 09:02 ID: gz56y72

I fixed the smurfing problem in ranked. you just increase the level cap on ranked, 10 is way way waaaaaaaaaaaaay too low. Pump it up to at least 30 (I say 50 because I'm a jerk). Slows down the boosters with aimbots as well.

23 : Anonymous2021/05/21 12:33 ID: gyxq0ic

Matchmaking is the biggest issue this game has right now. I don’t care if it’s hard to match 60 people, figure it out. You’re a AAA company. I would play this game so much more and actually throw $ at them but I don’t feel like getting level 30 bot teammates going up against pred 3 stacks every match just to get one good match then repeat all over again.

24 : Anonymous2021/05/22 12:17 ID: gz1ravv

Why is the loot pool so whack this season? I thought it was meant to be improved. i know that not finding a level 1 backpack is a bit of meme now, but beyond that, loot in general feels empty.

Also, Horizon is still fun to play, but, and this will probably be an unpopular opinion, I feel like she could stand to recover some vertical speed. Because right now, the lift feels really 'sticky'. It needs to feel a bit more fluid. I also wouldn't mind them completely removing the ability to sit at the top all together in order to balance that change.

25 : Anonymous2021/05/22 23:19 ID: gz3ucxn

In unranked games, if you want to go head-first into a death trap, knowing full well that you're going to be surrounded by at least 4 teams, be my guest. But for the love of God, STOP DOING IT IN RANKED.

Seriously, I'm so tired of playing Ranked and watching my teammates throw caution to the wind and drop right into the death trap that is Fragment. You're just throwing RP down the drain. The chances of making it out of there are slim to none. And in Ranked, you shouldn't take those risks. If you refuse to play smart, stay out of Ranked.

26 : Anonymous2021/05/22 23:21 ID: gz3ujyh

The sweaty pub stompers in PC lobbies every game is just getting old at this point.

27 : Anonymous2021/05/23 00:04 ID: gz3z9xb

BR is getting on my fucking nerves. Teammates are worthless, I down 5 enemies, have 0 ammo, get killed, rinse and repeat

ID: gz402db

The games have been absolute shit today. So depressing.

28 : Anonymous2021/05/23 13:09 ID: gz5ohaw

This is just bullshit. A good game seems to be land - get 2-3 kills - 10 players left in the lobby, you and 3 predstacks.

29 : Anonymous2021/05/21 13:05 ID: gyxti03

Amount of players who asked for gold armors to be hold to equip:

30 : Anonymous2021/05/23 04:06 ID: gz4mial

WHY am I given level 50 teammates when there are 2890388237832432 red and purple trails in my lobbies?


31 : Anonymous2021/05/21 13:26 ID: gyxvtzy

I haven't had an enjoyable solo queue match yet this season.

ID: gyxxxfm

To be fair it hasn't been great for a while but I agree that something feels off this season. Maybe you feel the same? but from season 8-9 there has been a step change in how difficult pub matches have become. I've never seen so many maste

squads before legacy

ID: gyy6wcc

Well, i did notice the "did you enjoy the match..." survey has come back this season.

So they obviously have made unannounced changes to matchmaking that they are trying out.

32 : Anonymous2021/05/22 00:08 ID: gz04zo4

Ranked with randos is like Hotel California. You can check into the worst of positions but you can never leave.

33 : Anonymous2021/05/22 06:18 ID: gz146ei

Fix matchmaking in duo's you noobs. It's been months since I had a team mate when solo q let alone seeing 60 man

34 : Anonymous2021/05/22 10:39 ID: gz1kgag

The No Fill Option and Wattson's fences should be fixed no later than Season 12.

35 : Anonymous2021/05/23 05:10 ID: gz4ro26

- Why white helmet is still in the loot pool?

- Why they need to add "blanks" to the loot pool after adding starter kits, what's wrong to have more guns on the ground? Loot through an entire building and cannot find a gun/backpack is more fun? What kind of logic/thinking is that?

36 : Anonymous2021/05/21 18:48 ID: gyz2abg

Why do I have a weekly challenge to use a finisher in arena 3 times just for 1 star?!

37 : Anonymous2021/05/22 17:20 ID: gz2o5js

Sadly, those hotdropping clowns still play battle royale, instead of Arena mode that would suit their need for constant action and no looting way more.

38 : Anonymous2021/05/21 19:44 ID: gyz9em9

i don't understand why the servers have to be so bad

39 : Anonymous2021/05/21 22:22 ID: gyzt1ak

Why doesn’t Valk have any voice lines for using a survey beacon?


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