March 9th eh?

1 : Anonymous2021/02/03 04:06 ID: lbf4js

Another month of course, just gotta keep waiting and waiting. What are your thoughts on it being “released” March 9 (quotations because I think it’s gonna be “delayed” [quotations because we never had a real release date] again). I’m ok with it, it’s better than it coming out in summer. But I had SO MUCH HYPE because for the first time in months we had NEWS! What about that. Well those are just my gripes so here tell me yours.

2 : Anonymous2021/02/03 07:50 ID: glu7rks

What I found to be most interesting is that Panic Button seem to be in charge of the port.

That's good news because they have a solid track record and are experienced with porting fast paced action games (Warframe, Doom, Wolfenstein, Rocket League)

ID: glv6pha

Yeah I have rocket league and it works really well, I had warframe and played it and it looked great and played great but I deleted it cuz it took to much space. So I think it’s gonna play good and run good.


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