Stop doing this!

1 : Anonymous2021/05/30 19:39 ID: noirr7
Stop doing this!
2 : Anonymous2021/05/30 21:21 ID: h00jvgc

There was guy saying that 2nd Wraith passive is to get an cosmetic every season

ID: h00vqr5

I remember a long time ago, I saw someone on this sub complaining that Wraith didn't have enough legendary skins. I wonder what that guy is up to now.

ID: h00ws7w

That can't possibly be real lmao

ID: h00nsyw

he isn't wrong tho

ID: h00rq71

Wattson and cryptos Is to get their heirloom events skipped

ID: h00y1eq

Wattson should get center of Olympus with tons of fast moving conveyor belts and shit lol

ID: h00zvqy

Crypto's heirloom should just be his drone. Just beat people with it like he does in one(?) of his finishers.

ID: h00sds1

Thing is, 1% of them are even decent

ID: h00pw36

and the 3rd one is getting all the edgyness possible (revenant doesnt even compare)

ID: h00vwiq

Wraith in the lore > Wraith in the game

ID: h00xldk

Wraith in the lore is a massive softie tho, And even in game one of her lines when reviving is “No problem, Stay safe”

ID: h00r9bu

and also dceing after getting knocked. Much weird

3 : Anonymous2021/05/30 20:06 ID: h00b506

Wraith's passive isn't passive, that's anxiety

ID: h00k6fp

maybe I am a wraith

ID: h00otno

maybe WE are wraith

4 : Anonymous2021/05/30 19:54 ID: h009nht

Wraith: gets hit for 150 dmg "i think somebody's targeting me"

ID: h009vib

"There might possibly be someone near by" lol

ID: h00k3wz

Gets Kraber’d, “Sniper, move!”

ID: h00k4pk

gets brutally murdered “eh, probably just the wind.”

ID: h00s2yk

Wraith: dies "phasing"

ID: h00tnvl

Caustic’s trap: “pffffffsssssshhhhhhhhhh” “There may be traps near by”

ID: h00t7rw

Pain, death, nothing fazes me. Going to phase.

ID: h00rslj

Must’ve been the wind

5 : Anonymous2021/05/30 22:20 ID: h00qqly

It's True but while we're on wraith pasive, It's sad that it's under utilize as the concept is really fucking cool

ID: h00vo1h

When her passive works it is so fucking cool. Having it say someone is behind you and turning round to laser someone is just sick.

But that is like 1 out of 100 time

ID: h00wlxf

I must be the only person who plays wraith and feels pretty content with how often I get warned I'm getting looked at. I think it's pretty useful.

ID: h00xbyx

Nah, me too. That passive has saved my ass from several ambushes on worlds edge and KC

ID: h00revp

I agree! One of the coolest abilities Lore-wise too

6 : Anonymous2021/05/30 21:44 ID: h00mkxp

Her passive is pretty ass tho. I rarely hear the voice and if i do its after im getting shot at.

ID: h00qrzi

I get it sometimes if someone if lining up a sniper shot. Its is rare though for it to be useful.

ID: h00t3ul

It’s actually pretty useful in higher levels. If your team is on top of a building looking around, the Wraith can give a heads up that someone is nearby. Actually, telling your mates “don’t look at the Wraith” is a valid strategy.

ID: h00tf8w

I'm usually already hosed down before the voices help. "I tHiNK SoMone iS HeRE" yeah they reloading asshole

ID: h00wmrh

I feel like the traps warning requires line of sight to work, which makes it frequently useless. Any decent caustic player will hide his traps around a corner so you only get the warning once you start coughing up a lung, and Wattson fences also aren't the most subtle pieces of equipment.

ID: h011998

Get brained by a Kraber

I think there's a sniper in the area

7 : Anonymous2021/05/30 23:12 ID: h00wdi0

It's incredibly reductionist. As if the characters have nothing else to offer. Even the worst legends can be used extremely effectively with the right skill

8 : Anonymous2021/05/30 22:23 ID: h00r4ge

gets sniped in the leg

Wraith: Not sure, might be a sniper nearby.

9 : Anonymous2021/05/30 22:39 ID: h00svqn

Don't talk behind Wraith's back!

she can hear u

ID: h00tau5

”Someone’s talking shit about you, pretty sure...”

10 : Anonymous2021/05/30 22:23 ID: h00r2l4

that guy who comp[ared crypto and valk just wanted to say crypto needs buffs/ rework but chose the wrong way to present his idea

ID: h00vlyh

Agreed. I read it as more or an attack on Valk's kit...

ID: h011ctd

i havent had one play where i was like “wow valk is to op” lol she seems very normal

11 : Anonymous2021/05/30 19:54 ID: h009mcw

Ok ok I agree.... almost.... path definitely needs another passive

ID: h00iy19

I dunno. Pathfinder is already very good and his passive isn't bad at all.

I actually like the instant ult charge when using a beacon combined with the stacking 10 second charge reduction for each beacon used.

It's not the best passive but it's not bad either. If he gets a god-tier passive then he'll be nerfed again for being too good.

ID: h00ms4w

I would like it more if the ult wasn't already a low cooldown compared to most others. I wish it lowered the Cd to the lowest on less scans.

12 : Anonymous2021/05/30 20:39 ID: h00f1yi

I hope you aren’t getting downvoted. This subreddit loves complaining and it is always in a vacuum. Glad you have a voice of reason.

ID: h00mr03

and whining: name a more iconic duo.

ID: h00ojc6

reddit and whining

13 : Anonymous2021/05/30 22:04 ID: h00oztj


All these posts are out there like oh "this character has a bad passive and this one doesn't" without mentioning the fact that THE CHARACTER ISN'T ALL ABOUT THE DAMN PASSIVE. Seriously, it's just annoying at this point and makes them look inconsiderate

14 : Anonymous2021/05/30 22:41 ID: h00t1jf

Yeah, these meme gotcha takes is why I frequent this sub less and less (to be honest, one of the reasons, but let's not dive into "I got 69420 dmg" and "tier list of who would give money to charity" threads).

It seems that the purpose of those isn't entertainment, but antagonization, which is a shame, since perhaps there can be a good discussion about things that get aggressively put on a plate otherwise.

It reminds me of those passive-aggressive tweets like "PSA" and "just a friendly reminder".

15 : Anonymous2021/05/30 22:43 ID: h00tbqi

OP, this sub is filled with braindead hot takes from casuals who play for 30min a week. Do you really expect to see intellectual discussion here?


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