Valkyrie not only have more than 1 passive , but enemies scanned by her don’t get notification ( not even the sound ) and they also appear on minimap

1 : Anonymous2021/05/30 11:11 ID: no8ywg
Valkyrie not only have more than 1 passive , but enemies scanned by her don't get notification ( not even the sound ) and they also appear on minimap
2 : Anonymous2021/05/30 11:15 ID: gzyqx7y

Crypto might need some sort of rework since everyone wants a passive for Crypto only, not his drone, but only thing with Valk is that she can only scan enemies while she is using her ult, going off of a jump tower, or dropping.

Gotta add this, Crypto is like Wattson. If you don't use them right or just don't bother to learn them, they're quite garbage, but the second you invest time and skill into them... you become a menace.

ID: gzz7nfr

I'd like his drone to work like Mirage's mirages. You can just throw the drone down and then hit another button to activate it and enter it.

If I want the drone to watch a room it takes a minimum of around 6 seconds which is a long time in combat.

ID: gzza9qm

PSA: To those that dont know if you hold the tac button down while deploying cryptos drone it will immediately exit the drone its not as fast as some wish it to be but it works none the less

ID: gzzwtdx

How about a smaller screen of what the drone can see in the corner of your screen? One you can bring up or put away depending on when you want to see it?

ID: gzzndnr

Maybe a press Q to throw/direct to a location, hold Q to enter type situation.

ID: gzzjcmr

This. The man one click Respawns, one click banner collects (even out in ring) one click scans. Opens bins, doors.

All remotely.

He also gives you hard info if squad(s) are in the radius and how many there are.

Oh and disables traps, slows(?), and damages shields (including dropped ones) with the ult.

AND highlights any people that are line of sight to his drone’s position.

He already does a crap tonne of useful stuff. Strongest? Nah not really at all. But take your time to learn him and the situations that he can manipulate and your onto a lot of wins.

ID: h007h3s

The scanning the banners and alerting enemy groups near by is so clutch. I love playing Crypto just for that ability, it helps to not get into a battle where you 3rd partied. I just wish the drone did a better just highlighting enemies, I wish is was a radius instead of LoS.

ID: gzzxart

Agree 100% as a crypto main. These people complaining wouldn't play him if get a rework anyway. They'd have to nerf his drone in order to create a new passive or something, no thanks.

ID: gzzziot

This sub grinds my gears massively. Every week its a new underpowered legend.

Cyrpto is so far from underpowered. But if used correctly with good comms he's the best recon legend for camping zone and always scanning beacons for winning positions.

People here don't know how to use legends and think everyone needs to be in your face aggressive.

Will happily call this sub out for being hard stuck golds with 0.5KD

ID: gzzh56w

Imo it should give you a smaller screen on your HUD instead of taking up the entire screen, that way you can see around yourself.

ID: gzz6xmv

The thing is Crypto works really well and has a lot of really good utility. Giving him passive would definitely mean removing something away from his kit. Reworking the kit would probably end up in some disaster, shooting half of the players in the leg.

All these Cryptos asking for a passive can be really unpleasently surprised at the end of it.

ID: gzzrfyb

people asking for passives are definitely not crypto mains, most crypto mains think he’s in a good place, you just have to invest time into him.

3 : Anonymous2021/05/30 14:02 ID: gzz4n1a

You only scan enemies with Valk while flying, that's a huge advantage for crypto who can scan enemies while fighting.

I get that she can do a little bit of many things, but crypto scans are far more effective than valks

ID: gzzjmqy

Well to be fair, you can only scan enemies while in drone. And yes you can position the drone to see people in a fight, but any competent squad will shoot out the drone as soon as it stops moving (meaning crypto is now possibly “fighting”) and an even more competent squad can shoot the drone out while it’s moving

ID: gzzkylq

But sometimes a fight commands all your attention and in that case, you are getting scanned. A good Crypto can distract a team from the real fight with good drone pilot skills.

Realistically, all Legends are situational. For example, Valk sucks indoors.

ID: gzzs8ud

Valk only scans enemies that are already in your character's visual range (characters you can already see if you just look around). Crypto scans around corners and behind walls from where your character actually stands. You're not actually getting info from Valk's scans if you're paying attention.

ID: gzzvaw3

In my experience the only moment to leave your drlne out in the open is on 2 situations ,after you ult a team since ive discovered theres a really good chance they would rather start shielding quickly as they want ro prevent getting pushed therefore you have the drone show their exact position for a solid 3 or 4 seconds before they heal and maybe shoot it if you havent pushed them by that time , this is especially more so if you manage to get the drone behind them and have your team shoot from the front.

Obviously isnt 100% the case as if you miss someone with ult they might destroy drone.

Another case is when you leave a drone watching a banner to quickly see how msny squads are sround

4 : Anonymous2021/05/30 13:31 ID: gzz1pd8

Bro, Crypto has some of the strongest tactical abilities that make up for the lack of a passive. Just remember, he has:

200 Meter Instant Banner Retrieval 200 Meter Instant Respawns 200 Meter Survey Beacon Scan
200 Meter Champion Banner Scans Unlimited Scans Drone Gun Reload

Not sure why so many want such a powerful legend to be buffed, just because they can't play him. With a kit like his, he'll get caustic'd in about 2 seasons. If I had to do something to remove the complaining from people, giving him champion banner scans without his drone would make him even more disgusting at getting free info

ID: gzzh0zk

Crypto is a high IQ character. You have to be 3 steps ahead to play him effectively.

ID: gzzrz0r

He is a high value team player that requires your team to actually work in sync to maximize value.

He is at his worst when you have solo queued into unranked and your teammates are going to hotdrop, walk into a firefight and then leave when downed. Its no wonder most players think he needs more abilities.

ID: gzzn6z4

Yeah once I played with some singaporean random on crypto in platinum and we stomped the game, would tell us to wait when going on drone, kept tracks of enemy squads every 30-40 seconds, ulted at the right time and never felt like he was absent from fights like so many cryptos do.

Crypto is easily the highest skill ceiling character in the game.

ID: gzzxkgv

This subreddit loves to complain about legends being underpowered, but most of the time it’s cases like this where the legend is fine and shouldn’t be touched.

ID: gzz4tt8

What do you mean by drone gun reload? Am I missing something here?

ID: gzz5y7p

Basically crypto always has gold mag in his drone but it's faster than actually having gold mags. So if you active your drone you instantly reload your weapons so you can engage in fights quicker

ID: gzz5v95

Crypto auto reloads weapons while using his drone.

ID: gzzoegy

This is a minor thing, but with how dependent Crypto is on the drone, he sometimes feels more like the tactical ability while Hack is the actual Legend...


Surveillance Expert

Passive: Drone Scan

Hack can fly, automatically highlights enemies within 30 meters, instantly retrieves allied banners, instantly activates survey and respawn beacons, and reloads Crypto's weapons. Hack cannot equip weapons or armor and has 60 health.

Tactical: Meatbag Mode

Hack deploys his organic drone, Crypto. Crypto is a normal Legend who can shoot guns and equip armor as normal, but he has no abilities.

Ultimate: EMP

Hack charges up an EMP blast. Deals 50 shield damage, slows players, and disables traps within 30 meters.

5 : Anonymous2021/05/30 14:35 ID: gzz84ao

I despise comparisons like this.

First of, a character can have a weak passive while others can have strong ones if something else in their kit compensates for it, and Crypto's drone probably is the most powerful and useful ability in the god damn game if used by someone competent (aka not me). Don't rate characters based on a single aspect, like a passive, rather take in consideration the Passive, Tactical, Ultimate, Hitbox and Animations of the character.

Secondly, it's mighty convenient how you left out the fact that Valkyrie only scans enemies when she's using her Ultimate or Jump tower, one being using up a ability you could be saving for a better situation and the other being highly situational if there's a Jump tower nearby, meanwhile Crypto can scan as long as the drone is not destroyed, even being able to park it somewhere enemies won't pay attention to so he can scan and fight at the same time.

I do think that Crypto would appreciate having some of the Drone's abilities being transferred over to Crypto, like maybe being able to see how many enemies are nearby on the banners or whatever, but these comparisons ain't it.

ID: gzzgama

yeah really and I can't read the idiotic claims that crypto doesn't have a passive anymore. People just repeating this bullshit without thinking.

Secondly, it's mighty convenient how you left out the fact that Valkyrie only scans enemies when she's using her Ultimate or Jump tower,

Yeah, by "crypto doesn't have a passive" people logic that would mean valkyrie scan isn't a passive. dumb shit like that..

6 : Anonymous2021/05/30 15:14 ID: gzzcbkv

"Don't get notification". SHE'S FUC*ING FLYING ON THEIR HEADS, they already know where she is, come on

ID: gzzldz6

It’s not like it’s an especially quiet or stealthy either. It’s pretty loud and you can see the goddamn trails.

7 : Anonymous2021/05/30 15:56 ID: gzzh8wv

This subs obsession with passives instead of holistic character design is moronic

ID: gzzuugp

Yeah it's really weird. If everyone is moaning that Crypto's "passives" all rely on his drone, which is his tactical, then why don't we complain that Crytpo's tactical can do about 5 different things and Valk's rockets just do one?

Whether the kit leans more heavily into the tactical or passive or ultimate is so irrelevant

ID: gzzmcxz

Seriously dude. Some people in this sub have never heard of the concept of having one ability more powerful than another and that characters should be balanced around their whole kit instead of balancing each ability. They just think, hey I can't use this character so he's clearly garbage and needs tons of buffs.

8 : Anonymous2021/05/30 14:30 ID: gzz7kyh

Crypto is his drones passive

9 : Anonymous2021/05/30 11:47 ID: gzyt23h

Crypto can pick up banners with his drone thats a damm good passive in his drone u can scan banners and see how many squads are nearby. His drone can activate respawn beacons and scan survey beacons all passive so shut the fuck up and stop crying

ID: gzytvq7

You forgot that his drone insta respawns teammates too... no waiting around to get shot in the ass 🙂

ID: gzz9izc

Yeah I’m starting to get really tired of these posts. Crypto’s kit is nice, and yes, it does revolve around the drone but that’s his whole thing. People bitch about Path not having a good passive when his tactical is arguably the most OP in the game for how it can get you in and out of 99% of situations. If you’re so pissed about Valk having “too many passives”, maybe realize that anyone with decent aim can destroy her in the air because it’s loud as hell and the flight trajectory is pretty simple to learn. People just wanna whine

ID: gzz3ilq

Too bad my teammates leave before I can pick their banners

ID: gzzasbr

Scan banners? Like the ones hanging up like giant billboards around the map?

ID: gzzjnso

Yes, when in drone view look at the banners around the map and it will say how many squads are nearby. If you ping them it will tell your squad mates too.

ID: gzzl4d3

yes crypto's drone can spot the banner and he will say out loud how many enemy squads are within range.

ID: gzz5f93

Not only that but the drone does all of those things instantly while everyone else takes like 10 seconds. The people begging for this shit never bother to actually practice with him before begging for unnecessary changes

10 : Anonymous2021/05/30 16:12 ID: gzzj20u

Because Valkyrie’s scans are extremely limited? And they don’t even outline enemies, they just but a marker on them. Crypto can constantly scan people as long as his drone is on them and he can do that at almost any time. I agree that Crypto needs a buff to his passive but saying that Valk is a better recon legend is straight up false.

11 : Anonymous2021/05/30 12:31 ID: gzywev3

Instant respawn, instant scan, insant and most effective ability to get teammates banner, can open bins and ping the loot in them, has a 230 signal, Can detect enemies within 30 meters but acts as a camera. Good for distraction. Amazing for comms, one of the best ultimate for flanking and agression. Scan notification makes it slightly harder for players to focus. Ultimate disabled traps, slows enemies and damages them, Great for EVO uprgade.

And here we have miss viper

ID: gzz65ad

Not to mention his ult works through walls and can be used as a remote trigger trap if set up correctly.

ID: gzzkep7

Once on kings canyon i was walking by the wraith lab and got damaged from the crypto emp while the enemys have been in the tunnel between the lab and the place with the ult charging stations

That was fucked up

12 : Anonymous2021/05/30 16:30 ID: gzzl7g8

I'm getting tired of this "Crypto has no passive" line.

He has probably the most passives in the game. The fact that they require his tactical doesn't mean it's not passives. Or we can go the "no passive"- route and say that his tactical is obsenely good since it does a buttload of different things, that they would have to nerf it before they give him a passive.

13 : Anonymous2021/05/30 16:52 ID: gzznrwr

I really hoped the "vAlK is oP" posts would end when she came out and it was pretty clear that she wasn't.

14 : Anonymous2021/05/30 17:05 ID: gzzpdwc

Sounds like you just suck with crypto

15 : Anonymous2021/05/30 17:55 ID: gzzvegt

Crypto is good. You just suck ass and made this post for karma.


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