March 9

1 : Anonymous2021/02/02 21:53 ID: lb7oe9
March 9
2 : Anonymous2021/02/02 21:59 ID: glsddas

All day i was sooooo excited at work today playing different scenarios in my head how fun its gonna be playing apex on the toilet. excited as Fu"@ to come home and play and here we are at home on the toilet no apex

ID: glsdlir

I’m so sorry bro, I feel the same way

3 : Anonymous2021/02/03 03:02 ID: gltfzgt

Well, Panic button is probably the best 3rd party developer on the switch. Both of the doom games never drop framerates. Rocket league is 40-60fps, and warframe is a smooth 30fps, barely dips.

ID: glthjhw

I agree bro

4 : Anonymous2021/02/02 21:54 ID: glsckvm

Apex Legends on switch


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