Annoying/Frustrating Boss Fights with unfair or broken mechanics:

1 : Anonymous2021/03/07 21:13 ID: lzzu37
Annoying/Frustrating Boss Fights with unfair or broken mechanics:
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Obligatory "I miss old game grumps" post. Haven't done that in years.

3 : Anonymous2021/03/07 21:29 ID: gq53fxb

The Mother boss fight from Prototype she has an shockwave attack that instantly kills you and is just a hassle to fight.

ID: gq5lm8u

So many of the boss fights in that game boil down to hit and run, throw shit with muscle mass, spam critical pain etc.

ID: gq5sevv

That fight made me drop the game for awhile

4 : Anonymous2021/03/07 22:18 ID: gq5af60

The real trick to Silver is seeing if you can get him to launch you out of the boss arena so you can explore the hub world.

ID: gq5yiyp

And of course sending you to the moon.

5 : Anonymous2021/03/07 21:57 ID: gq57her

King of Fighters XI's final boss is Magaki, who has a pretty interesting design, but at the same time, he turns this fighting game into a test of patience trying to get through his projectile tactics and hoping to god he doesn't immediately blast you right back. Some people just straight up call his boss fight "Bullet Hell" because of how the projectiles go everywhere.

ID: gq5iqs0

I watched Max fight that boss, and holy shit the screen just gets covered with attacks at points. Even by SNK boss standards he seems a bit too much.

ID: gq5s8zn

He wouldn't be as bad if the shots didn't do so high guard damage so he will guard break fast, along with the threat of his mid screen length command grab.

6 : Anonymous2021/03/07 21:44 ID: gq55ktx

im gonna say nightmare in dmc1. worst part of the game by far. i dont know how youre supposed to figure out how the cores work

and it's state persists across every encounter, so if you fuck up early on youve just ruined the other two fights without even knowing

ID: gq5lms2

Worse than even the swimming section?

ID: gq64hq6

I like fighting nightmare. it's one of the most unique bosses I have ever fought. I agree about the obtuseness though. The fight can be very frustrating when you don't know the mechanics behind it. However,once you figure out the gimmick the fight becomes extremely fun.

7 : Anonymous2021/03/07 22:40 ID: gq5dcu1

the post about silver got a Silver

I see what you did there, whoever you are

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ID: gq5ou94

Truly a moment that just makes you go. "...Oh."

9 : Anonymous2021/03/07 23:50 ID: gq5lbux

The Mysterious Figure fight from Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep is easily the most bullshit fight in the franchise, and potentially the most bullshit fight in Square Enix history.

You essentially need to equip 4 copies of the same exact skill, Thunder Surge, as well as a couple Curagas. Thunder Surge gives you iframes when you attack. Curagas, well, cure you.

While those Thunder Surges are on cooldown, you basically need to be mashing Aqua's Cartwheel dodge, which has the highest iframes for a dodge. And that's basically the entire fight. Thunder Surge x 4, then dodge till they come off cooldown, and repeat.

It's so unfun and goes against every fucking cool system the game has that you've been using for the past 30-ish hours. There's so many cool and bonkers skills in BBS, and this fight basically just makes you use one

ID: gq5orm4

Even with all of that, Terra basically just tosses the dice on being able to actually fight him because his dodge is so clunky.

ID: gq6edgu

Let's talk about what some of his bullshit mechanics actually are, shall we? Because I will never miss an opportunity to shit on Mysterious Figure. And there's a LOT.

-Let's start with a big one, on the PSP version he apparently came equipped with a two hit kill move designed to bypass Once More while still leaving you helpless to respond. He yanks you up in the air, dealing damage, and you're not technically hit stunned so Once More wears off but you still can't actually defend yourself in any way while the animation is playing out. Then he hits you, and if you were at 1 (he does a lot of damage with all his moves so likely chance you were) you die. Unless you're extremely lucky there's no way to escape this. He can start the fight with this move. Thankfully in the PS4 version they changed it so you can just Air Slide out of there while he's pulling you up, so in the version I played this move actually has no teeth.

-Mysterious Figure's most basic attack is a long multi-hit combo that will kill you (or if you're not a crazy person, trigger your Once More/Second Chance) if you get caught in it even towards the tail end of the combo. This is sort of MF's least bullshit attack, plenty of KH super bosses have combos that require second chance and once more to survive if you get caught in them. Hell, if you equip Renewal Block (I think that's the name?) you can easily block these for a free heal. The thing is, these combos are long. You know that feeling you see float around about fighting games where one player is essentially just watching a pain simulator for an eternity when a better player catches them in a massive combo? That's happening to you now if you get caught out by MF, and there's only a soulless AI to receive the pleasure of you getting your ass trounced. Exacerbated by...

-MF can clone himself several times over. They'll all rush you and spam his super long combo. No this isn't like Data Larxene where her clone gives you an opportunity to double up on damage (by hitting the clone and her at the same time). What do you think this is, a fun fight? No, these clones exist to attack independently with multihit combos that overlap each other. One ends a combo, guess what? His buddy's not done. Oh, he's done but his other buddy sure isn't, and by now the first guy's started another combo. Yes you've been trapped in hitstun for literally minutes now, mash guard to get out and hope they all drop combo at the same time soon so you don't have to wait for five minutes for the opportunity to escape! Better hope one of them doesn't come at you from a different angle so your block works, but you'll have been pushed up against a wall before you ever get a chance to try and escape so at least that's less likely to happen (but not impossible...). Oh, what's that? You literally fell asleep watching them use you as a cheap punching bag and missed that opportunity? Once More just wore off motherfucker, eat a game over.

-Mysterious Figure comes equipped with an attack that's easy to avoid if you see it coming (it has a couple seconds of charge time, but no of course you can't damage him or knock him out of it that would be crazy), but if you lose track of him he'll shoot off a vortex that not only knocks all your commands (including healing spells and/or items) out of your deck, but also knocks you down to 1HP like any other attack he does. Have fun playing 52 pickup while praying you don't die. But wait, this attack is telegraphed to shit so why is this a problem even? Well hold on, that only matters if your camera is on him...

-MF teleports. A lot. If you're at an edge of the arena (try not to be) and he teleports as far from you as possible, he can break your lock on this way. Get camera screwed while he charges a bigger attack. But that's an unlikely scenario. What isn't unlikely, its actually literally inevitable, is...

-MR can turn himself invisible after his health gets low. You can still hit him, and he's actually visible as a shimmer that isn't too difficult to see (provided you're playing close enough to the screen), but you can't lock on and he's still teleporting. Good luck finding him manually. Good luck finding him manually and reacting to his faster moves. Good luck not getting pelted by, say... his vortex that strips you of cure for a bit and does enough to probably knock you down to 1 HP while he's invisible. And oh yeah, he's still fucking invisible so if you do get hit, good luck continuing to avoid damage while you play 52 pickup. The icing on the cake here is you can't see his HP with Scan because you can't lock on (not even the soft auto-lock) so I spent my first fifty attempts unaware that he wasn't straight up invincible during this phase because there's no feedback to tell you that he's taking damage if you get a lucky hit in or anything really. So yeah, bear in mind now that he's straight up invisible half the time (or more... usually most of the time really) after you get him to about half HP.

-And then weep. Because if you've survived all of this so far he also has a special version of Doom all his own. Yes, I do mean the Doom status effect. As in the one that starts a countdown and then you die if it reaches zero. You have five seconds to live. Mash X to get out of this move, but you'll almost certainly need at least three seconds. Maybe two if you are some kind of mashing god. You can dodge/iframe through the attack if you see it coming but the cast animation is extremely fast and not telegraphed in any way. Oh, and he's invisible so your first indication that its happening is probably when it hits you. If you're Aqua or Ven dodge roll spam will make this significantly less deadly since you're invincible 99% of the time. If you're Terra? Get fucked, because there's a twist. Every time he hits you with this attack the starting countdown reduces by one. You need three seconds to get out even if you react perfectly, so you can get hit by this move three times before it becomes an instant kill move (if you're reacting perfectly to it). So now the second half of the fight (he starts using this move usually around the time he starts becoming invisible) is on a randomized time limit. Beat him before he lands four Doom spells, or don't beat him at all. No, there's technically nothing stopping him from just spamming four doom spells (that are very hard to not be hit by, especially as Terra) every other move. Have fun trying to beat the boss before it just decides you lose.

-And then despair. Because Mysterious Figure can FUCKING heal himself. Oh, you were using renew block while your cure spells were on cooldown to stay in the fight? HE CAN DO IT TOO! He also gets a move where if you keyblade combo him (I think literally any time you try to combo basic keyblade strikes honestly) he can turn back time to both heal himself and put himself in a position to counter attack you. I don't think he can do either of these moves in response to Thunder Surge (small mercy!), so all the more reason to just use that one move and nothing else.

Fuck this fight. Fuck everything about this fight, it is one of the worst fights in the history of videogames. OK, FINE! I know in my heart of hearts it doesn't even make top ten status because of course there's a literal ocean of straight broken garbage in the world that is undoubtedly worse by virtue of barely functioning. But its certainly the worst boss fight I've ever actually beaten, and I had to do it three times (once as TERRA!) because Kingdom Hearts owns my soul and my lizard brain needed that Platinum Trophy.

ID: gq5uhgh

To this day I still wonder if theres some legit way to beat him and when they developed him if the spamming roll and surge method was intentional. Granted I have no fuckin clue how else you're supposed to beat him so

ID: gq6jj98

I remember nearly tearing my hair out from frustration trying to beat that boss after hours of failed attempts. I remember that it was also what lead to my outright hatred of the PSP nub due to how much pain my thumb was desperately trying to keep the dodge roll going the whole fight.

ID: gq6nyui

Yeah, but his boss theme is soooooooo good.

10 : Anonymous2021/03/07 23:09 ID: gq5gviq

Laurence, the First Vicar in Bloodborne is the most fuck-off annoying boss to fight in the entire game, even worse than the Orphan of Kos. Why is this? Well let's break it down:

-He literally has the most amount of health of any boss in the game (if memory serves right). This problem will increase the frustrations of all other issues Laurencd has.

-Many of his attacks have stupid splash damage, meaning you're going to be hit by far more attacks which, if it were any other boss in the game, you'd have dodged because the hitbox isn't a nightmare.

-The actual response to OP's question on unfair mechanics, the entirety of Phase 3. He loses his legs and starts spewing lava from behind him constantly, meaning any area he walks over will be unaccessible to the player for a long time.

He also gets a lava spewing attack, further increasing all the lava everywhere, meaning you can get RNG-fucked by having your only means of escape from his attacks covered in lava, fucking over the player.

It's a fight that has the same problem the Demon of Hatred has in Sekiro: the player can't play the agressive playstyle they've had to use on literally every other boss and enemy in the game and has to wait for the boss to let them play the game. And both bosses are worse because of it.

At least the Demon of Hatred has cool lore resolutions though.

ID: gq5j5lf

Laurence is definitely a huge pain. I'm partly glad we got an endgame-scaled Cleric Beast, but Laurence's health and damage output is like 20-30% higher than what feels like it should be.

Another Bloodborne boss I'd say has unfair mechanics (although not too terribly hard) is Micolash, using A Call Beyond the instant you drop into his room and likely one-shotting you before you can even dodge or swing is dumb. I'm glad you can cheese him with poison knives, fuck him.

ID: gq6lnd3

The Demon of Hatred was a non-issue with the fire umbrella though. Then again the umbrella trivialized basically everything except sweeps.

11 : Anonymous2021/03/08 00:42 ID: gq5r4tq

Jo Amon is the secret boss in every Yakuza game. You get to fight him around the time you've accomplished most of the game's content. He's pretty bullshit in all the times I've faced him.

ID: gq5x1sa

I've only fought him in Kiwami 2 so far, if that's what I can expect from his fight in every game, I'm good with just skipping him

ID: gq6jt52

I've only fought him 6 and his father in 0. The 0 fight wasn't too bad, but that's probably more so because beast style breaks his first phase and rush style helps out in the second. The 6 fight however was a massive pain in the ass, with him summoning robot vacuums and drones that home and explode on you, and if you end up in a bad a spot, the explosions can pretty much one-shot you from full health. It's the only time in the whole of yakuza that I dropped the difficulty to easy because I was just so sick of it.

12 : Anonymous2021/03/08 01:20 ID: gq5v4n1

Obligatory Bed of Chaos, and Dragon God for similar reasons.

Bed of Chaos

Requires a run through the worst level in the game. Can kill, or at least injure, you the instant you get into the arena. Has wide sweeping attacks that can knock you around/into pits even if you roll through them. Unlike every other boss in the game, requires you navigate over to three specific points to beat them. Thankfully progress is saved.

Dragon God

Is a stealth boss in a game with minimal stealth mechanics. Hits like a truck. Requires you either use a bow and arrow or run in and out of cover to break down barriers. DOESN'T SAVE PROGRESS. If you die at any point you need to repeat the whole process from scratch.
ID: gq69ls4

Bed of Chaos is weird for me, because I don't think it's classicly hard. It's hard because From botched the execution so badly. I can't even think of how that fight should be without it boiling down to one jump that has nothing to do with skill and everything to do with positioning and luck.

13 : Anonymous2021/03/07 23:29 ID: gq5j3rb


14 : Anonymous2021/03/07 21:37 ID: gq54mmj

Ovan in G.U. Vol 2. He has almost 3,000 HP. He starts off doing nothing, but when he gets started: He summons three orbs. Not bad right? Wrong, there's four types: Light/Dark which deal damage, a defensive one that protects him from damage, and a healing one. "Ok? what's the issue" the issue is this: He can summon a random trio. So if he summons three healing ones, he heals 300-400 damage each SECOND

15 : Anonymous2021/03/07 23:51 ID: gq5lfxc

Remember all those double boss fights in Nioh 1? Yeah, those were definitely fun and not at all incredibly frustrating. And let's keep the camera zoomed in at the same level it always is so it's really hard to keep the second boss on screen to see when they're going to throw projectiles or do one of those dash attacks that will either instantly kill you or instantly drop you to 0 stamina if you end up blocking it.

ID: gq5xqw6

I think of all of them Nobunaga and his wife were the easiest, but the rest were all garbo

16 : Anonymous2021/03/08 00:48 ID: gq5rsap

Oceiros in Dark Souls 3.

He's actually pretty basic as far as bosses in DS3 go, especially for how late in the game you're normally supposed to fight him. Aggressive but easy to read, with only some minor annoyances like his AOE frost move he loves to spam in phase 1, or just how irritating he can be to hit with short-ranged weapons due to his fast speed and how troublesome the arena you fight him in is.

No, the real issue is in phase 2, where one of his moves is among the worst in the entire series, a charge that:

Doesn't have any startup at all, meaning the hitbox becomes active on frame 1. Has its hitbox covers his entire body, so you can be under, or even behind him and still get hit. He can use from any range, at any time, doesn't matter if you're far away or right in front of him. Can be chained into from any of his other moves, or vice versa (Never both, he can't do a triple combo, at the very least.)

The only saving grace for this move is that a 100% phys dmg reduction shield will guaranty your survival even if you don't have enough stamina/stability to block the full hit, thanks to him not being able to take advantage of your guard-broken state.

Except you better hope you're blocking as if you were in front of him, or else you'll still get hit, and you also better not mash R1 on any openings, because you can never truly know if it's safe to do so, and you better hope you weren't close to a wall he charged into, or else he'll likely combo you if he can and you are guard-broken.

And if for some ungodly reason, you're forcing yourself to fight him without a shield, well you better assume he's always gonna use this charge at any time, and therefore spend 80% of the fight spamming dodges in fear of literally anything he might do.

It's very likely this attack was supposed to be used from far away to punish long range attacks but due to DS3 being rushed/unfinished like every other Soulsborne game, they left this attack in, in its broken state, and then never took the time to fix it, not after so many patches and recalibrations, not after two dlcs, not after ever, never ever.

ID: gq5vque

I somehow never even noticed this and I played through the entire base game twice with no shield loadouts. I must just have gotten lucky with the attack RNG or something.

ID: gq64w0d

People have had their share of grievances with boss charge attacks in the Souls games - Watchdog of the Old Lords comes to mind, and Ebrietas is just a given for me. But at least all of those attacks have SOME sort of windup that lets you know when it will happen.

Literally the ONLY way to know when Oceiros will use his charge attack is that (apparently) he can only use it after another attack. That’s it.

God, trying to do an early excursion of Lothric Castle was the worst specifically because of this asshole.

ID: gq6mit7

Reminds me of the big ugly dogs in The Gutter in DS2 where the hitbox of their claw swipe attack starts before the paw even moves, so you'll be wailing away on one and then just take a bunch of damage from seemingly nothing.

17 : Anonymous2021/03/08 01:52 ID: gq5yn3r

Oni Shibata Katsuie in Nioh 2, the arena is designed to give him every advantage.

ID: gq667gd

Bull-rushing boss done right, and damn is it a tough slog. Just gotta stay near him, stay twitchy, and take your hits whenever you can. Poison and fire are also really good on him, too.

18 : Anonymous2021/03/08 02:26 ID: gq62bvm

The Bear and Nosalis Rhino from Metro: Last Light are nightmares. They have a shitload of health, do lots of damage, rush you down in an fps with low mobility, and are both fought at the end of long, difficult gameplay sections that are designed to deplete resources in a SURVIVAL HORROR GAME.

The bear is massive and fast, is fought in a swamp with adds during a rainstorm at night, and it can be downright impossible to see what you’re doing. She can kill you in two hits and her boss arena has a couple items at best, all hidden in a fucking grassy mire during a nighttime rainstorm

The nosalis queen is basically immune to damage in phase 1 and is supposed to be kited into the environmental pillars to damage her, but this is never mentioned or implied through visuals, so you can dump literally every bullet and knife you own into her for ten minutes and do nothing until she runs into enough rocks.

I’ve beaten these games on every difficulty they have. This game was NOT designed for Ranger mode, especially not on the redux survival difficulty.

19 : Anonymous2021/03/08 03:17 ID: gq67sfw

Daily reminder that Miyazaki apologized for the Bed of Chaos boss fight.

ID: gq68i5n

What if there's a Bed of Chaos-equivalent boss in Elden Ring?

20 : Anonymous2021/03/07 21:53 ID: gq56v5b

Lavenza in Persona 5 Royal.

She is resistant to everything and automatically debuffs all your buffs. And like the twins fight, you have a limit amount of turns per phase before she instant kills you.

ID: gq58inn

That seems to be a tradition in Persona/SMT games. Persona 3 has Elizabeth, P4 has Margaret, Digital Devil has Demi-fiend...

ID: gq5lkku

Also, on a lesser level, Okumura.

He was already an annoying boss in P5 vanilla, and while Royal basically improved every other boss, Okumura was the one they made like 10 times worse

21 : Anonymous2021/03/08 01:12 ID: gq5ua8w

As a dumb kid, you could slap any game in front of me and I'll play it and probably enjoy it. It can be shit but I wouldn't care. The silver fight in Sonic 06 was the first time in my life that I ever thought "ok no this suuuucks"

ID: gq5uqyb

I'm trying to think of the first boss I had trouble with growing up. Something from Borderlands 2 probably?

ID: gq6mwz8

I kinda miss those days. Getting my step dad's hand me down PS1 with all his games and playing random stuff like Yugioh Forgotten Memories, Front Mission 3, and Star Ocean: Second Story.

Now I've got all these steam games backed up but no desire to play any of them.

22 : Anonymous2021/03/08 05:46 ID: gq6lok5

That graveyard boss from Bioshock infinite she took a shit ton of damage and without game overs and me losing all my money it was 40 minutes of rushing in dying and repeating. Then I said this game is terrible and never played it again

23 : Anonymous2021/03/07 23:57 ID: gq5m3w3

Every boss in DBZ Ultimate Tenkaichi.

24 : Anonymous2021/03/08 03:04 ID: gq66f6w

The Marauder from Doom Eternal, even if he is a miniboss. This piece of shit flies in the face of everything Doom has been telling you up to then.

The game tells you how energy shields can be broken down more easily with the plasma rifle... until you get to the fucking Marauder. Suddenly, you're facing down an energy shield that is totally unbreakable and spawns an attack dog if you DARE to shoot it.

Oh you thought you could just shoot AROUND the shield? Sorry dickhead, this guy is completely invincible unless you shoot him during his brightly telegraphed melee attack. Not even the BFG can hurt him, and that thing, damages stuff in an AOE so the front-facing shield shouldnt DO anything.

You know what the WORST part is, though? He's not even a difficult fight. Once you know to only shoot during the telegraph part, he's a glorified quicktime event. Just ignore him until you've killed all the actual fun enemies and then do the "shoot me when i feel like it" dance.

25 : Anonymous2021/03/08 02:14 ID: gq610zl

The Elder God, the final superboss in Etrian Odyssey 3.

It starts out like most other bosses in the series, with a fairly consistent pattern, strong debilliating attacks and elememtal AoEs that need to be blocked with the game's tank class. Classic stuff.

Thing is, as the fight progresses, and as you deal more damage, it gets more chaotic. Literally. As Elder God's HP drop, it slowly loses it's pattern and begins to use skills at random, including one that can just heal it up a, uhm, let's just say significant amount. In the last phase, there is basically no pattern at all. Only pain. Speed is of the essence throughout this last part, if you still have the ressources to push it.

Obviously the boss can be cheesed pretty hard, but it requires very specific set-ups to do so.

26 : Anonymous2021/03/08 03:07 ID: gq66rok

I don’t even feel bad when I say I cheesed Demon of Hatred. I beat everyone else in that game legit but DoH is just... I mean he’s straight up playing a different game than you. I did not have the mental fortitude that late in the game to unlearn everything and relearn a new way to fight a single boss.

27 : Anonymous2021/03/08 03:24 ID: gq68k0u

Sub basement boss of Luigi's Mansion 3. That game is stellar, but when I die, that boss will be my personal Hell. The level introduces an inflatable river raft mechanic that's fine at best. Blow air out of the vacuum to move push the raft. Essentially going in reverse the whole level. Sucking in will make you move the other way. Avoid obstacles and enemies to get to the boss. Then you get to the boss.

You're in a pool, and there are spikes on the side that can pop your raft. His attacks can pop your raft. If your raft pops, you get thrown out of the pool and have to blow up a new one. The problem lies in the fact that blowing up the raft takes a while. And there are enemies around you. And the boss can attack you. And you can't defend yourself by attacking the enemies around you. And you can't move to avoid the enemies. All you can do is stand there and blow up the raft. Once you're back in the water, you can't attack the boss outright. You have to use the vacuum, which moves your boat, to suck in the projectile and then blow it back at boss. These actions move your raft, usually back into the spikes, and the cycle begins anew.

This river raft mechanic was never used again after the boss. In fact, the river is emptied after the boss, so every time you go back to chace down rare ghosts, you don't have to do it. Everything else about that game is excellent.

ID: gq68r2a

I remember that hillbilly fuck.....

28 : Anonymous2021/03/07 23:05 ID: gq5gewy

T-Rex final boss of Turok for PS3. It wasn’t enough to be the worst game in the series but it had to have a boss fight that you had NO weapons for but you are constantly bumped into the ground by the T-Rex attack and you are damaged by lava that the T-Rex just dances in. The whole fight is PAINFULLY UN-FUN

29 : Anonymous2021/03/08 01:23 ID: gq5vjww

Feathered Fiend from Donkey Kong Country Returns. I've seen videos of people deciphering his attack pattern, whenever I try to do it, he does this cheap stomp move that you can't escape in time.

Kurt from Tales of Graces F is only weak to fire, any other attack you're just going to have a bad time with him. He can insta kill cheese, so you exhaust a lot of healer resources just trying to stay away and resurrect from afar.

ID: gq68eg4

Feathered Fiend

At least you fight him on solid ground, unlike Mangoruby

Also, good luck fighting him in the secret Mirror Mode, where you only have 1 hit and no Diddy

30 : Anonymous2021/03/08 01:33 ID: gq5wlnv

I haven't finished the game yet so I don't know if this will remain true, but so far Gyuki is by far the worst boss I've fought in Nioh 2. He's a giant spide

creature and his size alone makes the fight unbearable because you're constantly trying to fight both him and the camera itself (which is made even worse if you decide to stay locked onto him).

His back legs are his weak points and you're supposed to destroy them to deal massive amounts of ki damage so you can do a grapple attack on him. The problem is that this is a complete trap because if you get near his back legs he will constantly do a really quick smash with them. And that's assuming you can even get to the legs when he's constantly spinning around to try and face you.

Despite the legs being literal glowing weak points, the easiest strategy I found to beat him was to just stay under him because most of his attacks can't hit you from there.

It's just so awful and it reminds of the Amygdala fight in the Bloodborne chalice dungeons in that both of them are at direct odds with the way game actually plays.

31 : Anonymous2021/03/08 02:07 ID: gq609ur

Saw a few nioh posts already but I have another. Almost every human boss in the dlc's and especially on the harder difficulties are actual horseshit. Hyper armor on every single attack, near limitless stamina, attack strings that go on forever, will one or two shot kill you even if you have a tank build, constantly moving and dodging, huge area of effect attacks....the list goes on. I love the series but people that say its "tough but fair" are lying to themselves.

ID: gq65h1q

Ok but what about the guy with the scythe in the small room at the snow temple in the base game. Or was I just garbage when I played and he's not difficult.

32 : Anonymous2021/03/08 02:57 ID: gq65odt

Mordegon/Mordragon in Dragon Quest XI.

Throughout the game, you fight his Spectral Sentinels. Each sentinel has one of the Yggdrasil Orbs in their possession that lets them use a unique attack. The Red Orb makes you take double damage, the Green Orb drains your entire party’s mana, the White Orb erases all of your teams buffs, etc.

Mordegon is an absolute bastard in that he can use ALL of those abilities despite not having any of the orbs. And he can use them one after the other. So have fun trying to buff your defenses after he uses the double-damage move, only to have those defenses wiped out so he can then attack the entire party at once (that’s another problem, he can attack twice per turn).

33 : Anonymous2021/03/08 04:19 ID: gq6e1g1

The best part about Silver from Sonic 06 is his theme song.

34 : Anonymous2021/03/08 04:54 ID: gq6hbnm

So in Yakuza 5 you need to do a fight against the Komakis without using any heat moves to break your level cap. Komakis as in plural, two of them at the same time with one of them having the ability to become invincible whenever he wants. Surprisingly its not too bad for Kiryu and Saejima as they can get through the encounter without even losing their temporary health but for the other two characters its a game of chance.

For Shinada and Akiyama you pretty much need to be packing shotguns or photon weapons. If you decide to choose photon weapons, both of the Komakis can just parry you into a stun from across the room but that is assuming you'll have the chance to attack. When they aren't parrying you or tiger dropping you, they'll be stunlocking you and theres literally nothing you can do about it as Shinada and Akiyama. Once they start hitting, you better hope they make you fall down so that you can open the menu and drink one of those 15 energy drinks you require to get through the encounter.

35 : Anonymous2021/03/08 07:17 ID: gq6s7x8

I love the game but the final boss of Yakuza: Like a dragon; a) has a skill that instantly kills party members after one turn of channeling, b) can often get multiple turns in a row so this charge time means nothing, c) loves to target the main character, d) the main character going down means you start the entire fight from the beginning, and finally, e) he brings it out near the end of his long and grueling boss fight.

Massive lessoned learned; ALWAYS use Ichiban's Survive Death skill during the later Yakuza boss fights.


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