Favourite examples of heroes/forces of good that are created by accident?

1 : Anonymous2021/03/07 22:52 ID: m01s2e

Everyone loves the underdog in stories, someone who has to fight and do their best despite being low enough on the hierarchy that top tier characters could probably use them like a door mat. There’s a subsection of this I really enjoy in the form of accidental heroes/forces of good: people or things that were never meant to play roles for the betterment of the world, but regardless got to through accidents or happenstance. Bonus points if it involves the unintended consequences of messing with magic/superpowers, and actually has some caveats to it as a result.

My Hero Academia Spoilers: The origin of One for All, this power that’s been lauded as something practically divine, being an outright mistake from All for One messing around with his brother and quirks is something I genuinely really like.

My Hero Academia Manga Spoilers: It only gets amplified when you find out that not only does One for All store the strength of past users, but a copy of their quirk and personality. You effectively get an Avatar situation, but by complete accident and with inglorious origins, and that really endears me to it.

Kingdom Hearts Spoilers: Kingdom Hearts has a fun subversion of the trope of a divinely chosen hero with the keyblade and Sora. Characters early on continually wonder why in the world Sora got picked to wield the keyblade, and then you get to Hollow Bastion. Sora was never meant to be the chosen one, and it was actually Riku. The only reason he got the keyblade was due to Riku’s darkness stunt on Destiny Island forcing it to side with the nearest non-evil looking person it could find, which was Sora. The fact that Sora keeps fighting even after losing the keyblade (and by extension Donald and Goody), and eventually proves to be the right person to wield it after all, is such a fantastic moment in KH1 to me.

2 : Anonymous2021/03/07 23:00 ID: gq5frsi

"My Friends Are My Power!" Is the Plus Ultra of KH

ID: gq5fw2o

You’re not wrong, you’re 100% right.

ID: gq6amcf

This is also why I prefer Kingdom Hearts to something like Naruto. In Naruto, despite it preaching that hardwork and bonds can make up for lacking natural talent, you find out that most characters have TONS of genetic advantages themselves. In Kingdom Hearts, Sora really is just some no named kid who gains power from the bonds he makes with others. And even though there are characters who look up to him as a special chosen hero, it's mostly because of actual person Sora is. Sora isn't special because he's the chosen one, Sora is special because he's Sora.

I hope that makes sense.

ID: gq6so6k

Sora is a good lad.

3 : Anonymous2021/03/07 23:03 ID: gq5g6dt

Mojo Jojo technically being responsible for creating the Power Puff Girls. Not only because he accidentally pushed Professor Utonium into the Chemical X, but he also ended up inspiring the Professor to make the girls after Mojo time traveled to the past to kidnap the Professor as a kid and the PPG rescued him.

ID: gq5ghz9

That’s a good one. I completely forgot about that

4 : Anonymous2021/03/07 23:26 ID: gq5iqlh

It'd have to be the Hulk for me. Should have been a routine weapons test, but Rick Jones turned up. Should have stopped the countdown, but the Soviet spy botched things up. Should have killed Banner, but created the Hulk. Should have destroyed the world, but he keeps saving it.

5 : Anonymous2021/03/07 23:35 ID: gq5jpzb

Ace Attorney 1 Phoenix Wright would have never become a defense attorney if Larry didn't steal his lunch money

ID: gq5stv3

heck, he probably would have never fully committed to law if Dahlia Harthorne hadn't chosen him as an acceptable stooge to set up for a fall, and Mia defended him.

6 : Anonymous2021/03/07 23:24 ID: gq5iian

In regards to My Hero Academia’s manga, I would love to see those late night conversations All for One had with the Doctor.

As All for One slowly realizes the ghosts of all his enemies are coming back to haunt him.

ID: gq5p4ed

Oh god, that would be amazing to see.

ID: gq61e7w

Doesn't he talk about how that might be the quirks original users personality coming though and how he sort of almost always experiences that when he takes a quirk but it disappeared when he gives a quirk away?

7 : Anonymous2021/03/08 01:17 ID: gq5ut7x

Baby Kal-El just happened to land on a planet whose star inexplicably gives his race borderline infinite power, on the farm of the most wholesome, good natured couple alive. Instead of a powerless nobody, a captive invalid, a godlike bully, a tyrannical dictator, or countless other possibilities, Kal-El became Superman, the world's greatest hero and a never-ending fountain of hope, kindness, and altruism.

ID: gq5vdhd

This is what I love about superman. Hes just a good guy trying to do good with his life.

ID: gq6ch9w

This is why I feel so weird about the whole thing with his Krypton dad being all, “You will be a god to them, you must be better, they will look up to you” stuff that pops up. Hearing it from Pa Kent feels so much better.

8 : Anonymous2021/03/07 23:47 ID: gq5l03o

Joe Chill shooting Batman’s parents.

ID: gq5y5lu

Isn't their a story where is an alternate dimension Bruce's parents didn't die, but he still become the exact same broody man in a bat suit.

9 : Anonymous2021/03/07 23:23 ID: gq5if3k

This is one of the inherent ideas of Kamen Rider and a lot of Shotaro Ishinomori's works

10 : Anonymous2021/03/08 03:26 ID: gq68r0t

Not to mention the most recent chapter revealed that all the past OFA users - except All Might and Deku - died super young because using OFA in addition to their regular Quirks was draining their energy much faster. This, coupled with the Quirkless population diminishing with each generation, means it's likely Deku's going to be the last ever user of One For All. So really, he's not only the best choice for it, but the only choice.

ID: gq6bdmu

I loved that chapter. I loved learning all those intricacies of One for All and just how messy it really is as a power.

11 : Anonymous2021/03/08 00:16 ID: gq5oa4j

I love the simple origin of the Fantastic Four trying to find new scientific advancements and becoming these weird heroes.

12 : Anonymous2021/03/08 03:07 ID: gq66qsc

Otto Octavius was gona use spiderman's body to wreak havoc, but when he saw the life of Peter Parker and understood WHY he was Spiderman, he had a change of heart and became a hero.


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