Can we take a moment to appreciate the lack of a pregame lobby while everyone loads in?

1 : Anonymous2019/02/05 06:58 ID: anbmrh

Cuts down on downtime so much, might be my favorite feature. Huge kudos to whoever it was at respawn that made it possible:

2 : Anonymous2019/02/05 13:56 ID: efsmixj

The genius is that the pregame lobby loading time is spent while you’re choosing your characters. That’s why there’s a forced time countdown. They hid it really well.

ID: efsubii

Isnt the pregame lobby a black screen showing how many people are connected?

ID: efssw55

This. It's not that there isn't necessarily a pregame lobby, it's just so well integrated that you don't really notice it's there. Fantastic design, really.

3 : Anonymous2019/02/05 07:04 ID: efs5rdl

Also how fast you drop in fortnite just feel like an eternity

ID: efs6bsi


ID: efszvqm

In terms of just speed of getting to a location, I believe it goes Black out > Fortnite > Apex > PUBG.

4 : Anonymous2019/02/05 10:52 ID: efsdr90

As someone who regularilly doesnt load in until the pubg plane is half way across the island (including lobby), this is a little worrying.

ID: efsoxmy

Somehow, some way, Respawn managed to make loading in this game virtually unnoticeable. I have no idea how heavy PUBG's loading is - never played it - but Apex feels like it takes a fraction of the time Fortnite does, and that's already a pretty optimized game. I wouldn't be greatly worried.

ID: efssysi

Don't worry, there's still plenty of preload time, it's the time you spend selecting your character. They just don't dump you into an arbitrary space like FN.

ID: efstd9s

I have the same problem in Pubg, even worse sometimes. No problems in Apex at all.

5 : Anonymous2019/02/05 17:47 ID: eft53nj

Agree. Such a well thought out game. Incredible.

6 : Anonymous2019/02/05 13:17 ID: efsk7l9

I do love how fast it is, but I kinda wish there was one. Out of 10 games I’d say I went in as a solo once and a duo once. There is not much you can do in 1v3s. Or at least make sure ur party is full.


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