Anybody owning Acer XV272U, what settings should i use?

1 : Anonymous2021/03/07 11:27 ID: lzouee

Anybody here owning the Acer xv272u what color profile should i choose in the monitor settings?

2 : Anonymous2021/03/07 11:34 ID: gq37pf8

Thinking of buying the same

3 : Anonymous2021/03/07 14:10 ID: gq3j86u

I have it. FYI, I am not a professional or even someone with a keen eye for colors and the other hullabaloo of monitor calibrations but I prefer slightly vibrant but natural looking colors and since my monitor is in a well lit room, I have different brightness settings for the daytime and night.

The monitor comes calibrated out of the box so most of the calibration tests I did online did not show the need for too much variation from the stock settings.

Apart from the brightness, which i change as per the time of day, my current settings are contrast at 50, black boost at 4, gamma at 2.2, color temp at normal and and color space at standard. Also make sure to change color depth to 10bpc in your GPU control panel settings but you have to lower refresh rate to 120hz. I personally couldn't notice any difference between 144hz and 120 hz in normal usage (my GPU can't push 120 FPS in most games, let alone 144hz).

Hope this helps.

ID: gq3o7ch

Not a professional here either I hv kinda the same preferences as you, my factory calibrated do I hv to switch to a particular profile or something? There appears to be one for srgb, dci and some other color profiles.

ID: gq6gl27

I've read a lot if issues of backlight bleed and ips glow on this monitor . have you experienced anything like that ? And I've also read that its brightness reduces significantly at higher refresh rates , what's your experience with that part ?

Considering to buy this monitor but not sure because of the reviews I've read.


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